Samsung SideSync feature demoed in official video

by: Bogdan BeleMay 9, 2013


Samsung SideSync has been recently announced by the company, as part of the experience its Windows 8 devices offer, now reunited under the ATIV brand.

Now, a new video has been posted online by the company, detailing what Samsung SideSync actually does and how it can help you, provided you own one of Samsung’s Windows 8 based PCs, on which it will come preinstalled. You’ll also need one of Samsung’s Android smartphones running Samsung’s SideSync app for Android, which is available from Samsung’s own Apps store.

Making videos that detail new features of its devices is a bit of a common practice for Samsung lately, with the company recently showing you some of the most interesting Samsung Galaxy S4 features in one, as well as the flagship smartphone’s design story in another, to name but a couple.

Now, it’s Samsung SideSync’s turn, which looks like a pretty interesting feature, allowing you to easily integrate your Android smartphone and Samsung PC. It can be used to sync content on your smartphone while it’s docked for charging, as well as to share a keyboard and mouse between the two, making messaging much easier, for example.

Copy-paste and drag-and-drop are possible, too, and so is sharing your phone screen on the PC, viewing content from it and performing various tasks with the mouse (you can also resize it to whatever dimensions you may need on your PC screen, which could be quite convenient).

To get a better idea, check out the video below:

It will be interesting to see what the future will bring for SideSync; will it remain only on Samsung’s PCs, or will it replace Samsung Kies in the long run, and be available for everyone, ATIV users or not? What do you think will happen?

  • uu

    Genius :)

  • Josh Fisher

    Only nice feature is using your smartphone as a second display with your mouse and keyboard, AirDroid can do everything else over wireless. meh….

  • Leonard Bryan

    I wish they would make it work for other laptop brands since as of the moment, it only works with a few Samsung computers.. :/

  • Will Stewart

    Nice… That’s a nice laptop, does anyone know the model name?