New Samsung smartphones with displays from 4 to 5.2 inches coming, report says

by: Chris SmithAugust 19, 2013

Samsung Logo

In addition to the Galaxy Note 3 flagship, which is expected to launch in the coming months in various markets, Samsung may already be working on new smartphone models with display sizes ranging from 4 to 5.2 inches.

Sam Mobile has tracked such unknown devices using a logistics website which has revealed details about alleged Galaxy Note 3 versions and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the recent past.

These devices are the SM-G730A (4-inch display), SM-G3815 (4.5-inch display), SM-G9105 (5-inch display) and SM-G7102 (5.2-inch display). Actual commercial names for these devices aren’t available at this time.

The first two models have also been spotted in user agent profiles on Samsung’s website, revealing their screen resolutions: 800 x 480 for the SM-G730A and 960 x 540 for the SM-G3815.

However, we have no details on what these smartphones are or when we’ll see them in stores – the Zauba website does mention that these are all mobile phones (and are all for “testing & evaluation & not for retail sale).

For what it’s worth, all these devices have apparently been shipped to South Korea for testing during August 12-17, of course, assuming the information is accurate, with some of them spotted in the system even earlier.

In fact, upon checking the Zauba listing (see Source link below), you’ll also notice a model number for a 4.3-inch mobile phone, the SM-G350.

That said, we surely expect Samsung to launch more smartphones in the future. After all, you don’t get to sell the most smartphones in the world without making a Galaxy phone for every taste, which is what Samsung’s policy has been for the past few years. Of course, in addition to Android, Samsung also sells Windows Phone smartphones and has some Tizen plans of its own, so it’ll be interesting to see whether these unnamed devices will all run Android or not.

  • sie

    The catch is that they all look the same.. “Samesung”

    • melhiore

      To be very honest, slab with the LCD will always be slab with LCD… All mobile phones are similar…

      • Mike Palmer

        Yup….. but then again my note 2 doesn’t look like any other phone :-)

        • Ben de Guzman

          are you being serious?

          • Mike Palmer

            Yes, why wouldn’t I be. When it came or there was no phone it’s size or with a built in stylus, even today there’s still not many phones like it and it’s still in it’s own category!

      • MasterMuffin

        AMOLED :)

    • steve blows jobs

      i suppose iCraps look different ? they are all same size as well.

      • Jack Parker

        Thats the thing though, apple focus on a ” High end ” phone to make money where as samsung make phones for every type of person.

        Getting real tired of your shit though samsung, We dont need 100 low end, mid range and high end phones that all look the damn same

        • Amadeus Klein

          Apple makes a Mid-Range phone with custom OS that runs well on it, iPhones are not high end in anything but their fit/finish, Their processors are slower their cellular tech is not the latest and the features they provide are not the best…

          But they do have a massive loyalty base (Whether sheep or not) and a phone that works well, especially for the less tech savvy consumer.

          Apple can and does put a high end price tag on a truly mid range phone, if you could get the same OS on both an iPhone and competing Gen phones of other manufacturers the iPhone would not be considered high end…

        • NarutoNamikaze1010

          Hmm…..4″ Screen, 8MP Camera, Dual Core…..High-End? Have you seen the latest high end phones?

        • Jaun Lombard

          Why? the phones are region specific…there might only be 10 Samsungs’ in your country plus cellular companies usually only sells about 4 different phones of one maker! I don’t see your point. Your complaining about phones that are not even if your country. These might even be Tizen based phones!

  • Wavefunction Collapse

    Is this the way things are going to be from now on? 5 – 6 inch phones with super resolutions and 8 processors, but if you want a 4 inch phone, you get 1/4th of the resolution, 1/4th of the RAM, 4 times less processors/processing power?

    Will they not make a good 4 inch phone anymore?

    • MasterMuffin

      Get an iPhone :D

      • melhiore

        And tell me why one would hurt him self that much??

        • MasterMuffin


  • Scroat

    LOL. Doesn’t Shamsung remind u of a little schoolyard boy playing copycat? Silly Koreans. No originality. Shamsung will be dead in two years.  true story™©®

    • Mike Palmer

      Yeah my note 2 is such a copy of……..oh nvm it’s a original :p