ETNews out of South Korea is reporting that Samsung will begin producing a premium lineup of smartphones, starting next year. The devices, which currently assume the codename “Project F”, will be coming to retail in March of 2014, according to Japanese blog rbmen.

The devices, which are said to be the next iteration of the Galaxy S4 and Note line of devices, will not only up the ante on specs, but make a radical departure in regard to Samsung’s tried-and-true build quality. Said to have a “metal chassis” like the HTC One, the devices could also have a 5-inch screen and optical image stabilization in the camera. ETNews also notes a 1600 million pixel camera, but that is probably going to be a 16MP shooter that has been lost in Google translation.

ETNews went on to mention the devices will run Android Jelly Bean, but that seems unlikely if it’s set for a March 2014 launch. An Exynos processor and flexible display are also rumored to be included, but the latter seems unlikely.

These devices are not meant to replace the Galaxy or Note lines as we know them, but add to the lineup. Samsung wants to increase their market saturation, and have devices at an increased variety of price points.

This adds an interesting wrinkle to Samsung’s attitude toward building devices. They’ve previously been very indignant regarding their plastic devices, but could be reacting to a trend in the market.

  • RarestName

    Project Flat?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Project Fail? :P

      • MCrapp

        Project F…you

        • Jake Rt

          He’s the dumb idiot who writes for Sammobile. Stupid Nokia/HTC Sony fantard.

    • George

      Project Flexible maybe?

    • Ivan Myring

      Project Fuck you apple, we did this first

      • RarestName

        Android and WP did, not 삼성.

  • cyanogenuser84

    Project “For The Win” if they choose to up the build quality. But please not at the expense of the features I love like removable battery or sd card expansion. Those are 2 major reasons I am going for my first smartphone from Sammy this time around in the Note 3.

    • T.J.

      They’re not replacing the plastic line, they’re adding these in addition to it. If they remove the ad card and make the battery non-removable, you’ll still have the plastic to go to.

      • theotheruseoneishere

        look at the samsung Wave line up. they get sd card and removable battery. it is easily doable. very solid too.

  • lil bit

    Premium materials and build does not help much for the very low end feeling of TouchWiz and all the useless s-apps. The bloat factor is already off the scale and its growing at an increasing rate. Better chap plastic than cheap crap software.

    • Bone

      Then it’s the Google Edition for you, Sweetheart.

    • Jake Rt

      Bloatware? Still prefer using TW over crappy Sense or Sony or that flop sold to MS, Nokia

  • jjordan

    Lg will beat Samsung to market with a flexible display device

    • theotheruseoneishere

      why? how? any ideas or just plain saying something?

      • EnX$$

        LG is ready with there flexible displays samsung is still working on it. so thats how you know LG will go first on the market.

        • YoungHermit
        • Mike808

          Please get your information correct, most of the current Samsung devices already have a flexible display. The ATIV Book line does, Tablets, and even current phones. The curved display is already introduced in Samsung’s new LCD TV’s available for purchase now. LG is a great company, but has take a lot of lessons from Samsung.

      • jjordan

        Lg has been slammed for copying Samsung which some of it is valid but the flexible display is where lg is going to try and separate themselves from Samsung with coming to market first with flexible display tech…I have an in with lg…its gonna be the g pro 2

    • not a spark

      I thought Samsung had all the patents

  • Stan

    Someone please explain to me how a flexible display benefits phone design, unless it’s a flip phone.

  • EnX$$

    may have means never

  • jamesinkorea

    So they’ve been charging us ridiculously high prices for non-premium plastic devices up to now?

    Samsung is horrible. Why do people support this POS company?

    • Michael

      Since you’re in Korea, you should not be hating on Samsung since this company alone produces 26% of the countries GDP. They have excellent devices and do a lot more for there customer than the fruit company or other out there.

  • When Samsung releases flexible displays, they will have so many design options….can’t wait for see some of them!

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    This would be alongside the s5? I doubt this a bit

  • Kal

    Buuuhhhh Samsung ,,, Sony is right behind you, are you afraid or…..