Samsung Tizen OS

Samsung lifted the lid on its first Tizen powered smartphone the other day, which is expected to go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year, but we are still yet to see exactly what separates Samsung’s own operating system from its more familiar customised Android experience.

Samsung has promised improved optimization, fast startup times, and “immediate multi-tasking capabilities”, but so far we haven’t seen any of this in the flesh. Fortunately, the folks over at TheHandheldBlog have managed to get their hands on a test unit running the same version of Tizen that will power the Samsung Z, and managed to record a video of their experience.

You’ll immediately notice that the look and feel of Tizen is very similar to Samsung’s Touchwiz UX, with a familiar icon style and blue color scheme, and it doesn’t look like Samsung intends to change up its Android formula that much. Menus, home screens, and widgets all remain fairly familiar, but there is a set of eight persistent applications that are readily available for quick access. In the settings menu there are a few noticeable features, such as multi-window, fingerprint scanning, and screen mirroring.

Proprietary Samsung apps, such as S Health and its image Gallery, make it over to Tizen as well. There’s also a brief mention of the Tizen store, but unfortunately we don’t get to have a good look at it. It might just be me, but the Tizen OS also looks very snappy, so perhaps Samsung has managed to address some of its nagging performance issues.

Overall, it looks like Samsung is playing it quite safe with Tizen, keeping the look and functionality very similar to the Android experience that existing Samsung consumers will be used to. What do you make of Samsung’s Android spin-off so far?

Robert Triggs
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  • Muhammed Khalid

    How to Unsamsungify it ? :3

    • Richard Riker

      Maybe there will be an Android-Port?

      • MasterMuffin

        But why would you buy a mid range Tizen phone just to install Android on it?

        • Richard Riker

          Maybe he really wants a Samsung (don’t know why), maybe it’s Cheap, but then he realizes Tizen is shit.
          You can also ask why people buy the Nokia X and then flash AOSPA ontop of it or so.

          • MasterMuffin

            Because Nokia X is cheap and it’s mofuggen Nokia :D

          • Richard Riker

            Yes, but if the Z is cheap enough, it will have it’s lovers.

  • Tjaldid

    eh… not enough difference from Android which has a bigger app selection

    • MasterMuffin

      Maybe that’s their plan. They make Galaxy S6 but with Tizen instead of Android. It looks the same and people get fooled and buy it and the slow rise of Tizen Os starts. That’s never going happening though :D

      • thartist

        Exactly! But you really think that’s not going to happen? You explained perfectly well why that IS going to happen actually! Maybe the split the S6 line, or the keep it on Android and do it for the next, but Samsung is definitely going that direction.

        Damn, and i was waiting to see if maybe the S6 would be more worthy than the S5…

        • Bryan Z

          I think it’s obvious that Samsung wants an eco-system much like Apple has being doing. I don’t think Google or Android need samsung as much as they did back when the S3 came out. Samsung will keep using Google’s products (maps, gmail etc) anyway so yeah Tizen seems to be the next step.

      • Bryan Z

        hahaha! I can see samsung doing this and… actually being somewhat successful at it. There is one thing samsung had done very well that android hasn’t and thats spending A LOT of money in marketing. They are probably wondering why not do it with a tizen phone as well after all Google won’t mind if the default search engine is their and if tizen keeps using and promoting their other products (maps, gmail, etc)

        • MasterMuffin

          But the thing is, Samsung is trying to distance itself from Google with Tizen. I believe it has Nokia’s Here maps and it probably won’t have Google as default searcg engine etc.

          They definitely need to change the weird genie mascot of Tizen to something else!

          • Bryan Z

            Can’t change the genie! It’ll grant you a wish every time you buy a samsung fridge or microwave lol. But yeah on the Nokia’s Here Maps if it’s true well that sucks I would think that Google made that part of the deal. I’m ok with them distancing from Android (they have to as a company) but from Google. No thanks

  • Mike Bastable

    Impressively galaxy like…looks smooth and unlike others Samsung will have the apps available with a major launch…so this could work for them long term.

  • Andrei

    So what’s the difference from a regular Android-based Samsung phone apart from a slightly refreshed UI and the inability to access the Play Store?

    • Nick Gonzalez

      From my perspective, it looks like TouchWiz is spread even thicker on Tizen. I’ll pass. But that’s just me!

    • Jayfeather787

      The difference is that Tizen is even uglier.

  • wrbl

    A mixed ios with android. I think it’ll day like bada os did.

    • lantonis

      where exactly did you see ios on this?

      • Nick Gonzalez

        The icons scream iOS7.

  • Luka Mlinar

    I thought the deal to sell Motorola was to keep Samsung strictly on Android. No matter, no one really expect this thing to have a real future.

  • The Fly

    whats the point

  • MY

    Ohhh boy! Samsung should either take the time to have the Devs behind Tizen to really polish it, but i mean polish it really hard to have a Rock Solid Sam-OS that can compete with iOS & Android and feel and look smooth & cleaner otherwise they’re just shooting themselves in the knees and will be the worst decision they ever did.

    I mean it looks so plastic, amateurish and most of all what is with all these High dense colourful icons… Anyways, one thing for sure for my side, if Samsung (especially Samsung Design & marketing department) don’t rethink about it and have a Linux base system behind their Tizen (i’m not a tech guy but i guess Tizen must be based somehow on linux platform right?), I will never buy a Samsung device although I have never bought one. The only Samsung Devices I bought were always the one developed for Google

    #Samsung you must think twice not just through things out just because

    Tuff Luck

  • MobileRoamer

    Android authority, please post newer video from the same source showing the actual final Tizen phone running the final software with the Tizen store. In fact, the video was already available at the time of your article. So why not try just a little bit harder next time and try to give the most accurate information.

    • blueseeker

      What’s the point? The software is garbage. In the video you talk about, the browser stutters more than on the first Samsung Wave. Even the cheapest chinese phone running android with a RK SoC has a better browser performance.

      Does Tizen even have a design language? All Samsung apps retain Android’s design language with the sliding drawer and the hamburger menu icon.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    99% of the OS is copied from Android!

    • _X_

      mmm…maybe thats because Android and Tizen are based on Linux…

      • wezi427

        True, but you make what you want with it.

    • Brian Dong Min Kim

      Maybe it’s because It’s a Samsung device, and it implements many Galaxy features.

    • 99% of Android is copied from Symbian
      99% of Symbian is copied from poorman’s JAVA
      99% of poorman’s JAVA is copied from desktop OSs
      99% of…….

      • LiiIiikEaBau5

        Im 99% sure you are and idiot!

        • Because i’m right?

          • LiiIiikEaBau5

            No, i give u just a compliment!

          • Is that how you do speak to your mother? Go to your room, you’re grounded! No internet for 3 weeks!

  • MGB

    I know LOTS of people with Samsung phones, but I don’t know ANYONE who uses that useless Samsung S-Health. Why do they persist with that memory hogging app, no-one uses it?

    • Chris

      Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean that nobody uses it. Stop speaking for others if you don’t know! Nice day HATER!

  • Timothy Anderson

    You thought that was snappy?? I thought it was pathetically slow. A number of times, he had to click several times for the button to take effect. Could be early bugs. One obvious thing that I saw were the always available apps… in other words, bloatware. Samsung simply doesn’t get this. People like to be able to choose what apps are on their device, not be told. Perhaps I don’t like their gallery or camera app or whatever. Perhaps I don’t even want it to clutter my UI or my memory. Some of the Chinese manufacturers understand this, such as the One Plus using Cyanogen. Samsung may be on top now, but with choices like this, they can fall as quickly as they rose. They will have to face a huge hurdle of creating an environment where there are enough apps from which to choose. Even if they are able to support running Android apps, it is questionable how well that will work. Developers have a hard enough time getting apps to work on the same version of Android with different devices… Imagine how well they would work on a completely different OS.

  • aoi toori

    is that rip-off ” android OS ” ?
    i see nothing difference between current samsung with android in it.

    • Bryan Z

      I don’t think anyone was expecting samsung to come up with anything innovative, they only innovating thing they did was making phones bigger a success (note 2) but everything they did that was innovating like “not having to touch the screen” “sharing playlists by bumping phones” “having your phone notice when you aren’t looking at the screen” were not valuable to the average consumer at all just marketing gimmicks so yeah Tizen in the US will be a huge Android rip off.

  • abqnm

    Is it just me or does the guy in the video sound like Indian Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • Iliyan Conev

    This time Google will sue them to the last penny?hohoho

    • whatsa2

      That is the dumbest comment to date…
      They own their skin and Tizen is open-source? Samsung did it as they cannot do aosp
      so it begs the question if google really is open? the software may be free but the freedom to do what you want is not entirely true for manufacturers.

      • Iliyan Conev

        Really. All the patents Android have and anything new. I bet just the skin is changed and if you look underneath the hood is all android. I.e Linux. So how is this innovative. Who say they cannot go AOSP it is open source. Believe it or not Google will look and investigate Tizen under magnifying glass cause before android Samsung OP system was so crap worst then Sagem. Don’t call me stupid, because a eco system to work so well needs years of testing and building and bug fixing. The OP in the video is flawless, I own few Samsung mobile phones and I can tell you they are such crap from time to time and full with problems especially Samsung Galaxy and all other flavors.

        • whatsa2

          Here I will make it easy for you……

          The LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation is a non-profit technology consortium organization dedicated to creating the first truly open, hardware-independent, Linux-based mobile operating system for smartphone
          mobile devices. The mission of the LiMo Foundation is to create an
          open, Linux-based software platform for use by the whole global industry
          to produce mobile devices through a balanced and transparent
          contribution process, enabling a rich ecosystem[clarification needed] of differentiated products, applications and services from device manufacturers, operators, ISVs[clarification needed] and integrators. The governance is “open and transparent”: leadership and decision making are shared. The founding members are Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone.

          On January 1, 2012, the LiMo Foundation was renamed Tizen Association.


          January 2007: Creation of the LiMo Foundation

          February 2011: Launch of LiMo 4

          September 2011: Intel joins LiMo, which is renamed Tizen.

          January 2012: The LiMo Foundation is renamed Tizen Association

          Truth be told google leveraged them.

          • Iliyan Conev

            No matter what I bet is going to die like blackberry

          • whatsa2

            So other than the facts …you’re just grabbing at anything negative?

            It may not get a very large share but its not samsung key business so they can afford to try new things and if it adds something to the the SP market then great.

            Jolla are tiny but they have contributed a lot to open-source.
            fashion and popular has very little to do with tech advances.

  • alikalik

    Investing Money, developing for Years. For this. Wow, probably Samsung has to much money and is bored

  • Jesse Afolabi

    i hope it fails woefully

    • chris

      Keep bringing the hate… That makes them stand out more and sell more devices. People have so much hate nowadays. Go do something productive and relive some stress or something.

  • Teic

    Sucks ass. Samsung needs to die in a fire.

  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    Strengthen the ecosystem, and Samsung has a chance. I’m not sure if this venture is worth it though.. It’s hard to start a brand new ecosystem at 2014.

  • Will S.

    I was impressed by a Tizen video from a few months ago, but this is ugly…

    • Samsung Authority

      • Bryan Z

        thats what i said in another post

        • LOL, funny, i don’t access this site but i follow people who do. That was the first thing i noticed here…

  • Adon

    oh okay,hmmmm……… thats all for now

  • T.J.

    I hope you like the color blue and wasted space.

  • Michael Sire Ramsey

    Ok but what about the apps tien don’t have enough apps in fact they only Just watch apps I thought . I think I’ll stock to Android

  • Bryan Z

    LOL! Straight up Android rip off.

  • whatsa2

    Of course its snappy .. like meego mer sailfish …tizen.
    I would get a Jolla phone before this but it is open -source so for those interested it will be great.

  • Bob Reilley

    Umm Touchwiz incarnate..

  • Prabesh Khanal

    They tried but certainly couldn’t differentiate Tizen OS from Android OS. Look at the software. Nearly everything is exactly the same as Android. They even copied Android design language like sliding drawer and hamburger menu button. I feel pitty for Samsung and others involved for wasting all these years just to put a launcher and icon pack on Android.