Samsung Tizen smartphone coming in Q3, Galaxy S3 sales top 50 million, JK Shin says

by: Chris SmithMarch 15, 2013

Tizen Handset

While the Galaxy S4 was the main announcement of the week for Samsung, the company also commented on other matters, such as its Tizen mobile agenda and Galaxy S3 sales.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s JK Shin revealed that the company has shipped over 50 million Galaxy S3 units since launching the handset in late May 2012. That’s certainly a very impressive performance for the company, but also an explanation as to why other Android OEMs aren’t doing as good – Samsung is simply stealing too many potential buyers.

But Shin is not happy with Samsung’s market share in the U.S. mobile game, which appears to be the reason why the company decided to host its first Unpacked event of the year in New York City. Clearly, we’re going to see another chapter of the Apple vs Samsung battle play out this year.

Shin also revealed that even though the company’s relationship with Google is a strong one and that he doesn’t think “it’s correct to say that there’s friction” between the two, most likely referring to recent speculation that has suggested that Google has a problem with Samsung’s increased influence in the Android ecosystem.

Even though the Samsung-Google relationship is great according to both parties – Google has also recently denied that it has any issues with Samsung – the Tizen plans march forward, with Samsung merging bada and Tizen, and planning a Tizen smartphone to hit stores in the third quarter of the year. No specifics have been provided thus far, but Samsung basically said that it’s not placing all of its eggs into one basket. The company also makes Windows products, even though the demand for such devices isn’t great, according to the interview.

The first Tizen smartphone will most likely be a flagship device, and we expect to see more details about it before it hits stores in the coming months. Meanwhile, let us know what smartphone you’re buying this year. Is it a Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • Toss3

    Does tizen run on native code or virtual machine?

  • Darktanone

    Wonder of the 50 million Galaxy S3s shipped, how many were sold? It seems really difficult to get the real sales figures from Android vendors. What are they hiding? Could it be the sales figures are really low and they don’t want it revealed?

    • James B

      Yes, it’s all a conspiracy. But others don’t need to worry, it’s all aimed at YOU!

    • asdf

      same thing, bc theyre all gonna be sold within the next week

    • aniym

      When we’re talking 50 million shipped, they’ve sold at least 42_45 million. Unless you think carriers and retailers buy one big batch of phones all at once.

  • Alan Borchardt

    @Darktanone:disqus Shipped means sold as far as Samsung is concerned. Those 50 million phones are paid for already. If sales figures were really low companies would stop ordering more S3s. Carriers lose hundreds of dollars on every smart phone that they sell, so I’m pretty sure they would stop ordering phones they can’t get rid of.