Samsung resumes Android 4.1 update for Galaxy S3, Sweden now gets Jelly Bean

by: Bams SadewoOctober 15, 2012

The release of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung’s flagship phone hasn’t gone as smoothly as the manufacturer – and owners of the device – expected. After the latest Android OS for the Galaxy S3 was pushed out in Poland about three weeks ago, the update came to a screeching halt – save for the 3G variant of Galaxy S3 that received Jelly Bean in South Korea afterwards.

You’re in luck if you’re in Sweden, because that’s where the next wave of Jelly Bean update has arrived. As reported by those who have received the OTA file (278.82MB in size), here’s some more detail of the Jelly Bean firmware:

  • Base firmware: I9300XXDLID
  • CSC: I9300VDSDLI1
  • Build number: JRO03C.I9300XXDL1H

Apparently, the firmware that is being pushed out right now in Sweden is a specific one intended for the Galaxy S3 on Telenor network, instead of an unbranded one.

After Sweden, we’re not sure which country is next to get Jelly Bean. Hopefully the update won’t stop there and it’ll continue reaching more European countries, as well as other regions. Rest assured that we’ll be here to bring you the good news when the update hits more countries.

  • Tom

    Why did they stop? Were there any problems?

  • Last info was that Samsung expect the rollout to take 2 weeks longer until JB is on the swedish “open market”. indicating one small country takes 3 weeks… cheezus – it will be 2015 before all the 20+ million handsets are upgraded.

    • inomon

      wow… that computation gave me a chuckle :D

      **still waiting here for my regions, S3 update too :(

  • MasterMuffin

    Why not finland? Just few hundred kilometers to the east

  • Can rooted phones get the update?

  • trebor

    still waiting.. ;(

  • Brandon

    Yeah there were battery drain issues and a couple other small bugs

  • Maximus

    I want the update!! Norway was supposed to be one of the first countries to get the update, according to Samsung. Crap.

  • John Conroy

    I got it in ireland 3network last tuesday