Samsung may sell 80 million Galaxy S4 units this year

by: Kyle WiggersMay 30, 2013


Samsung’s massive, glitzy advertising campaign pretty much ensured the Galaxy S4 would be a blockbuster hit, something the South Korean company preliminarily confirmed when it announced sales had exceeded 10 million earlier this month. Even with competition from HTC and Apple, market watchers RBC Capital Markets say the S4 is in no way losing momentum, and could potentially hit sales of 80 million units this year.

In comparison to Samsung’s last major Galaxy S device, the S3, sales have been exponentially better, RCB analyst Mark Sue reported today in a note to clients. While the Galaxy S3 took nearly 2 months – 50 days – to achieve 10 million in sales, the S4 took only a couple of weeks. Sue said that, given the incredible demand at local retailers, the S4 is on track to cross the 20 million shipment mark by the end of this year’s second quarter.

Sue said Samsung’s future looks bright and rosy. He expects the company to launch the successor to the Galaxy Note II in September, and believes smartphone growth this year will be driven by mid-range and low-cost phones like the products Samsung continues to refresh. In other words, Samsung’s poised to remain a market juggernaut for some time.

  • sfasljkas

    well lets see, so far doing good. waiting for the note 3

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    and pigs will fly

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      Why isn’t your name “IHATESAMSUNGGG”?


        Because neither is true.

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          Yea and pigs will fly…



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      And Apples share price will continue falling…

  • simpleas

    If any phone deserves it it’s the gs4 good job Sammy

  • 윌 스튜어트

    Nice one Samsung! Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 – Samsung success is not just built on budget phones as some people perceive.

  • Tech Nut

    Apple is so upset now that they are attempting to get the court in Apple vs Samsung II to include the GS4 and make it so they can sue people in the US who buy one. This is exactly why Apple is going to lose to Android and Samsung!

    How much good did the music industry do for themselves, when they began suing their own potential customers. The entertainment industry got no where by suing their own customers in an attempt to prevent piracy. You can never help yourself or gain new customers by suing them out of a job, so they can’t buy your products in the first place.

    If anybody wants to know why Apple’s future is in doubt now, just take a look at their past. In 1982 they started the whole iSueU Out of Business anticompetitive tactic. They started by suing Franklin Computers out of business. Then they went after several others along with Xerox themselves before suing Microsoft with the ideas they ripped off of Xerox. If Xerox would have been smart, they would have realized Apple was iSue Obsessed and sued them first.

    People today need to recognise what a diabolically evil company Apple really is. They don’t pay any taxes here and invest little to nothing in their own home country. Yet Samsung is again for the 3rd year in a row the largest global investor in America!!! ……buy Apple and you buy money and power for this Fascist run company, bent now on iSuing YOU to Death!!!