Samsung SPH-L710 aka Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 spotted

by: Bams SadewoMay 9, 2012

 Leaked Photo of S3

We’ve covered everything you could ever possibly want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its expected availability in the US. As more information trickles in from various sources, it’s time for an update of which carrier in the country is likely to become the first to offer the stunning flagship phone. Last week, rumors were already abundant on how Sprint was apparently very keen on releasing a variant of Samsung Galaxy S3 way before the others. While we don’t know yet whether that will materialize, there are now reports confirming the phone making its way to Sprint, along with the  ordered specs.

Pocketnow was first to spot Sprint’s alleged version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. There’s still no picture or video of the phone in the wild, but what they did find was the User Agent Profile of the phone, which apparently goes by the Samsung SPH-L710 model. If this is accurate, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 for Sprint will come with the following specs: a dual-core Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor, 16GB internal memory, microSD card slot, and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sprint S3 L710

The possibility of there being a couple of variants of the phone in the US has been widely speculated and reported before. The LTE dual-core version is reserved for Sprint, AT&T and Verizon – while the LTE quad-core version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to run on T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, this is all we’ve got so far on Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3. There’s still no solid release date or price information that we can share, except for the oft-repeated “USA in June” announcement Samsung had in one of its slides during the phone’s introduction in London. We’re still clinging to the hope that it will arrive for less than $299 on-contract, but it’s probably more wishful thinking from our end. Stay locked into AndroidAuthority as details on this exciting bit of news develops!

  • Jason Silpher

    HSPA+ on the T-Mobile, not LTE, as that’s the problem with the Exynos (and the Tegra 3): no LTE support on the SOC.

    • Stinkpinkerton

      Sprint will never get LTE anyway so why does that matter?

      • Snowcone5.0

        They already have LTE Einstein

  • Alan

    Its not LTE quadcore, its only hdspa+, T-Mobile doesn’t have LTE, gets your facts straight

    • Monique

      The Sprint version will have LTE….in certain areas. Got mine on pre order

      • tcraised

        every Sprint sgs3 will have LTE, you just may have to wait for ur area to get upgrade to LTE SERVICE. Luckily for me Houston and Austin will be LTE ACTIVE within next 30 days

  • Danny

    hahha losers i am with t-mobile so owned AT&T fans. have fun with the dule core. while i will ghet a quod core in my s3

    • leignheart

      dude, considering you dont even know how to spell, im gonna assume you dont have enough money to afford the sIII.

      • Cole Raney

        That’s a horrible assumption. Look at people like Paris Hilton. Born into money and dumb as fla rock. You don’t have to know even simple stuff to be rich.

        • Chopper731

          A fool and his money are soon parted. Being born into a wealthy family doesn’t guarantee anything.

    • ATT customers can get the international verison troll. Why even wait? Sprint Verizon have no choice and Tmo can only get edge.

      • tcraised

        Verizon also supportin international version becausr neither at&t nor verizon customers will be able to fully enjoy the full capability of either version with their crappy service and limited data and speeds

    • Kalyn Baker

      Do you mean “dual core” and “quad core”

    • tcraised

      so funny you fell for that sham. Tmo NOT getting quad, because the quad supports TRUE LTE which Tmo doesnt have nor can they afford to develop in US. ALL CARRIERS IN US getting same hardware…we learned from the nightmares surrounding sgs2.

  • Cole Raney

    Why would they give the best version of the phone to the smallest of the big 4 carriers? Assuming this is true of course.

    Carriers seem to mess things all up for phones.

  • Anup

    HHa my Sony Xperia S LT26i is far better than S3.

    • leignheart

      right mr koolaid drinker

      • Yolo_le

        #racist ! fuck you !

    • Jeremy626

      ur on drugs

    • tcraised

      keep telling urself that, maybe one day youll actually believe the lie

  • Gabba

    Dear Samsung – go FUCK yourself, because it’s evident you’ve once again decided to give the finger to North America. You’ve got a damn 5250 production facility in Texas, and the Exynos has been cleared for mass production; enough with the screwing

    • Jeremy626

      uhh. ok. samsung doesn’t have lte compatible exynos yet fool.

      • tcraised

        WRONG! EXYNOS IS LTE capable now!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m growing impatient over here. I need to be more mobile with

    • Rdmehd

      The Qualcomm snapdragon S4 is built on the A15 platform 28nm verses the Exyons which is built on 32nm platform. Even thou the s4 is only a dual core it has better benchmarks than the Exyons CPU, plus it has a built in LTE modem with 3G support. Which should make for longer battery life.

  • xtriker360

    I just hope that we don’t have to wait too long after Sprint gets it, T-mobile FTW!!

  • Yes finally the loyal sprint customer wins. Do i care about the design about of the GS III heck no. Its all about nature. Now Sprint please give us the galaxy note. Pretty please…………

  • AndroidBrian

    Why do people think T-Mobile will get the quad core version? They didn’t get the quad core One X. I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile made another crappy variant.

    • Retriever1500

      T-Mobile didn’t even get theHTC One X, they got the One S, which never had quad-core.

  • Legit

    i wish Samsung and Facebook would team up to make there own phone like they did with Google that would be so cool and awesome. it will probably kill apple as well

    • Mei

      Don’t see it happening. Unlikely they can dethrone Apple just cause they ‘join’ in making a phone. And why would people want a ‘Facebook’ phone, when just about any android phone can run Facebook app?

  • cheetose4

    Interesting, I saw a google ad for Rogers Canada saying “upcoming Galaxy S III, with LTE and new Exynos processor”.

  • Krush_U2

    T Mobile may be small in the USA but they are one of the largest carriers in the world, and supports coverage in several countries. They even had the I Phone in Europe like AT&T fist did in the USA. (which any T Mobile customer can order online from Ebay UK and use in the US) T Mobile supports GSM which is the global standard in mobile communications. Unlike CDMA which is only primarily used in the USA by carriers like Sprint and Verizon. That’s why T Mobile USA will get the Quadcore first cause the same variant will be used in the European countries by T Mobile. I’m sure CDMA will get one in time but they will have to make a CDMA version for the US carriers. Since the US carriers like Sprint and Verizon use what they call LTE well guess what that had to make some changes and room for the phone to support LTE which sacrificed the Quad core for a dual core chip in order make it work. Samsung will make a Quad Core for Sprint and Verizon, they would be foolish not to, but sadly it may be in the form of the Galaxy S4. There is always hope though, Samsung may still pull a surprise out of the hat for Sprint and Verizon customers yet. :)

  • biggyboy2012

    from what ive heard verizon will have exclusive rights to this phone when it is first released so other carriers that may want it will have to wait for a while although i do hope this is not true since i am a sprint man

    • tcraised

      my Sprint version 32gb pebble blue just arrived on my doorstep. so shove it tmo, at&t amd verizon!

  • samsung note big phone i will get it cause when u see it it look huge

    • Snowcone5.0

      What are you compensating for Bill?

  • examplesample

    16gb internal memory??? EW. How come Sprint always gets crappy phones??? Even tmo always has had better phones than Sprint. UGH!

    • Tbent4000

      Remember it does have a 32GB version too plus a microSD card slot. Which will give you a total of 48..

    • tcraised

      16 or 32 gb internal, and SPRINTS VERSION has capability for up to 32gb external sd giving you possibility of up to 64gb which judging by the fact you think tmo has better ANYTHING than Sprint, youd never even begin to use all of.

  • Sprint will have a lte version, no ones gonna buy a wimax version. So looking forward to this phone after using an optimus v on virgin for 16 months. Already have the funds set aside ;) – At&t too expensive caped services & dropped calls in nyc & way too anti-consumer, T-mobiles just as bad in coverage as metro-pcs, worse than swiss cheese & verizon wants 1200$ to start an individual contract, so they can shove their network, sideways.

  • Fahrenheit4004
  • ablinjin

    Please dont give us the slow adreno 225… The overclocked mali 400 is twice as fast.