Alleged Samsung prototype shows up with vastly different design language

by: Andrew GrushApril 16, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Logo aa 600px

Just a few days ago a rumor surfaced suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might not follow the Galaxy S4’s design language. Now new pictures have shown up on Twitter showing what is supposedly a prototype of a new Samsung device with a clearly different design from their typical style.

As with all rumors of this kind, don’t take the claim at face value. Sure, this could be a new Samsung design, but it also could be a fake or even perhaps a non-Galaxy device, such as a future concept for a Tizen phone.


Additionally, the design might be different from Samsung’s usual style, but it is hard to call it completely unique. Looking at the alleged prototype reveals a style that is clearly reminiscent of Nokia’s Lumia line.


Could this really be an early look at a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype? That’s a good question, though it’s not one that anyone can answer at this point. It is worth noting that the alleged phone design does have a notch at the bottom that sort of looks like what could be an S Pen Slot. That’s far from definitive proof though.

What do you think, do you like the prototype’s design language or do you hope it turns out to be a fake?

  • Matthew Brown

    I don’t think this is the Note 3. This device certainly doesn’t give off the premium feel that Samsung have attached to the Galaxy brand.



      • Matthew Brown

        Yes :)

  • Peter Blanco

    I would LOVE a premium build quality out of a Galaxy device, but this is not the right idea. Jagged corners? At least round them off a little! I’m all for more defined corners but don’t make them so pronounced that I can stab my neighbor with my phone!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    It might be the Note 3, but it appears to be in a shell to hide its actual shape.

  • Is it just me or is that glass curved?

  • Got excited for a bit after reading the heading….. Lumia Knock off won’t do Samsung any good!

  • Adam Outler

    Ditch the god damn button already Samsung!


      Buttons on the device > buttons on screen

      • Adam Outler

        no, it makes the device 1/4″ bigger. 5 inch phones already require repositioning to touch top and bottom. buttons off-screen makes you reach even further.

      • Arsenalâ„¢

        i agree but Samsung should really ditch the PHYSICAL button

    • Faiz

      I love the button. It makes the top and bottom of the phone uniform, with the screen really at the center of the phone.

    • freedomspopular

      That button is a lot more convenient to use then the power button for turning the screen on, especially with how big these devices are.

  • Finally, a step ahead in aesthetics for Sammy!

  • I have spoken to some people internally and they claim that the note 3 will infact have the flexible display sooooo yea…

  • I hope this is not the Note 3, as it looks too bulky. I mean thick and sharp. Like a brick

  • Jelly Bean

    Looks like a non-removable battery cover from the pic. :-(

  • Ryanjayce

    looks like a note shoved in a Xperia Z body…..

  • Hawng

    I honestly think it’s fake because the “Galaxy” is streaming korean dramas from a illegal website. I really don’t think Samsung would do that.

  • Benedict Chong

    Typical Korean Copycat and now copy the design from Sony. Still got so many stupid people buy their products!

    • Jostake Jon Yue Yang

      Consumers don’t care about whether Samsung copied from others or not. They only care whether the quality of the product is excellent and worth their money.

    • You don’t even know if it’s a real pic or not idiot

  • If it’s real this thing will be my note 2 replacement :)

  • roberto

    It’s extremely ugly. That homebutton looks like a debris. Samsung never wants to learn that Android doesn’t need real buttons anymore. Maybe they should copy more from LG and Sony and not that much from Apple.
    Samsung devices more and more fall back. Samsung starts what Apple does. Building fences. At the end Samsung will fall back to where they came from: nothing than a supplier.

  • Legit: Korean lettering at bottom left corner (Samsung is Korean), and Samsung has lately been having prototypes that have mixed-up colours (like the S4 China leak); here there is a black device with white home button. Also, the hole at the bottom right of the device could be an S-pen slot.

    Not legit: Might just be a shell with Note3 hardware inside, used only for testing purposes, as can be seen from the relatively thick bezels.


  • dwshin

    It’s ridiculous that tech sites can’t figure out what it is. You cannot take that as some kind of prototype which you can get a glimpse of particular “design” from. That’s just a rectangular plastic shell to hold the PCB boards and display in it. It’s just the thing called the ‘lunchbox’ among Korean engineers. Every phone in its early development stage go with that shell for sometime around.