Samsung spoils Blackberry 10’s day by buying ads everywhere to compete for business users

by: Joe HindyJanuary 30, 2013

blackberry 10 Well that didn’t take long, did it? For those who don’t know, Blackberry announced it’s new mobile platform, Blackberry 10, along with two devices that will be running it. If you haven’t heard about the new devices, David Gilson has an excellent write up describing the new devices and new OS. While there is no doubt that Blackberry will be the talk of the day, Samsung isn’t going quietly into that good night.

The Korean smartphone giant has spent the day buying various ad spaces to offset the excitement surrounding the new Blackberry OS. As the photo above shows, people searching for #Blackberry10 were met with advertisements for Samsung’s Enterprise. It promises a balance of work and life. This is Samsung clearly trying to take some air out of Blackberry’s tires since the business audience has always been Blackberry’s target.

As if that wasn’t enough, 9 to 5 Google reports that Samsung also bought promoted spots on Twitter to do the exact same thing. So no matter where you search for Blackberry 10 today, prepare to see Samsung ads somewhere nearby. The ads seem to be intermittent. I attempted to search for #Blackberry10 in Google and saw no Samsung ads. So there is a chance you may not seem them.

This makes things more interesting. If other companies didn’t perceive Blackberry 10 as a threat, then it’s highly unlikely that they’d buy ad space to compete with it the day it gets announced. Is Samsung worried that Blackberry will take their business customers?

  • Bone


  • Stick, Mashable, WSJ….damn. They took it OVER

  • Andrew

    Samsung is so dumb. Do they think that a person would search for a Samsung phone when IN FACT, they searched for a Blackberry? ugh…..if only they just donated those money they stupidly spent on buying ads for people suffering from hunger. >:(

    • Patrck

      I don’t thnk you understand the concept of advertising.

    • ohyeah

      Samsung already donates millions to the needy. They also donate millions to education, research, and community needs.

      Apple on the other hand doesn’t do a single ounce of charity, thanks to Steve Jobs who cut all charity work.

  • IncCo

    Thats business, at least they arent SUING them… !

  • cycad007

    We currently use only Blackberry products & Apple iPhone/iPads in our office….no Samsung or Android products. So Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, Motorola.. still have some work to do.

    That said…my company seems to be standardizing on Apple iPhone/iPad and I don’t see that policy changing anytime soon.

  • joe

    good. blackberry sucks. samsung is smart

  • FrillArtist

    Waste of money. Pretty sure if I’m searching for “blackberry”, I will click only on the Blackberry link I am looking for.

  • Sam

    Tried the Samsung, hated it. And the Android, it`s a toy, tried the iPhone but hated the fact that it doesn`t notify me when I received an email message, had to be checking all the time and the fact that it doesn`t have a full keyboard is a big no no for me. So for my business & corporate needs, I`ve always relied heavy on my BB and the fact it has a qwerty physical keyboard, love that I can do heavy texting on it.

  • RP Singh

    I had no idea Samsung did this. And I was searching for BB10 and Z10 all over the place leading up to launch, because I didn’t pre-order but I still wanted one. So… yeah looks like they wasted some money. And even if they already give to charity, wasted money is wasted money – they could have given that much more to charity instead.

    I never really knew anything about Android until I picked up the Z10 and started running a few Android apps on it as recommended by friends stuck (by their contracts) with Androids. Some of the apps are quite nice, like the bVNC and Google Maps (saw an article somewhere that said Google Maps app for Android doesn’t work on BB10 but it works great on mine). So I say Samsung has nothing to worry about, as long as there are good Android apps out there, BB10 users like me will be happy to try them out – and maybe keep them!