Samsung GT-i8800 pictures surface, could this be one of the first Samsung Tizen devices?

by: Andrew GrushMay 24, 2013

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With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, it’s clear that Samsung and Google are committed to working together, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is perfect. For Google, Samsung having too much power in the Android world could be potentially worrisome. For Samsung, it’s about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Right now Android is pretty much Samsung’s sole focus in the mobile world, though it also has a small presence in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 (tablet) marketplace. Samsung wants to change this, and that’s why it is preparing its first Tizen devices for release sometime later this year. What do we actually know about Samsung’s first commercial Tizen phone(s)? Nothing official yet. That said, we do know of two different Samsung models that run the Tizen OS.

Yesterday, a Samsung user agent profile leaked for a Tizen model called the GT-i8805. The web code associated with it mentions LTE support, a 720p display, an ARM Cortex-A9 processor and Tizen 2.1.

Today we are also getting a look at what is allegedly the Samsung GT-I8800 Redwood, first spotted by Greek Tizen Community. This phone also runs Tizen 2.1, and features Samsung goodies like S-Voice and S-Beam.


From what we are hearing, the pictured model will be given away at the on-going Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco to 500+ developers. As you can see, the Redwood follows a design pattern that’s pretty close to the company’s existing Android devices. Right now, it is still unclear whether this will actually be a commercial handset, or simply a developer device.

Excited for Tizen, or do you think that Samsung should continue to keep its focus on its very successful Android devices?

  • Mike Bastable

    Seems sensible for Samsung to branch out….or just add it’s proprietary software to its windows phones, which are mediocre. Tizen will be big, especially as other OEMs get involved, which didn’t happen with BADA…

    • APai

      I’d wonder if tizen is open to its UI being skinned like android. it’s would be a delicious irony if LG or HTC takes tizen and skins it to become more popular (although the hell would freeze over before that). good times ahead! android will keep moving ahead, so how will samsung move on.

      it’s a shame that nokia threw away the baby with the bathwater.

      • cs098

        Well atleast the baby is making a new phone/os. So its going good :P

        • APai

          haha! yeah… there’s jolla too.

          • Mike Bastable

            Jolla looks like a dead fish to me. Nokia NEEDS TO MAKE AN ANDROID LUMIA YESTERDAY!….Tizen looks best positioned to make some impact. Interested to see Firefox OS and exactly how Apple is planning to open up a little….

          • APai

            agree with nokia going android way to survive

  • Butch mayday

    Should I feel bad wanting this to crash and burn before I even know anything about it

    • APai

      why ? it’s simply too much fun to see samsung trying something with tizen ? at least those erstwhile meego/ maemo/ symbian developers will have something to play with

  • ali

    if you increase brightness, you’ll see it’s a Galaxy S III in a square case

  • MasterMuffin

    Sailfish looks a lot better than Tizen

  • Jens
  • Dragos

    Kinda looks like my S2.

  • Ugo Marceau

    Looks like an S2 with the S3 Home button. I like the design, not too sure what to think of Tizen now but it could become something big. Especially if android apps are compatible with it.