Samsung’s alleged new UI leaks again with Google Now-like predictive cards

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 20, 2014

samsung ui cards

According to @evleaks, who has a great track record at delivering insider information, Samsung is “exploring” a new user interface for smartphones. We first got a glimpse of the UI a couple of weeks back, and now the leaker is back with some screenshots that show a contextual information system that presumably works like Google Now.

It looks like these cards would live on the homescreen and users would be able to swipe up and down through them. We see some cards that are found on Google Now, such as those for flights, deliveries, events, and sports. However, there are also cards for home automation, fitness, social shares, and messages. Overall, the UI looks like a combination between a Google Now-like system and a notification center.

samsung ui cards 2

Assuming that the UI is real, we’ll have to see whether Samsung tapped into Google Now or, more likely, has developed a competing product from scratch.

Looking at the previous leak, the UI pattern seems to be this: users are presented with the most recent card on the lock screen; after they unlock the phone, they are shown a list of cards that they can swipe through; swiping from the right could open the classic homescreen, similar to how you can swipe between BlinkFeed and the homescreen on the HTC One.

We still have no proof that this new UI will ever make it to a real product. However, it makes sense for Samsung to develop a system that would put the smartphone at the heart of a connected platform. The company, which has pledged to focus more on software, is trying to build an ecosystem that is separate from Google’s, with home automation systems, smart appliances, smart TVs, wearables, fitness devices, and more.

Samsung usually introduces major software revisions with its new flagships, and the next one is the Galaxy S5. According to Samsung, the device will be released by April. Stay tuned for more.

  • Balraj

    I hope it comes with a disable option

    • bondybit

      You can buy other brand. Samsung is obviously not for you. Don’t fight with your own stupidity. Let it go. HTC/Motorola/LG/China brands are your other choice. Let’s hope they not suck like….

      • Balraj

        Hey..mind your words…
        From what I read,I really felt it deserves a disable button
        I don’t want Google now like cards to be 1st thing when I unlock my device….
        Also I can buy what ever I want..
        Lot of ppl agree with me so chill
        Better learn to reply -.-
        Anyways that feature won’t suck but it won’t be great for many ppl

        • jeff

          Most of the rumors are mostlikely in the wind.

      • KillEmAllx

        What if you like the hardware on a Samsung phone, but you hate the software? I love AMOLED displays, so I am kinda “forced” to buy a Samsung device because they’re the only OEM putting AMOLED displays on their devices. If other OEMs would replace LCD with AMOLED than I would buy their phones without thinking twice. I know, there’s a S4 GPE but not here in Europe (or maybe I’m wrong).

        • Guest

          Then you can get the Google Edition of S4…prob solved :)

          • KillEmAllx

            that’s the point, it isn’t available here, i think only in the US.

      • attariya

        Chill balraj can like or dislike what he wants

    • You can always install another launcher. This is why Android is great!

      • Balraj

        True but we do pay for touchwiz..
        So I hope it will be a good feature but if it’s not then maybe disable option or like you say

        Different launcher :|

        • jeff

          Buy a iphone

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            I’ll buy an iPhone when its no longer made by Apple.

        • AssToast

          Been awhile since i used touchwiz, but touchwiz is referring to the whole samsung theme not sure if the launcher has anything special

          • Balraj

            I think if you replace touchwiz, you might miss some built-in feature
            I’m not sure, just saying

        • Jesus

          That’s why you stop complaining and just buy a freaking Nexus… no?

          • Balraj

            I’m not complaining -.-
            I said “I hope it comes with disable option” not damn it doesn’t have one
            I have high expectations for s5.I really liked what they did to there tabs.
            I was going to buy a nexus but I don’t like stock android..I did make my friend buy one..
            He was very happy for 2 weeks then phone gave problems,now sent for replacement.14 days time.
            It’s coming back tmr…
            But ya, I don’t like stock….

          • Jesus


  • Pintuchief

    Looks great….. But it will consume more Ram … #livetiles

    • Balraj

      4gb of ram I guess

  • IMO live tiles are natural evolution of static icons and I like them. I hope to see variation of them on Android soon.

  • Mike Bastable

    awful interface just awful, really awful
    (saying that it would look good on this phone: )

    • Dominick_7

      It is awful but that chocolate phone is stupid looking and hideous.

      • Mike Bastable

        It was meant to be ironic, sorry

    • Dr. Manhattan

      Agreed. I’m sick of “metro”esque interfaces. it’s ugly. It’s boring. It’s dull. It’s dreary.

  • needa

    looks really busy. i doubt i would want this. but i do like the direction. i dont think there is much that can beat the swipe to left google launcher. simple, classy, and always there. but i do love how this lets you know your package has been delivered without having to swipe left and then track. if gn used notifs for updates on cards…

    • jeff

      Right now its hard too know where to go. We have the world at our fingertips now.

  • DigBick

    Magazine UX for the Samsung phones too. Feeling claustrophobic from just looking at this pictures.

  • wezi427

    What I find to be funny about Samsung is that they have no originality. Fingerprint scanner, Google Now like cards, and Tizen, they need to think outside the box. Tizen is Android with Samsung’s spin.

  • Jayfeather787

    Though this is pretty far from stock, and I am a big person about stock android, this doesn’t look that bad. It’s something new and creative, which is always good.

    • ihatehipsternerds

      You always blub about stock android but I think you don’t really know what stock android is. Even Google nexus is not stock android

      • Jayfeather787

        You always blub about people who hate touchwiz and other manufacturer skins. Google Nexus is stock android because google says it is. That is how a stock android device looks. Stock android is not supposed to take up half of its RAM just to run it, which it does with touchwiz. Take windows for example. If you buy windows 7 installation disk, and put it on a computer, it will not look the same if you bought a Dell computer with windows 7 pre-installed. The Dell Computer will have a bunch of other dell crap on it, unlike the stock windows 7.

        • ihatehipsternerds

          This just proves to me that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
          When did Google ever say that nexus is stock android? There is a
          difference between stock windows and nexus. Just to educate you geek
          pretender the dialer, mail, browser just to name a few of AOSP (which is
          stock android) and nexus are different. So if you want to compare stock
          windows compare it with AOSP not nexus.

          Like they say hate for touchwiz was started by haters, spread by the fools and accepted by the idiots.

          • Jayfeather787

            More like started by educated people who hate RAM consuming UIs, spread by the android purists, and accepted by smart people.

          • ihatehipsternerds

            so you call yourself android purist and smart when you don’t even know what stock android is. Don’t make me laugh, you’re more of a sheep than an android purist. Android purist like what you can do with android.

          • Jayfeather787

            Like custom ROMs and kernels? I am in to that, all of my devices are running custom ROMs. What is your definition of stock android?

  • thereasoner

    Definitely a fail as a U.I, Android fans like to do their own thing and Samsung knows it. This is most likely a similar feature that’s found on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. One quick press of the home button brings this up with content that is chosen/configured by you, a Samsung version of Google Now more or less. On my note it just brings up a news feed, total fail, this would be much better!


    People scream everyday that samsung is copying microsoft, htc or flipboard… But they dont realise is in the Tech WORLD, everything is “copied/inspired” by something… So Microsoft copied AOL from 1996? WEBOS copied AOL? Samsung copied microsoft? Apple copied IBM? Android copied Windows mobile 6?

    fact is no matter who copied who, If they offer a superior product people will buy it nonetheless

  • Loren Railsback

    I hope it taps into Google Now and isn’t their own version. There are too many same-function apps that Samsung could just tap into and would keep the phone much less cluttered and integrated with Google…

  • Nomadunlimited .