Samsung smartwatch concept shown in patent hints at flexible display use

August 3, 2013

    Samsung logo

    A Samsung patent for a smartwatch device has been discovered in South Korea, with concept images apparently revealing that the device could pack a flexible display of some sort.

    According to Sam Mobile, the patent found with the Korea Institute of Patent Information mentions SM-V700 model number for the smartwatch, which is the same model number we’ve seen in recent Samsung Gear smartwatch rumors. The Gear name is yet to be confirmed though.

    It’s worth pointing out that it’s rather strange to see a product’s model number mentioned in a generic patent, and that the publication doesn’t show any proof for that statement.

    The SM-V700 model number has been spotted on an Indian logistics website that seemed to confirm that the handset has been shipped by Samsung for R&D purposes. A subsequent report said that Samsung Germany is currently testing the device, most likely in preparation for an IFA 2013 unveiling event. The device may be announced right alongside the Galaxy Note 3 in early September.

    The images in the patent seem to indicate that the smartwatch will include a speaker and microphone, an USB port, but also Back and Menu buttons. The available pictures also seem to suggest that the smartwatch may pack a flexible display.

    As you may already know, Samsung is developing its own flexible display technology for mobile devices, and such screens would make even more sense on smartwatches.

    However, we will remind you that imagery taken from patent applications will not always describe upcoming devices from a company. Instead, such images serve to showcase the concept described in the patent.

    Are you buying a smartwatch this year?


    • Luka Mlinar

      Doesn’t look like a watch. Looks like a bracelet.

      • n900mixalot

        A bracelet with a watch face is … a bracelet? Or a watch?

        • D’Ander McSullivan


          • Piyush

            or you can say Smartbra ;)

            • D’Ander McSullivan

              Smartbra? Smart BRA? A bra with Android?

            • Piyush

              NO , like smart watch + bracelet = smartbra ;) .

            • D’Ander McSullivan

              Doesn’t matter. Still sounds like an Android-powered bra, lol.

            • Piyush

              yeah , lol

      • Alex Murphy

        People keep saying “watch” but I doubt any of the upcoming wearables will be square little screens…at least I hope not! There’s a lot more room for innovation for how to craft screens around your wrist.

    • DieElop

      Flexible device looks like it’s coming alongside the Note 3 at IFA. Think this was mentioned on that Indian Samsung database along with the differing screen sizes for the Note 3. The screen variation information seems to be more or less a fact now, many versions of the Note 3. This looks to be the more interesting of the 2 launches though, the other being the iwatch.

    • irule9000

      While you’re waiting on a watch that may or may not exist, take a look at the kreyos meteor

      • fefeag

        Meh. Nothing special about that thing.

      • Lil bit

        Very feature rich but small and low res display. And, maybe I don’t need any of those features. Sony SM2 for me. The Samsung in this article looks great but probably fake.

      • irule9000

        the special thing about it, was that i got it for 95 dollars. It has a speaker and microphone, which no other released smartwach has (along with the health and fitness features). Yes I know martian has a micrphone and speaker, but it doenst have the same feautres.

    • End in sight

      Excuse my ignorance, but why is a flexible screen helpful? Will it roll up and stow away?

      • Grman Rodriguez

        I don’t know either maybe on something non-smartphone

      • Alex Murphy

        Because your wrist is curved???