Samsung rolls out ICS update for AT&T’s Galaxy Exhilarate

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 19, 2012

As customers shift their attention to Jelly Bean, the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate, which was released on AT&T in June, has just received an unexpected cold dessert treat from AT&T and Samsung – something that even we thought won’t come this soon.

Starting today, you’ll be able to move your Galaxy Exhilarate up from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But because the ICS update won’t be rolled out over the air, you have to get your phone’s USB cable out and connect the device to the PC. Assuming you already have Kies installed, you should find the update waiting to be downloaded and installed.

The ICS update will bump up the eco-friendly phone’s baseband version to I577UCLH3 from I577UCLB8 or I577UCLD2. If you’re having trouble updating the phone and making the jump to ICS, you can refer to the following Galaxy Exhilarate support page on Samsung’s website.

Let us know how Ice Cream Sandwich runs on your AT&T’s Galaxy Exhilarate in the comments below. Are you hoping to see JB making it to your phone in the future?

  • D

    I got the message from ATT today but have not tried it yet. not happy about using Kies though as I have not heard good things about it and have never used it before. Will report back if/when I upgrade

  • Sagar Chandawale

    A text from ATT about getting Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate from Android 2.3 to 4.0, made my day! The steps for installation are very simple and clear. I had problems installing Kies initially, but then after a reboot, it got installed smoothly. The whole process took a bit more than couple of hours. The new installed version is smoother, smarter and more handy. The only complaint I would have is, it still doesn’t slide the top menu horizontally to view more options viz. to enable Packet Network, shortcut to settings et al., and is still has the static one with WiFi, GPS Bluetooth etc.

    I had always wanted to have Android 4.0 and knowing it wouldn’t be that soon on this phone, the morning text from ATT was a complete surprise. Overall, I am Happy to have Ice-cream sandwich on my phone now! :)

  • Erica

    I’m digging the update, but I have an issue: I have no word suggestions. Is this a problem specific to me, or am I doing it wrong, or is this just life? From what my Google Fu tells me, they should be there, I should be able to tap for more word options. No luck. Swype has suggestions, Samsung keyboard has suggestions.. no dice with the android keyboard, which is my preferred default.

    • Tom

      Same problem here. No autocorrect at all in the browser, other apps get autocoreect but no choices.

    • tabitha

      did you ever figure this out because i just got the update and its driving me nuts and the screenshot things its not the home and lock keys anymore

  • Natalie

    I see some changes with the upgrade, such as keyboard appearence and how the vibrations feel, but I don’t think I have all of the advertised features. I can’t drag one icon into another on the homepage, and my unlock ability is still just swipe, not swipe to open phone/message/camera/etc. Is anybody else having this problem?

    • yes, i have the same problem. i can’t figure out why. did you update it with lots of security (encryption, screenlock password,etc)? i’m wondering if that’s why

      • Natalie

        No, I didn’t update it with lots of security. I was so frustrated with this that I sent my phone into Samsung. After about a week I got it back and it was exactly the same. Maybe they advertised features that we weren’t actually supposed to get.

  • Luke

    I knew how to take a screenshot with gingerbread, but now since I updated the phone, I can’t figure out how to take a another screenshot. Does anyone else know?

    • Easy, press the Home and Power buttons ‘almost simultaneously’ , hitting the Home button just before the Power button. It’s important that this sequence be performed correctly.

      • Luke

        Yeah, I keep trying that, but nothing. Do you think that there is another way, or did the software mess up during the update?

        • D

          I have not done the update but read somewhere its home and vol up

  • Mike

    Updated the phone everything seems to work ok. The only problem is where I work at I use the Wi-Fi there. I had it set up before the update. It doesn’t show where to place a static ip address. To set up Wi-Fi (private system) is a big process because we use wireless handhelds to pick and inventory and was using phone for email. Settings, Wi-Fi, advance and doesn’t let me tap the ip address button. Does somebody know another way?

  • Dave

    I updated the same day this came out. There are some features I like, but overall I have a frustration with the lack of refresh and the slowness of the OS on the Exhilarate. Ever since I updated, when I get a txt message and check it, it still shows that I have a new message. The Facebook widget no longer refreshes correctly, when leaving anything and going back to the Home page of the phone. The new OS seems to drain the battery much more than Gingerbread, and I haven’t downloaded any new apps since upgrading. The keyboard when txting seem slower than the previous one and sometime I have to stop to let the phone catch up. Also I miss my suggested words. How can I get those back? However I do like the upgrade to the voice capability for txting. Sometimes when leaving the Applications pages and going back to the main phone, or leaving an app it takes close to 30 seconds before the phone refreshes back, all the while I’m starring at a black screen waiting. Then for some reason the phone will do a quick beep or a vibrate, and I check it, but there are no notifications and I’m unable to tell what the phone is doing and why it beeped.

  • has anyone else had problems of not getting the full update? all the features (like dragging icon over another one to create folder) are not working.

  • jjk13005

    Everytime i click upgrade on kies it dis onnects my phone and wont let me get the upgrade could someone please help