Let’s open the floodgates of superlatives! Samsung has done it again in their home country by selling the new Galaxy S3 LTE variant at record-breaking speed. According to SammyHub, all 50,000 available units have been snatched by eager customers on the launch day of the handset in South Korea.

That number may seem pale in comparison to what the top-selling devices usually sell in the U.S. on launch day. But given that South Korea only has about a sixth of U.S. population – the country has about 50 million people – a first day sale of 50,000 units is certainly worth reporting on.

Since comparison with the two predecessors of the phone is inevitable, here it is. The original Samsung Galaxy S only sold 10,000 units on its first day, while the Galaxy S2 sold a respectable 24,000 units.

Different from the international and U.S. version of the phone, the Galaxy S3 LTE variant – as the name suggests – comes with integrated LTE connectivity, Samsung’s quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor and 2GB of RAM. The U.S. version, while also has LTE support, is powered by a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor instead.

As reported a while ago, Samsung is expected to score a net profit of $5.91 billion in Q2 2012, with a total revenue of $44.06 billion. The Galaxy S3 will no doubt be a major contributor, with over 10 million of units of the phone expected to be sold worldwide in the month of July alone.

Bams Sadewo
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  • Faiz

    Why didn’t they release this LTE version worldwide? Is it because the LTE used is incompatible with the LTE networks in other countries?

    • Hikari0307

      By just looking at this list, you can see how many different bands are used
      Carriers in South Korea uses either the 800 MHz or 1800 MHz band for LTE. Obviously this bands make it incompatible with a lot of LTE networks around the world. They probably also want something special for their home country haha.

  • Anonymoose

    Do we have an actual MODEL NUMBER for this phone and the radio specifications? Is it running 700mhz LTE as in North America?

    • Hikari0307

      Carriers in South Korea uses either the 800 MHz or 1800 MHz band for LTE, it’s not compatible with the LTE network in North America if you guys use the 700mhz band.

  • Big deal iPhone 5 sold 6 million preoders and another x amount of millions on the 1st day sale

    • Altaykai Yamada

      too f*ckin’ jealous, hypocrite?