samsung tectiles

The Galaxy S3 is only the latest of a (limited) series of Samsung phones that come with near field communication, or NFC, support. The wireless tech is mostly used these days to enable mobile payments on such Android smartphones, with Google being one of the many promoters of this new payment technology.

But Samsung has other plans in mind for its NFC phones, as the company has created a new disposable accessory for these devices, the Samsung TecTile, which is essentially a NFC-based app shortcut / action trigger.

The TecTiles, which will be available in stores when the Galaxy S3 launches, come in packs of five stickers and are priced at $14.99. Moreover, users will be prompted to download the accompanying TecTile app, which will let them program each TecTile to perform a certain action.

TecTiles will be able to initiate calls or SMS messages and launch specific apps and social actions which you find yourself using on a regular basis or in a certain location. Each TecTile can be programmed up to 1,000 times, so you’ll be able to change its functions quite frequently.

The TecTiles stickers can be applied virtually anywhere, at home, in your car, at the office and even on the back/case of your handset, and they can be programmed to trigger specific actions related to the environment you’re in. Just make sure you remember what each TecTiles sticker you place around you does.

And here’s a training video for the Samsung TecTiles:

Anyone excited about Samsung TecTiles?

  • Robhimself79

    Nfc task launcher. Its available and awesome. Check it out.

  • James Wester

    Chris – NFC. “is mostly used these days to enable mobile payments…”

    Not the case at all. That may be how people know it, but NFC is being used (and has been used) for identity cards, contactless cards, etc. If you’ve been to a tradeshow in the past couple of years and had your badge scanned, chances are good it’s NFC.

  • Bex Ogs

    Looks cool, but surely a lot like the xperia smart tags .

  • I love personally these stickers, because i want to see them on my Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • selena gomes

    Using NFC tags, the Galaxy S III can quickly and easily run apps, change settings, or perform a plethora of other actions with a simple tap. If you’ve heard of an app called Tasker, it essentially performs the same process but with location based functionality.More about What are Samsung’s NFC TecTiles for the Samsung Galaxy and what do they do?