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Maybe you’re sick of the tit-for-tat between Apple and Samsung, or perhaps you love seeing two rival companies constantly one-upping each other at virtually anything they can. Either way, a new Gartner report out today has shown that Samsung has pulled ahead of Apple in the total amount spent on semiconductor chips each year.

Whilst this data accounts for chips used in the manufacturing of all product types, not just smartphones or tablets, it gives us an accurate picture of just how many products each company is pumping out each year.

Back in 2011 the two companies were roughly equal in yearly chip spending, Samsung paid out $18.6 billion and Apple coughed up slightly more with a grand total of $18.8 billion. Those are pretty hefty numbers, but this year both companies have managed to eclipse their previous totals; Samsung spent a $23.9 billion and Apple lagged a bit behind with $21.4 billion worth of chips purchased in 2012.

According to the research group, Samsung brought nearly 29 percent more chips than in 2011, and accounted for 8 percent of the entire world market. Apple on the other hand increased chip spending by 13.7 percent and amassed 7.2 percent share of market purchases. Between the two companies, they brought over 15 percent of all semiconductor chips sold last year.

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To put this in perspective, rival smartphone manufacturers Sony and LG Electronics only have a 2.7 and 2.0 percent share of chip spending, respectively. Even combined, they don’t come close to the market shares of either Apple or Samsung, which is pretty remarkable considering Sony manufactures a much wider variety of electronic goods than Apple does.

Overall semiconductor demand fell by 3 percent from the previous year, yet Samsung and Apple both managed to significantly increase their shares in a slightly contracting market. We can safely conclude that both Samsung and Apple managed to consolidate their leads as the industry’s top manufacturers last year.

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  • Dan

    “Brought”… “bRought”!?

    Does nobody check these articles before they’re uploaded?

    • On a Clear Day

      What? You nevva made a typo in your life?!

      • On a Clear Day

        And, you should have said, “Doesn’t anybody check these articles before they are upload?” NOT Does nobody????? check these articles – methinks thou doth call the kettle black! LOL

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          Debatable, but yeah that way might be better. Not as bad as the mistake in the article however. And I’m not the one writing articles for a website…

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        It’s not a typo though, it’s the use of a completely different word, twice. For somebody who’s writing articles like this, it’s a mistake that really shouldn’t be made, and should definitely be picked up before the article is published.

  • ijks

    Man, that motherboard looks nice. The gunmetal capacitors look really clean.

  • PeterBlood

    Bought & shipped but not sold? I wonder.

    Good news Fandroiders:

    Motorola Mobility phone revenue slides dramatically in 4Q

  • Apple shouldn’t be included in this theory. They never made anything. Their main supplier was Samsung. But thank goodness, they don’t do business with each other anymore…..good riddance.

  • On a Clear Day

    I think it is a good thing to keep chipping away with article after article about the well deserved demise of Apple; its shrinking market share; its poor sales of the iPhone 5 (a.k.a the iPhone 4S w a teensey weensey little bit by a scoosh screen and not much of anything else new).

    I was in a Radio Shack store to day and the salesman there was saying how he can’t understand why people are going for the iPhone 5 and also going for accessories that are Apple branded when they can get similar accessories for half the price.

    I explained (as someone who used to work for a major carrier selling phones) that it is simply because people are afraid to think; afraid to actually check things out themselves because if they did – well, why on earth would they buy an Apple product? Save for the fact all their equally fearful of not belonging or making a mistake friends might think them foolish.

    Fortunately, as time goes by – even the dumbest of the sheep will begin to realize with all the truly exciting features as options Android is offering – and Apple isn’t and can’t because of its “we say you must like one size; one phone and love it or not” attitude – that Apple doesn’t have a genius running the corporation anymore – nor any real geniuses at its “Genius Bar”; but just a whole, lotta hype that is starting to curdle with old age because it is beyond its sale and credibility, believability date.

    • Apple_Nexus

      Record $55 Billion revenue for the last quarter begs to differ with you!

      • On a Clear Day

        Losing $200.00 per share begs to differ with you!