Samsung to pay $2.3 million for lying to the US government

by: William Neilson JrAugust 20, 2014

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According to the Washington Post, Samsung has agreed to pay the US government $2.3 million to settle charges that it intentionally lied to federal agencies about where a number of its products were manufactured.

Federal agencies are required to purchase products made in the United States or with countries that the US has a trade agreement with. Yet, when federal agencies bought products from Samsung, they were under the belief that specific products were manufactured in South Korea or Mexico, which are covered by trade agreements. Unfortunately, the Samsung products were actually manufactured in China which does not have a full trade agreement with the US.

According to the Justice Department, Samsung intentionally lied about where the products were made. In fact, this was only brought to life after a whistleblower, Robert Simmons, brought forth the specifics of the subject to the Justice Department.

The Department of Justice has stated that the settlement is not an admission of liability by Samsung who is not commenting on the settlement.

(Correction: The Department of Justice stated that there was no admission of liability, not Samsung as previously reported)


  • John Conatser

    So whats the government going to pay everyone else?

    • Luka Mlinar

      Haha i was about the ask the same thing. I think every person in America should get 100$ just for the NSA thing, and they’re still doing it :D

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Do I read here the Cult of Mac or Appleinsider ?
    AAuthority:”Samsung naturally claimed that the settlement is not an admission of liability by Samsung”

    From provided link: “The settlement is not an admission of liability by Samsung, the department’s statement said” (Justice Department)

    • Good point. I misread that part. I will change it now.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        You must change the ” lying” part in the headline and article, too. Because it’s obvious, you don’t know what exactly is the case.

        • Direct from the DOJ:

          “The United States alleges that Samsung represented to the resellers, who in turn represented to federal agencies, that the specified products were made in TAA designated countries, generally Korea or Mexico, when the specified products were in fact manufactured in China, which is not a TAA designated country.”

          So, lying does not seem off whatsoever.

          • The-Sailor-Man

            Well “The United States alleges ” but most important is the verdict. Right?

            In tis case is the settlement. Samsung ARE NOT CONVICTED.

            “The Department of Justice has stated that the settlement is not an admission of liability by Samsung”
            You know that this your article is now on ALL THE MENIAL TECH MEDIA?
            And you say you are not apple’s propaganda??? LOL

          • What is the difference between misleading and lying again?

          • The-Sailor-Man

            “Samsung lying” sounds better. Right?
            It’s your own .
            Besides I’ve said “could be mislead”(by third part). Not “samsung is misleading”!!!
            “Misleading” have not been confirmed.
            But it thoesn’t matter for you when bashing Samsung

          • Sounds better? I have no idea. They are the same thing in this case so it shouldn’t matter.

          • The-Sailor-Man

            But I’ve NEVER said that samung was found misleading.
            And they haven’t been found.
            Why should you write article that Samsung was found lying?
            How should we call what you did? Misleading?

    • vic

      Lol good one. From videos and reviews the hate shows. Thanks for providing the facts man

  • this will work

  • Dufus

    China …China?? don’t have trade agreements.. and apple products are made where again?

  • Bryant

    Just business as usual for Samsung. Nothing to see here.