September 21, 2009
Sprint <3 Samsung <3 Android

Sprint <3 Samsung <3 Android

A few days back at the 4G World Conference in Chicago, PCWorld’s Mark Sullivan had a chance to liaise with wireless carriers, handset makers and analysts. It is his opinion that Sprint will push a 4G Samsung device sporting Android next year. In fact, Sprint candidly validates its campaign to sell a 4G smartphone next year, but isn’t saying two bits on who will be the manufacturer. So what does this mean to the average consumer?

4G with Sprint means that this device will be running on a WiMax network provided by Clearwire. This means that those luckily enough to consume this technology will get their data 3x as fast as the new iPhone 3GS. On a particularly good day for Sprint and a bad day for AT&T/Apple, this will increase to 5x speed gain. For clarities sake it is worth nothing that Sprint’s WiMax network is indeed provided by Clearwire, where Sprint are the majority share holder (occupying 51% of share ownership). It is possible to get the WiMax experience in a handful of cities around the US using a USB Modem for laptops or handheld devices/tablets, but there are currently no mobile phone devices that make use of the technology.

Android is the perfect OS of choice as developers are able to make applications that will fully utilize the increased speed capacity. Samsung already make a 4G device, so things fit well there too. We shall wait and see.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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