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Kickstands are a welcome addition to practically any mobile device. There’s really only so long that you can awkwardly support your phone with the side of your pinky finger (like you may be doing right now), so it would be nice if you could just set your smartphone down at a nice viewing angle to keep browsing or streaming. Unfortunately, kickstands kind of grate against the aesthetic of premium devices. If your casing is made of plastic, a stand is all well and good, but they feel out of place on metal and glass. According to some recent patents, it would seem that Samsung has found a work-around.

samsung s pen kickstand 3

The patent, discovered by Patently Mobile, outlines a design for a stylus that bends in the middle, which allows it to function as a kickstand while halfway inserted into its slot. The idea is to let users take advantage of their gorgeous displays without compromising the design’s overall aesthetic.

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When the S Pen is bent into a stand, a lock engages inside the slot so you don’t have to worry about it falling out. Once you bend the stylus back into its straight alignment, the lock disengages, and you can slip the S Pen all the way back in for storage or start scribbling away with it. If you’re worried about a bendable pen feeling unwieldy, you shouldn’t be too concerned. The joint seems to lock into place, creating a sturdy pen while you’re using it.

samsung s pen kickstand 4

Samsung filed this patent in the third quarter of 2015, but the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office didn’t publish the application until this year. We’re not certain when this feature may be making its way to commercial products, but it is definitely a creative and innovate use of the S Pen. What are your thoughts regarding this patent? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Osakwe tochukwu

    Samsung u are too much…ur innovative sea wil never dry

    • Diego

      Samsung’s “innovations don’t change the market.

      • Samrq

        “no one’s going to buy [phablets]” Steve Jobs on Galaxy note series. What’s the average screen size of phones now? I say that’s a major shift in the market.

      • Osakwe tochukwu

        Well they made apple go big….for me thats change right there

  • Brad Fortin

    Pengate 2.0 waiting to happen.

    • JDMillest

      Those are for stupid people.

      • Brad Fortin

        So… it’s guaranteed to happen?

        • JDMillest

          Most likely. Lol

  • Abd

    Can’t wait for Note 6. Already loving my Note 5 and Gear VR.

  • eltico40

    Wow let’s see how many people get this one stuck in the slot…you need a manual for the phone and a manual for the s-pen.

  • Hans Pedersen

    Interesting that they’ve rendered what looks like a symmetric USB port on that patent drawing. Signs of what’s to come with the Galaxy Note 6?

  • Maxei

    Silly idea. There are more elegant ways to do that. If you really need a stand, why not buy one made for that purpose?

    On the other hand, I will give Samsung a free idea on what to do with the S
    pen: a device for multiple purposes, for example, that can be used to
    record voice into the phone, just as good as taking notes; or recording
    conversations while talking to people; or that the owner could give voice
    orders to the phone through the pen, such as calling someone, all while
    the phone stays in your pants’ pocket, whereas the pen stays in your
    shirt’s pocket, as you would do with a normal pen.
    You’re welcome, Samsung.

  • dqyoung82

    That actually sounds awesome I’d love to hear about developments on the bendy SPen

  • Ronoroa Zoro

    is it me or is that removable back on the last picture? and speaker seems to be on the back wich is usually the thing with removable back..

  • musique

    next model will be even better as it will doubles as a dildo!

  • staylow

    Although it was the worst Android phone I owned, the HTC thunderbolt had a clever metal kickstand that popped out, and I used it all the time. A kickstand just makes sense, so I give Samsung props for this clever little work around. Just when you think innovation for smartphones was basically over we see clever stuff like this.

  • KeyserSoze

    Good idea, me like. But how well does the kickstand hold the phone up in portrait orientation?

    • Choda Boy

      Since the S Pen would extend from the bottom of the device, I doubt Portrait would be possible.

    • Prashant Thakur

      kickstands are mean for landscape mode mainly (watching movies and stuff), never seen a kickstand for portrait yet.