Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

Regardless of whether or not we agree with the ever increasing size of smartphones, it seems that Samsung believes that its newest range of rather large Galaxy handsets is going strike a chord with consumers.

Although not officially stated by Samsung, there is reason to believe that the company is aiming to ship roughly one million of its new Galaxy Mega 5.8 handsets a month. According to sources from the-not-always-accurate Digitimes, Samsung has recently placed orders with Taiwan-based panel manufacturers to supply it with a total of one million 5.8-inch displays each month. Taiwan-based supply chain makers told the publication that Chunghwa Picture Tubes and Giantplus Technology are to begin shipping out the orders in either May or June, which co-incidences nicely with speculated release dates for the Galaxy Mega handsets.

However, both companies refused to comment on the matter.

Is a sales target of roughly one million each month a little too optimistic? Based on a lot of the comments we’ve received here on Android Authority I’m not quite sure, as people seem pretty split down the middle on the issue of bigger being better.

The wider industry seems convinced that consumers are steadily gravitating towards larger smartphones; over the past week we’ve heard bits and pieces of information from Japan-based panel manufacturers who are preparing to ship out their own range of 6-inch displays for handsets being released towards the end of the year, so Samsung can probably afford to be optimistic.

We haven’t even starting talking about the even larger Galaxy Mega 6.3 yet. Fortunately for my poor typing fingers, there currently isn’t any information available about display orders for Samsung’s gargantuan Mega handset, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung expect it to sell just as well as its smaller brother.

Does one million handsets a month sound about right to you, or is Samsung becoming complacent after its recent successes with larger smartphones?

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • 5.5 ~ 6.3 inches totally bezelless, that’s what I want!

    • somewhat stupid

      Yes because you can handle a bezel-less touch device with todays technology? You obviously didnt give it much thought, wait till you try a Galaxy S4 and the problems the narrow bezels will cause.

  • lil bit

    Yes it will sell well, some markets still didnt discover the need for higher resoution, just look how many from Pakistan/middle east are always attacking Xperia Z and its likes for having overkill resolution, some dont even want 720p. In those markets, and in especially in India, the demand for cheap phablets will be enormous this year.

    Personally i found that higher resolution is is more important than display size, Xperia Z can fit more content on its display than Note 2, simply due to its higher pixel count. a 5.5 inch Full HD would be even better than Xperia Z but lets face it, G Pro is not fit for fight.
    Some think that size is everything for webbrowsing, sure Mega 5.8 is going to be a terrible webbrowsing device but the targeted buyers do not mind about or cant afford higher resolution, a million a month should not be a big problem for the undisputed market leader.