Face-off: S Voice vs Google Voice Search (Video)

by: Bams SadewoJuly 6, 2012
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A little bit of sibling rivalry is never a bad thing if it fosters innovation and improvement.

What we have here is a video posted by Android Authority’s Clayton Ljungberg , who put to the test two high-profile voice assistants — Samsung’s S Voice on the Galaxy S3 and Google Voice Search on the Galaxy Nexus (running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean). Let’s see how the two performed when subjected to your typical daily grind.

Summoning the applications on the two phones can be done easily, thanks to the adequate shortcuts provided to start speaking and demand results. So both passed with flying colors.


The next thing that’s tested is the apps’ ability to navigate to a certain location. The specific task was to “navigate to Holiday Inn Seattle Washington”. S Voice had no problem understanding the command and launched the navigation app, which requires an extra press of a button before the turn-by-turn navigation can start. Google Voice Search came up with web searches, with options to look up images and places. Again, it needed the user’s intervention before the directions are shown.

Next, neither the S Voice or the Google Voice Search had any problems launching the alarm app when Clayton asked to be to waked up at a specific time. Check out the video above to see more of how the two apps behaved when put to some other tests.

What’s your preference between the two? Any thoughts and comments about the face-off?

  • MikeCiggy

    It will auto navigate you if you say “bring me to” you should have checked the commands first before making a video..

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      it was a comparison to see, given what was said, which voice service would accomplish the task.

    • dNj

      I tested on my Nexus by saying ”take me to holiday inn, seattle washington” It returned a map card w/ navigation instantly. The commands are not as strict with the updated GVA

  • the picture say.! oi dirty ? :D

  • you didnt use the correct commands for the google voice search.

  • Don’t need to watch to know who’s going to win. Google Voice Search

  • google voice search is awesome