Alleged Samsung prototype shows up with vastly different design language

by Andrew GrushApril 16, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy Logo aa 600px

Just a few days ago a rumor surfaced suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might not follow the Galaxy S4’s design language. Now new pictures have shown up on Twitter showing what is supposedly a prototype of a new Samsung device with a clearly different design from their typical style.

As with all rumors of this kind, don’t take the claim at face value. Sure, this could be a new Samsung design, but it also could be a fake or even perhaps a non-Galaxy device, such as a future concept for a Tizen phone.


Additionally, the design might be different from Samsung’s usual style, but it is hard to call it completely unique. Looking at the alleged prototype reveals a style that is clearly reminiscent of Nokia’s Lumia line.


Could this really be an early look at a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype? That’s a good question, though it’s not one that anyone can answer at this point. It is worth noting that the alleged phone design does have a notch at the bottom that sort of looks like what could be an S Pen Slot. That’s far from definitive proof though.

What do you think, do you like the prototype’s design language or do you hope it turns out to be a fake?