Samsung-backed Terrain is a brand new launcher that wants to simplify your phone

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 17, 2014

Terrain Home

Samsung launched a Silicon Valley-based “innovation center” back in 2013, and now the first fruit of that initiative is here in the form of Terrain, a homescreen replacement app.

Developed by startup Terrain Home, Terrain has three main features, accessible through three icons displayed on the homescreen or through swipes from the left, right, and the bottom.

The first key feature, and probably the most compelling, is a sidebar that displays information that is relevant to the user, drawn from a variety of sources. There are over 60 cards available at launch, from the basic like weather, clock, and appointments, to cards that plug-in to other apps, such as a Spotify controller. Accessible with a swipe from the left, the Sidebar also brings social updates from Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, as well as content from NYT, technology sites, and other media outlets. You can customize the order and content of each card, and tapping one lets you drill down in the content. You can also add cards for stuff like Bluetooth-connected devices and other tools.

With a swipe from the bottom, you enter the search tool, which promises fast access to all your phone content. And, finally, swiping from the right opens a list with all your installed apps, listed alphabetically.

Terrain isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but the app looks very polished and having developers and some big media publishers on board from the get go could help it get off the ground.

Terrain is now available for free in the Play Store (apparently US only) for devices running Android 4.2 and higher.

  • Jayfeather787

    I’ll stick with Nova.

  • MasterMuffin

    They should some day just make a random move and make for example Canada only app just because F you US

    • AndroidBoss


      • MasterMuffin


        • AndroidBoss


  • Alenym

    Hum, honestly, I don’t really see why taking it over the Google Now Launcher… Updates from Social networks already appear in the upper notification bar.

  • Chris

    Looks pretty cool. I’m gonna try it out, but I’ll probably be back to touchwiz in a few hours.

  • MavDKM

    It’s not US only. I just downloaded it in India from the play store link you have posted.

    • I was able to download it too here in Philippines.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Able to download in South Africa as well.

    • AndroidBoss

      I was able to download in Antarctica as well.

      • Cicero

        Groenlanda working!!!!

  • MavDKM

    Content localization is US only.

  • Skander

    It’s not US only downloaded from Qatar

  • [email protected]

    Wanted to try it…checked Google Play….It states, “Not compatible with your service.”
    I have a Galaxy S5 and AT&T as my carrier……. seems like such a good idea….. oh welll

  • Victoria

    Not US-ONLY, I just downloaded it and i’m in Israel.

    • .

      You spelt Palestine wrong

      • Hellz

        keep politics away from here, thank you

        • Victoria

          Agreed. He should meddle in his own business.

          • Protoss

            disgusting people

          • boohoo

            Your post is quite ironic. That’s not even your land hehe

        • AndroidBoss

          It’s the internet, people can say whatever they want and who are you tell people what to do?

          • Hellz

            its true but they dont have to be assholes

          • AndroidBoss

            He’s not being an asshole he is stating the obvious.

      • asdf

        Oh you mean the so called state that never existed?

        • Jayfeather787

          Hey, hey. No need for that. It was a joke, I am assuming. If it is a joke, ease up please. If not, destroy him.

        • AndroidBoss

          Wasn’t that Israel? Like before they took over Palestine, they were a bunch of gypsies spread all around Europe.

          • Jayfeather787

            Now that was funny.

          • AndroidBoss

            Lol it’s the truth.

      • Jayfeather787

        Shit just got serious.

      • Steve Steiner

        You misspelled “spelled”. If you’re going to troll, do it right.

        • Haha

          “Spelled” and “Spelt” has the same meaning

        • Jesus

          Grammar Nazi here.

          It is “You have misspelled…”

          You both lose.


    I can confirm app is available in Mexico as well. Gonna try it.

  • Matevz

    It is available for Slovenia, which is really strange since we never get anything from google play store and if we do, we get it last. Like Google music is still not available.
    Anyways, downloaded, tried and uninstalled in 6 minutes. Laggy, useless crap.

  • jason ritson

    got it here in the uk

  • xoj_21

    i like it.. its like google now, but with app launching menus.

  • phil

    Can’t download it on my lg gpad….

  • Desmond Ma

    Well the apps drawer looks like Aviate
    So I’ll stick with Aviate I guess?

  • Jesus

    I’m using it, and it is incredibly simple…

    Swipe right to get your customisable ‘cards’.
    Left to get your apps, in alphabetical order.
    Up to search everything, including contacts and apps.

    I would recommend it to those new to smartphones.

    • Jesus

      Edit: I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep things simple.

      Nova Launcher is awesome, but I am loving this simplicity of this Terrain launcher.
      This will be my primary launcher for now…

  • Unistalled within 2 minutes.. Weather widget not working. App drawer looks ancient..


    I can’t use it , how to use it ? who know ? By the way , i ask a question. i bought Samsung Mhl to Hdmi adapter on and how can i connect with this ?

  • Gagandeep Singh

    Any way I installed this launcher , but this card based system on left swype is not good , it is very pathetic.

  • give us a poor android, motherfuckers

  • [email protected]

    I got the compatibility issued ironed out, then I went to Google Play and found out the available version is a BETA!!!
    Sorry I’m not gonna do R & D for any one, gratis!!! Have an adequate day……

  • K2

    Guessing this will be available for android phones. So why is samsung doing this? I am not saying they shouldnt. But whats the reason behind this? Will this have samsungs own apps? Is samsung trying to push its own apps onto other android phones?