Samsung teases the handwriting capabilities of the next Note

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 22, 2014

Handwriting is fading away in our digital era. Between PCs and mobile devices with swipe-enabled keyboards and autocorrect, occasions when we actually write on paper have become exceedingly rare.

Samsung’s Note series is one corner of the digital realm where it’s still possible to handwrite every day. The S Pen stylus is a major competitive advantage of the Note series, and if the video above is any indication, the Note 4 will bring even more emphasis on handwriting features.

The Note 3 introduced a few interesting features made possible by handwriting recognition – you can, for instance, search through your handwritten notes or scribble down an address or phone number, and the app will convert it (more or less accurately) into an actual memo. Our guess is the Note 4 will come pre-loaded with more handwriting detection features.

How often do you the S Pen on your device for writing things down or drawing?

  • i use quite often.
    1. Take down notes when am on a call and a pen and paper isn’t handy.
    2, Use it for writing down formulas to transfer to word documents, quite quicker for me when paired with Pushbullet
    3. Use it for making lists.
    4. use if for sharing images (sometimes annotated from websites to chats)
    5. Use it for signing pdfs with the adobe reader

    • Krazonite

      Don’t forget shopping lists! :)

    • Jorge Lopez

      I’ve also used it heavily to keep score when playing board and card games with friends and family.

    • Jesus

      It’s not only just about writing.
      I use mine (Galaxy Note Tab… like 2012 one) for just navigation. I find it easier to use the pen than use my fingers on the big screen, especially when I”m lying down on my bed.
      For anyone who’s wondering, the writing recognition is extremely accurate, no matter how messy your writing is.

  • Fabio

    With note 2 i use it to take notes ‘on the go’, and With note12,2 i usually take notes during my working meetings. I love note series and i want to upgrade my note 2 With this new one. I suppose it will be great l

  • Ninja Squirrel

    Yeah, I’m ready to Note.

    I’m not a Samsung fan-boy, but without any doubt there is no any phablet phone available to compete with the Galaxy Note Series. It doesn’t matter how worse their smartphones are, yet Galaxy Note series is awesome, we can’t deny that. There is no any Android phablet phone which gives you advanced features and functionality as a Galaxy Note. My brother’s Galaxy Note 3 is awesome, it’s ideal for a heavy user who needs advanced features that you need day to day usage. The S-Pen features are so cool. I’m not a pahblet fan, they are too big for me. However, I love Galaxy Note series. I hope that Galaxy Note 4 will be much more promising.

  • Nicole

    I use mine quite frequently. I love the note series. I have had all the note phones and the the first note 10.1 and I have the note 10.1 2014 edition now. Thinking about getting the note pro.

    • Jesus

      I hope they bring out a Galaxy Tab S Note… Then I’ll upgrade from my original Galaxy Note 10.1

      • Smuti

        I’m waiting for a Galaxy S Note 8.4 edition if it ever comes, the current 10 is to big for me and lacks the great samoled screen that Tab S both have.

  • Sal

    Without any doubt the Note 4 is going to kickass.

  • Note 4 is gonna be Samsung’s saviour if done right :)

    • Jerry Rich

      Don’t worry it’ll be done right. Samsung doesn’t need to be saved. They’re doing a fine job.

  • xtriker360

    I hardly use it, but I’m happy that is there for when I need it :D

    • Discuss

      also, for some games, it’s a great way to play with the spen.

  • xoj_21

    i hope they dont use yamaha ever again…

  • crutchcorn

    Heck yeah

  • The-Sailor-Man

    “(more or less accurately)” ?????
    “How often do you the S Pen on your device for writing things down or drawing?”
    Now the iboys here will give you the “correct” answer, so you can use it un the future Samsung bashing and advocating iPhone 6 (5.5″)

  • jr_69

    It would be useful if they introduce a mode in which the touchscreen capability can be turned off. Then, I can hold the device without worrying about my fingers getting in the way and touching something i don’t want to while using the S Pen.

  • jim

    Good thing i owned one..very useful..still enjoying my note 3..hand writing recognition is a beast..

  • I think i should improve my handwriting

  • Bob Reilley

    I use the S-pen on my Note 3 several times a day. It’s really handy during meetings or taking notes while on a conference call. I don’t think I will ever go back to a regular smartphone, I would miss not having the S-pen to much.