Samsung to completely overhaul their brand, show off their new identity at CES

by: ŠtefanNovember 5, 2012

According to the Australian website Channel News, Samsung is in the process of overhauling their brand. The familiar Samsung logo written in blue (or white) letters will soon disappear. What’s going to replace it? We’ll find out at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, which is set to kick off on January 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott Bedbury, who used to be in charge of Nike’s advertising, is said to be the father of Samsung’s new identity. Sources who have spoken with Channel News say that the South Korean handset maker’s advertising will soon focus less on devices and more on people’s lifestyles. They also say that Samsung employees who need more business cards printed have been denied their requests because the new logo is so close to launching.

Is it wise for the company to do be doing this right now? Android powered three out of every four smartphones that shipped last quarter. The company that’s most closely linked to the success of Android is of course Samsung. They’re on top of the world, so everyone is paying attention to them. This is the perfect time to reboot people’s perceptions.

We do have some questions though: Will Samsung be launching new smartphones and tablets at CES or will they just unveil their new logo? Will they stop diluting the “Galaxy” brand? Will the company’s TouchWiz user interface be tweaked to better support the company’s new image or is it going to continue being “nature” inspired?

In time we’ll get all the answers we need, obviously. Right now we’re just excited to be hearing that we’re soon going to see something new and exciting. Walk down any street in any major city and chances are you’ll bump into a Samsung ad. To have a former Nike guy in charge of those ads going forward sounds highly promising.

  • A brand re-vitalization sounds promising. Build in the opportunity to turn of TouchWizz in the Galaxy S4 and I’ll upgrade from the Galaxy S3. Otherwise it will be a Nexus the next time…

  • Jamal Adam

    This sounds exciting. I think it’s a smart plan by Samsung and hopefully, the Galaxy S IV would usher in the new Samsung. I like it.

  • I don’t understand… So is Samsung just changing their logo? Or is everything absolutely being restarted from scratch, including the brand name?

    • It reads as a brand overhaul, so it’s likely that the Samsung name will remain but with an updated logo and company image. I’d say they will be heading towards making their brand seem more like a premium brand, like Apple. Hopefully this includes their high-end smartphones not being a part of the (now) diluted Galaxy branding.

  • Peterson Silva

    I like it… And about the dilution thing, I think it wouldn’t really be much worth having a Nike guy revitalize their branding if they keep making a Galaxy Duos Master, Galaxy Ace Game Federer Edition, Galaxy Nimbus 2000, etc…

  • Abdullah Qaraeen

    i am so excited about this and i like the idea ! but i hope they wont change the ” Galaxy ” brand name, its already well-known and changing it would be confusing to consumers…

    • MasterMuffin

      It would be cool if the New and better exynos 5 devices would be caller “universe”

    • Kassim

      It would literally make no commercial sense to build such a successful brand, then destroy it so completely when it’s success is heading for ‘cosmic’ proportions…

  • I hope there would still be a Galaxy Note III will be out.

  • Not sure to buy Samsung Note II or the Note III