Samsung remembers the secret of its success

by: Simon HillMarch 3, 2014

samsung galaxy s5 black blue aa 4

If you read this site with any regularity, you know that Samsung announced its latest flagship phone at MWC last Monday. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was made official at the company’s Unpacked event which was, in fact, packed to the rafters with tech journalists.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, let’s take a step back and think about what exactly we were presented with last week. Did the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world blow everyone away with an innovative, paradigm-shifting, must-have device? No. Did they unveil a stinking plastic turd that’s on a par with your Granny’s Jitterbug? No.

Getting back on course?

From the cringing big-budget unveil, to the unpalatably long list of software features, the Galaxy S4 looked like a misstep for Samsung. It may have outsold all the other premium Android smartphones together, but it did not keep pace with the iPhone and it did not hit the targets Samsung was striving for.

That perceived failure led to speculation that the S5 would be pushed out the door early, which is lent some credence by the MWC announcement, though the S5 won’t actually go on sale until April, which isn’t much of a deviation from Samsung’s annual release schedule.

Samsung galaxy s5 vs galaxy s4 aa 2

Is it possible that Samsung had gotten too far ahead of the game with the S3 and it’s not good at being out front? Did it get caught up in its own hype? Did it over-rely on marketing?

The South Korean manufacturer is adept at assessing the best features of current consumer electronics, listening to what consumers want, and wrapping that up in a package that outdoes the competition. It is not, arguably, all that great at divining the next big thing. But it doesn’t really need to be.

Samsung is listening… again

The Galaxy S5 is an incremental improvement to an already winning formula. It addresses the functionality that most consumers care about. It also assimilates a few bits and pieces that have been popping up on other flagships.

An increasingly important factor in choosing a smartphone for most people now is the camera. That’s why we’ve got a 16MP camera with Samsung’s new ISOCELL image sensor and phase-detect auto-focus. The only thing most people need to know is that you can focus and take great shots much faster than before — we’re talking 0.3 seconds — in a wider range of lighting conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera app aa 2

We’ve also got a dust and water resistant device, something that Sony pushed into the realm of standard on a flagship. There’s some effort to tackle everyone’s biggest bugbear, in the shape of a bigger battery and power saving software features. There’s even a fingerprint sensor for secure payments… can’t think where Samsung got that from.

If there was one thing that was obvious at CES this year, it’s that fitness wearables are expected to explode in 2014. It’s no coincidence that the S5 has a heart-rate monitor, with an updated S Health app, alongside a brand new Gear Fit wrist-worn accessory.

This is what Samsung is good at.

samsung galaxy s5 4

But it’s so ugly

Of course, I know some people will already be screaming at the screen about what Samsung did not listen to. We wanted a new design, not this plastic faux leather golf ball thing, and those big bezels are making me wretch! We wanted a 64-bit octo-core processor! (apparently there will be an octo-core S5 variant by the way). We wanted something truly innovative!

Before you get too upset it’s worth remembering that you don’t have to buy the phone. Samsung is going to have enough customers.

samsung galaxy s5 smartphones color options 2

Samsung is the new Apple

It was pretty obvious long before the Galaxy S5 release that a lot of people had already made their minds up. They were either going to love the new phone and definitely buy it, or they were going to hate it and Samsung deserves to die. Fanboys may shout louder than everyone else, but that doesn’t mean they make more sense. At least take a look at the damn thing first.

The hype, the circus of nonsense, the battle lines, doesn’t it remind you of something? It was obvious when the tech press roundly criticized the Galaxy S4 and then it went on to sell millions that Samsung had reached Apple heights. Brand awareness and loyalty sells an awful lot of phones. Samsung was rumored to have spent $14 billion on marketing and advertising in 2013, that’s not just on smartphones, but it’s so far in advance of the competition that it’s not even in the same ballpark. The company has sold more than 200 million Galaxy S phones. Apple has sold 420 million iPhones.

Samsung galaxy s5 vs iphone 5s aa 8

Both companies make great devices year after year, but once that juggernaut is rolling the momentum is unbelievable. Competitors can make comparable or perhaps even better devices that are widely praised by the tech press, but they don’t make a dent in the big boy’s sales.

When any company gets that big, it becomes more difficult to like. Everyone loves an underdog right? Samsung is starting to draw an Apple-level of criticism in the comments fields of tech blogs across the web, but that doesn’t reflect the consumer market.

The S5 will be successful

We’ve been here before, and barring some kind of weird exploding-in-your-pocket fault, the S5 is going to sell. It deserves to do well. Samsung has nailed what it does best with the new Galaxy and it will be backed up by widespread marketing and solid partnerships with retailers and carriers (especially important for nailing the U.S. market).

Compared to the Galaxy S4 the reaction from tech journalists is overwhelmingly positive. This is partly because it offers a nice range of improvements over the S4 and partly because it was presented with a smidgen of humility (don’t underestimate how much the tech press hates the big musical number, celebrity endorsement, smoke and mirrors approach).

samsung galaxy s5 s4 note 3 3

Whether a lot of them will be buying it as their next smartphone is another matter, but then early-adopters and tech fans tend to be looking for something new and different. Check out our poll asking “Are you impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S5 or not?” for more evidence of that. Samsung is catering for the mass market.

Try explaining to your Dad why the Galaxy S5 should not be his next phone. Or convince a friend who isn’t tech-obsessed that the S5 is not for them. Now ask them what they think about your argument.

  • MasterMuffin

    The leap from S4 to S5 is bigger than the leap from S3 to S4, so maybe Samsung is going to the right direction again? Bigger battery would have been nice (like the one in G2 or Z2) and dat backplate doe

    • strangefruit

      My phone is permanently in a cover so its cosmetic effect is not a primary concern. Lag is. As is bloatware. A great camera that is fast to access and use is important. Have dropped my Sammy a fair number of times and its still kicking it. Now I think Sammy and Moto phones are very desirable and moddable. Saving up for S5, but may wait to see if a dual sim version will arrive before the Note 4.

      • mux

        YOUR phone is in a cover. Mine’s not. And i want it to look beautiful, feel nice in my hand. And competitors have already far better cameras (oppo find 7 will probably host a 50mp camera…)

        • jeff

          Talking about covers , maybe you have a desk job that does not require a case but too those who work in a manual field OTTERBOX has Imp the best case for ruggedness so I fell the same way a asthetics does not play a vital role in my choosing. My concerns are the processor , ram, and being able to load up the sd card with what you want with no restrictians. Also a much better battery life. JMO.

    • RanRu

      The only consolation for the unforgivable design of the backplate on the S5 is the fact that it comes off and can be easily replaced by a less offensive one.
      Still, every penny spent on a new backplate is one penny more than anyone should have had to spend in the first place.

    • Simon Hill

      Yeah, I think it’s definitely a bigger improvement, but then the S4 was really underwhelming. Got to agree on the battery, everyone wants more battery life. Will be interesting to see how it performs in the real world.

      • MasterMuffin

        Hopefully well

  • trwb

    Bigger battery, better design, more ram. That is what the competitors have. Might as well buy an S4. Also the person that designed the look of this phone is so out of touch from the latest design trends.

    • Jermaine Smit

      Numbers alone dont make the phone. There is no need for 3gb in a phone like this. In the note 3 it was needed. There are a lot of things you look over it seems. And next to that a Samsung is mostly bought for the gadgets on it. Ok the heart rate monitor is pretty mutch useless but it keeps people talking about it. But next to that it is pretty handy to have when you truly watch all this. Then the Camera. It is the best and fastes camera you can get. But again you probably are watching the numbers. But is is just a 16 megapixel camera and sony has 20.7 and nokia a 41. Yes true. But that is not all to a picture. The software behind it is very very very important. Take a look online what isocell is! really look in to it.

  • Michael Hall

    I’m assuming the S5 doesn’t suffer from the sd card restrictions that the S4 does when upgraded to KitKat? If so, has Samsung deliberately worsened the upgraded S4 to persuade customers to move to the S5?

    I like the S5. Most would but Samsung will recognise that some of the negatives are purely because the media hyped a far more cutting edge spec!

    • Android Developer

      what restrictions?

      • Matt Dowdy

        Since the kitkat update on the s4 and on my note 3 apps such as titanium backup are no longer able to write to the external sd card. Pictures save fine from the camera but apparently samsung removed a line of code from the permissions folder which broke writing to external sd card. Fortunately for me my phone is rooted so only took a few minutes to add the line back in so I no longer have the issue but if you’re not rooted then you’re out of luck. A quick Google search of the issue provided me with the fix from xda (I’m not that clever)

      • Michael Hall

        Many android and Samsung sites are reporting known issues with sd card use after upgrading to KitKat 4.4. Nearly all are saying files on sd cards cannot be amended, renamed or created by many apps. Some report some data is no longer accessible after upgrading. For example, I use Rocket Player and isyncr for my music. The isyncr site confirms these problems and recommends NOT updating until/unless a fix is made. One android site says this appears to only affect Samsungs and another posts a ‘simple’ fix for rooted phones (which mine isn’t). I’d love to get info on what Samsung is doing about this (some android sites claim it is embedded in 4.4 because Google doesn’t like sd cards and Samsung has forgotten to fix the coding issue).

        I haven’t been offered OTA upgrade to 4.4 yet (I have S4 19505) but won’t be doing so until this is fixed. I’m using over 25gb of my sd card and it would largely brick my use of the phone if the sd card could no longer work as it does under current 4.3.

        • Android Developer

          sounds really bad.
          How could samsung make such a basic mistake?
          it reminds me when they’ve updated my SGS3 with a terrible version, so i had to go back (i have a rooted device with a custom rom, based on samsung’s rom).

          once you’ve updated your device, can’t you go back to previous versions?

      • Guest123

        Only system apps will have permission to write to ext_SD in anything other than their own folder.

        Just another way google is becoming more like apple.

        • Android Developer

          This sounds really hard to believe.
          are you sure about it?
          can you please give a link about this?

          • Guest123
          • Android Developer

            unbelievable. and it already works this way on devices with sd card support?

          • Guest123

            That’s what S3/4 & Note owners that got 4.4 are complaining about — suddenly they can’t use their third party file manager to do anything with the ext_sd. It’s an utter joke, IMO. Honestly, it’s the kind of update that companies should be sued over.

          • Android Developer

            This is quite surprising.
            the external storage (not the sd card) is the one that most apps leave their junk files on, since it’s much more popular than sd cards, especially these days.

            now what’s the purpose of having an sd card? for third party apps, it’s for cache ? and only built in apps can what they want?
            couldn’t google make a smarter move than that?

            i can’t think of one, but they are right that it’s annoying that apps leave traces and junk files even after being uninstalled.
            even the popular apps do it: waze, viber, whatsapp,facebook, maxthon, cut the rope,…

          • Guest123

            A smarter move, based on their current move, would have been a security option to disable blocking 3rd party apps from using the SD card, or a white-list for such 3rd party apps that the user could add via password. Much like you assigning a Windows or Linux app admin/superuser permissions.

            And they could have forced all apps that want to use the ext_SD to use a single folder, permission controlled by the user for the ext_sd, etc. . . There are a lot of better ways google could have gone with this, but once again, like removing text wrapping/reflow, they’ve chosen very poorly — a choice that looks more like an apple choice to lock users into google pre-installed system apps.

          • Android Developer

            it’s in fact very similar to what apple has, since you can’t manage the sd card without a PC (or a built in app, or root).
            it’s like itunes – you need your pc to manage the device.

          • Guest123

            yep. . . seems Android is going backwards in ways.

            Luckily we still have XDA :D

    • Balraj

      I still believe Samsung will launch another s5 at ifa with qhd & everything else

      • MadCowOnAStick

        I believe that will be the Galaxy F

  • Cl3v3rNaMe

    i’m not that bothered about the specs but the design of both hard & software is just plain ugly.

    they should really invest heavily in design next time

    • ehndrew

      don’t judge a book by its cover! :P jkz. yeah i agree, i don’t ‘hate’ the look but i wish they made it look/feel more premium, or make it look like they put in the effort lol

    • Balraj

      Also I think this article is publicity stunt..
      I really liked the way he said
      So what it’s doesn’t matter if you don’t buy
      Samsung has customers..

      • Simon Hill

        I think its ugly too, but if you think no one will buy it because they all agree it’s ugly then get ready for a surprise.

        • Balraj

          True..but my friends using s4 are not upgrading but your right
          Many will buy but lots of them will pass the device..
          One of d main feature of a phone is looks..we pay 50k for something better
          But ur right millions will be sold
          Samsung will market the hell out of it

  • Jumbs

    These days, the specs between android flagships are neglegible-meaning if we compare flagships spec for spec, we will reach a dead end. Why? Because they are all the same… Look at the LG G2, Nexus 5, and Xperia Honami (flagships released late last year), all of them have similar specs under the hood except maybe the camera and software real estate. So in my honest and humble opinion, manufacturers should focus on design and build quality and better software implementation. To be honest, Samsung’s design is just passable to say the least. Some of the rumored concept designs were better, let me rephrase that, most of the rumored designs were better.

    • terpski

      I disagree. The Sony Xperia Z2 is sporting a much a higher 20mp camera and 3GB of memory compared to the S5’s 16mp camera and 2GB of memory. The Z2 has a 3200mah battery compared to the S5 which has a 2800mah battery. The extra memory makes all the difference considering how bloated Samsung phones are. Also the Z2 is waterproof. The S5 is water-resistant.

      And the new HTC One will probably have better specs than the S5 as well.

      Considering how much Samsung charges for their phones, I find it ridiculous how cheaply the ugly plastic S5 was made. Its obvious Samsung cut corners to maximize as much as possible on profits. They didnt listen to customers at all.

      • Guest123

        Z2 has DragonTrail glass. . . much better than the easily cracked glass most are using.

        • Alphere

          DragonTail glass is only equivalent to Gorilla Glass 2. S5 is using Gorilla Glass 3.

  • dandroid13
  • Doug Carey

    I think the biggest gripe most tech-savvy people have with Samsung devices is software related. Android enthusiasts especially tend to be less concerned with exterior looks than they are with real world performance and functionality. Samsung devices are heavily crippled by their software limitations (lag, UI clutter, bloatware, etc.). On top of that, the devices are (or have been) extremely fragile. Those two problems mean that tech/android enthusiasts aren’t really impressed with Samsung’s efforts.

    • Simon Hill

      I think you’re right. After using the Nexus 5 I found it tough to use anything else. Apart from bloated UIs that don’t add a great deal of value you have an army of pre-loaded apps that are often inferior to other options and tricky to get rid of.

    • Shanos

      If samsung have their heads screwed on there will be a google edition of the s5 fee of bloat etc.
      I personally ended up with an s4 (did not want or need another phone but my network would not let me have a home signal box on a sim only deal) yes it was a nice phone but really did not offer much more than my s2.
      I have had lots of phones dating back to the early days and at one point I was a latest and greatest whore… had to have the new phone… could not live with old tech… but we are now in a time when phones do everything we want and need… the only difference is that processors get a bit quicker, screens get higher resolution, cameras get more pixels etc.. none of these really make the phones that much better. design is more of a consideration apple have their path… samsung have theirs… and they do not stray too far from them as they do not want to break what is working for them, as Simon says its not going to stop them selling phones by the bucket load.
      personally I sold my s4 and purchased an Inew V3 from china (£160 hd display with quad core 1 gig ram 16gb rom 13mp camera and a really nice design) I have kept this for about 4 months and yesterday purchased a zopo zp980+ (£140 full hd display, 1.7ghz try octacore processor, 1gb ram 32gb 14.1mp camera rom again a nice looking design)having sold my v3 to a friend for £150… I get to have great features for pocket money prices. only thing I miss is the really active XDA samsung scene.

  • mux

    it’s obvious that some of samsung’s marketing $bn ended up to you. This phone offers absolutly nothing new. The design went 3 years back, while the plastic quality stays the same. I have to tell you, that due to economies of scale (regarding the plastic), the S5 costs even less than the S2. The heart rate sensor is available to any phone with a camera and flash. It’s not hardware related, it’s software related. Download a simple hear rate app and you’re done. Also, please…please tell me, how many times a mass-market individual will use it? Once? maybe. Twice? absolutely not. But Samsung sells it for the unbelievable amount of €732. The whole market trend leans towards minimal bezels. What samsung did? enlarge them! WOW! Marketing research sucks, lets use samsung research!
    I’m telling you… the S5 is a blasting FLOP. Android users are not the sheep-a-like Apple users. And surely, the S5 will not get some of the current Apple users.
    Samsung’s marketing may be good and sell (or give away?!) a few million units. But the S5 is defenitely NOT a good smartphone (for its money)

    • Jojo

      Well said

    • Guest123

      sadly, smartphone users are sheeple. . . most have little clue what OS is on their device. they listen only to the “cool marketing” hype. with enough money and marketing you could sell a turd. . . hell, a pet rock was a smash hit.

    • Simon Hill

      You make it sound like Samsung is selling a heart rate sensor with big bezels for €732. Only time will tell whether it’s a flop or not. Sadly none of Samsung’s marketing billions have made their way into my bank account.

      • mux

        actually, the HR sensor and the big bezels is this years novelty in the S series. So, yes this is what they think costs €732, or €332 more than the (still ugly imo S4)

  • amit

    An article written with an intent to convince people that S5 is not bad.. Well its pathetic…!

    • terpski

      Yeah…does the writer work for Samsung? You would think he does by the way he tries to sell us on this cheaply-made crap lemon phone.

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        I’m not sure why he even bothered to write the post. Who cares what Samsung’s intent is? It’s not going to convince any of us to purchase or not purchase the phone.

        • Simon Hill

          That’s right because the intent of companies has no impact on our purchasing habits does it?

      • Simon Hill

        I’m not trying to sell you on anything, you have my permission to buy whatever phone you like.

    • Simon Hill

      Wow, how can you feel so strongly about it? It’s a smartphone. I’m not going to buy it, but it’s definitely not bad, just like the iPhone is not bad, if you genuinely think it’s a bad phone then you’ve obviously never used anything at the budget end of the market.

  • Groud Frank

    Thank you for this insightful and well written article. The reviews from tech journalists have been very positive and the S5 is even being praised by some iPhanboys for its focus on refinement.
    As for the design aspect of the S5, Cnet did a great article that gives some insight into why phone designs don’t change much called, “Six Things to Know About Smartphone batteries”…..
    Samsung did a good job with this one. They polished Touchwiz, made the S5 water and dust resistance feature standard while allowing access to the battery(no small engineering feet), gave the SoC a big bumb, etc. Samsung is focusing on substance, not style. With wider availability, faster and longer term firmware updates and a plethora of neat 3rd party accessories, the S5 has much more potential than the M8 or Z2. Will I get one? No, I’m waiting on the Note 4 and the S5 gives me great hope that the Note 4 will be phone to replace my Note 3.

    ***TLDR*** 1. Great article. 2. Understand a little bit why the design didn’t change much. 3. The S5 is a great but very misunderstood device.

    • jack

      are you serious?

    • Guest123

      there isn’t much to misunderstand. it’s a device designed to push their connected crap.

  • Tournaflyer

    Just curious… Is it a known fact (from Samsung) that this IS the Isocell camera? I didn’t hear it touted (or even mentioned) in the Unpacked video. Last I heard, they only had this tech with an eight mp camera so far.

  • Gab Tab

    They’re phone features are awesome, but they are getting really like apple. They should create a metal phone not rubber, they don’t know the first thing about “a nice looking phone” and the software is the same look. What’s the point? I bought an S3 before it was popular because it was kinda good looking and the best at the time, I actually still have the s3 and use it as I would when I bought it long ago. But now Samsung is getting overly-obsessed with the s3 design. I didn’t bother trying to get an s4 and neither will I get an s5. I think I’ll switch to a different smartphone company that’s android.

  • arcwindz

    Interesting article, but then there is a difference between product and brand like what is written here.
    As an enthusiasts, us here are ofcourse talking about the product, yes? Specs, functionality, and so on.
    In the market, brand takes a huge role and it changes the playing field.
    Ofcourse samsung gs5 will sells, oh it will do so without breaking a sweat. People don’t see the specs and so on in details, they see the brand samsung and buy it.
    And since you are talking about father, just yesterday i accompany my father who still uses a feature phone to buy a new phone. Here are two things that happened:
    1. He asked, samsung is the best right?
    2. He liked iphone’s design the most
    There’s no s5 ofcourse, but again let me ask what will the s5 bring that s4 can not fulfill? Heart rate monitor? Finger print scan? Is it even important?
    Software will be updated and we still use our smartphone the same way and will be so for the next few years until wearables will become a part of the majority.
    Better camera tech, bigger battery and waterproof sure is a plus, but now let’s bring in the competitor and ask again, without the brand, which will you choose? People will see what they can see directly And us here techies can answer by comparing the small differences that doesn’t really matter to the people at large.

    Then, do we even matter? Does our opinion even matter?
    Actually we do, these critiques are what is moving the industry forward. We are also consumers, but a consumers who knows the product and see how it can be improved, what can make it even better.
    If you don’t tell the market, they won’t know what can be so different between 720p and 1080p.
    Remember, back when apple was king and android just a new player, these early-adopters are the one who gives the initial push and make android what it is today. Consumers at large will say, we want a better ui. Techies will break down that “better ui” into something that the r&d team can relate with. And when the product came out, we will be the first recommender to the people around us, sounds like a reviewer, yes?

    And i am spouting this long-long comments, because i take that you are disregarding our opinions through this article. S5 is a good phone and samsung will sell millions of it, and It’s true that the majority of their sales won’t be made by the minority who cares about specs.

    But so what? Are we wrong to say that this phone need something fresh? Hell no! Because we can see that the competitors start to give some fight, look at your poll. We are more excited about z2 and m8 because they are more exciting. To hold the champion title is not easy, it has its benefits, but then we expect more from the champion.

    • Simon Hill

      You’re right, of course our opinions matter, it’s just that there’s such a big disconnect between tech fan criticism and the wider consumer market. I think we can obviously demand more from manufacturers, but like Apple, Samsung is more interested in delivering what the wider market wants than satisfying tech fans.

  • jack

    Scamsung’s April/2014 phone is thicker than Apple’s Sep/2012 phone. Really success.

    • Alphere

      Do you really think that as years go by, phone should be less thicker? What, in 2050, we are holding stick phones?

      • jack

        If it were the opposite you’d be bashing Apple, you hypocrite.

        • Alphere

          I can assure you that even in 2050, there will still be thick phones. Technology improvement will slow down and stop at some point.

    • Dimitar Gospodinov

      The 2012 Apple phone has the same secs as the 2000 android phone…LOL

  • Jojo

    Well written article Simon Hill. However, I am not sure why are you using the voting as a support for your point of view because I just checked the votes and “not impressed” answer is dominating the vote. Samsung failed with the s5 and that is it . By the way, i was a hard core Samsung fan since the Galaxy s2 but the s5 disappointed me and I am switching to another device, from my current s3.

    • Simon Hill

      I was suggesting that most of the readers here at Android Authority who vote in the polls are in the early adopter and tech fan group rather than representative of the mass market.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I’m pretty sure it will be successful but I don’t think it will be the smash hit you or Samsung think it will be. Apple can sell tons of phone because they have no competition. If you want iOS your only choice is an Apple product. Samsung on the other hand has way too much competition in the Android field (who are all stepping up their game) to keep using the same formula over and over again. I purchased the S3 and the S4 but I’m skipping the S5. It’s not much of an upgrade over the Nexus 5 I’m currently using.

  • Hellz

    i see people praising z2 and hating s5. why?
    because z1 was faulty device, you must admit that. s4 wasnt what people expected it to be but it was rather good. so samsung had good device and did some small improvements which is now in same ranks as z2 that had to do a lot do be good. im not samsung fanboy i just buy what i like. i dont plan on switching from s4 to s5 just as i dont plan buying z2.

  • Ben Edwards

    Addressing your point RE: Samsung being the new/next Apple; I agree completely. They’ve become stagnant and stuck up in their own success but still sell millions because of marketing, brand loyalty and word of mouth. But, just like Apple, Samsung’s success will begin to recede and another OEM will step up to replace them – whether that’s LG, Sony, Huawei or someone else altogether, only time will tell. But it will happen.

  • Alphere

    If only Z1 is not riddled with problems, I will not be afraid to buy Z2.

  • Hobbz101

    Feeling fly like a G3!!!!

  • Ruz

    Somehow i am not happy with S5 announcement. frankly speaking if samsung fails to mark an impression in S6 then that will the last day of Samsung good days ahead.. Sony will take over samsung maybe later if not now

    • Dimitar Gospodinov

      there are going to announce 100 more phone this year including the Note 4 so…I doubt it

      • Ruz

        i can already see tension between Samsung and Android / Google.. U never know if they dump Android in their future lineups

        • Dimitar Gospodinov

          We can’t know that abandoning android is a good or a bad thing until it happens right?

  • Chico13

    I’m a big Samsung fan they make great devices have yet to have a complaint with any device of theirs BUT yes they are catering to the masses they are not catering to people who know devices also genius move to ship the s5’s after most us Americans file our tax returns and get money that is owed to us from the government

  • Nerdynerdnerd

    Honestly, I have been an camp iOS before changing to android 2 years ago. Samsung has been on the top of my books till the launch of S5. They did remarkably well with the S2, with ‘just-enough’ features at an amazing price point, which went on to be one of the top selling models around the globe. Followed by the success of S3, which is a hot favorite in developed countries. And of course, the S4 (current model I am using), bringing software features from the Note 2 (multitasking) and adding new ones (smart scroll, smart stay). It is super intuitive and it feels like the phone is listening to you. It understands how consumers interact with their devices, and adapts to them. The only drawback is its battery life. In order to sustain those features, it should have come with a larger juice packet.

    Now on to the S5, its improvements are minimal and expected (better display, battery, and faster processor). Its new added features like the fingerprint scanner (why?!), waterproof functions (again, why?!) are seemingly unimaginative and unnecessary.

    Samsung’s approach till the S4, has nothing but understanding how intimately consumers use their mobile devices. Quoting S4’s tagline ‘life’s companion’ & ‘inspired by nature, designed for human’ accurately describe Samsung’s development philosophy till now. Don’t get me wrong, I will still be rooting for the Korean giant, I just hope that they recall their success philosophy when developing future devices.

  • Bone

    Isn’t it funny that it’s the self-educated geeks who judge the book by the cover, while ppl. just go into the store, try out phones, and usually chose the slim light feature rich Samsungs with the excellent warranty conditions and SD card slot…

    Samsung is winning from the moment they came out with the bold design of the S3, that was unlike any premium phone = more accessible look, plus releasing okay entry level devices with enough limitations but quality to have owners long for the flagships.

    And in the end, the S2, Note, S3, Note 2, S4, Note 3 and S5 are great devices, there’s no going around it. Only thing that’s not great is the look of the back which is like… never seen anyway unless you wanna show off?

    Average intelligence > geek intelligence.

  • What

    It seems Simon Hill got payed from Samsung for this article