Samsung Patent Smartwatch

There’s money in them hills, and Samsung knows it. This past Thursday, the U.S. Patent office published the particulars of a Samsung patent application, filed last August, that describes a round faced smartwatch. At first glance, it appears to be not unlike the Moto 360, but then it dives into a different take on mounting and touch-less gesture support.

The description of the smartwatch offers next to nothing in terms of specifications and dimensions, we’ll have to wait for the FCC filing for that. Instead, we are treated to a long list of UI functionality, physical configurations and gesture based interactions.

A bunch of the renders include expected functionality and looks, including different watch faces, weather reports and fitness tracking/mapping with built-in features that could include a heart rate monitor.

Samsung Patent Smartwatch Configurations

Not seen in Today’s batch of smartwatches is Samsung’s proposed flexibility of mounting this unit. Taking it well beyond a watch, the round main unit can be removed from a wristband and attached to a clip, necklace, keychain and even utilized as a TV remote.

Samsung Patent Smartwatch UI and Camera Capture

There is a camera built into the wristband, familiar to the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but mounted slightly lower on the band. The idea is to optimize the viewing experience for the user – plainly put, they want to ensure that the camera is looking where you are when the watch face is pointed straight at you. Let’s avoid the funky ‘twisted wrist to get the right shot’ problem some have expressed of earlier devices. In addition, images from the camera can be run through image/object recognition, barcode scanning and even text OCR with translations.

Samsung Patent Smartwatch Gesture

Finally, the built-in camera offers a new set of touch-less gestures to control the device. The patent goes on to explain many examples of finger and hand position detection and certain movement recognition. The interesting thing here is that with the camera mounted so low along the back side of the band, you perform the gestures below your watch attached arm, eliminating the need to obscure your own view of the display.

It is still early on, and this is only a patent application, but it is interesting to see where Samsung may be headed with their tech. Based off of what you see here, do you think Samsung will impress with their next generation of smartwatches?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • Jaime

    Interesting. More competition, better products for us.

    • mohd sultan

      the higher prices

      • MasterMuffin

        More competition means lower prices

        • mohd sultan


          • MasterMuffin

            One of the basic things in capitalism. More competition → better products, more variety and lower prices.

          • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

            If the G3 really us around $600 they’ll be undercutting the M8, S5 and Z2 big time. Which is is great for us

          • Gator352

            Spot on bloody ol’ chap! :)

          • Andrew T Roach

            Read Marx. Capitalism implodes at the end.

          • MasterMuffin

            I really don’t want to start talking about politics here :) Let’s just say that communism isn’t a good option either, a mix seems to be the best

          • Bryan Z

            ‘Merica! hates comunism lol I just felt like saying that for some reason haha!

          • MasterMuffin


          • Flip Jumpman

            Yes really. You got it backwards.

          • Woe, Is [S]unjΔy

            Lol, you need a course in Economics.

      • simpleas

        Lower prices. Also because Samsung actually manufacture components. Will make things cheaper for everyone.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Yet another attempt by Samsung to claim the title as “first” with a half baked idea that in the end falls short of the people they took the idea from in the first place. They have so much potential to make a really great product, but they seemed more consumed to be “first” than making a quality product.

    • Terrence Thompkins

      I guess you somehow were able to get your hands on the finished product to come to that conclusion

      • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

        Just looked at their half baked fingerprint sensor, inaccurate heart monitor on the S5. Plus their fitness band, with the “first screen”, fails at being a fitness tracker as it is highly inaccurate and step counting and heart monitoring. Plus it tries to be a smartwatch by showing notifications, which doesn’t work on the something with such a small screen. They seem more interested in being first than making a quality product the first time around.

        • Terrence Thompkins

          If you personally experience these devices then I understand where you are coming from. However those devices have nothing to do with this patent or even the article for that matter.

          • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

            Yes they do, it was Samsung get trying to organize be first, with an idea they took from another company. Heart rate monitor was theirs but they rushed it and it came out crap. Fingerprint sensor wasn’t really thought out, and poorly executed. And for the Gear Fit, the screen has good quality, but it tried to hard to be a smartwatch and fitness tracker at the same time. Many reviews have said that tracking is inaccurate for steps and heart monitoring. All these show how Samsung tries to be like their competition, and how they claim to be “first” at it. When in the end Samsung is more consumed by crossing the finish line first instead of making a great product in the first place. And that’s a shame because they do make quality products, just in their second or third iteration of something they claimed to be first at.

          • Martin Jastram

            ever heard of legacy…?

      • Martin Jastram

        he´s totally right. and you know it.

  • Shark Bait

    Lol at Samsung for it fantastic original design !!

    Only trolling of course, pulling the face off for a little circular module sounds real interesting actually. That would defiantly open up more functions to the device.

    • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

      I like this round model since leaks from Motorola started flowing out. I think my SW2 had a pretty great design. It didn’t have the camera and mic like Samsung, but it was lightweight, great design and build, and became so much more customizable with the newest update.

    • simpleas

      filed last August…… 2013… either way, i agree round looks nice. but i prefer the functionality of a square screen.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    If we stop buying Samsung devices they will stop copying someone else idea and call it innovation!

    • Sojibby

      I doubt you are buying Samsung products now so probably not. You need to learn what copying means in the context of industrial design though. The watch has been round for hundreds of years. So a round watch ‘idea’ has been ‘copied’ by everyone who makes round watches today. It’s just trolling.

      • Martin Jastram

        now that´s not much smarter, than what he said.

  • The Doom Master

    Apple : Lets Sue them for the Circle Shape.. :)

    • takpro

      Yep, Steve Jobs invented the wheel and reinvented it several times before calling it a “Home Button”.

      • Martin Jastram


  • Tjaldid

    They should make one with Leap motion built in

  • Anonymous

    As much as I like to hate Samsung I have to admit that I like the concept. Of course it’s not original at any point but there are some details (like reading a barcode) that aren’t necessarily important but really do please me…

  • The Wasp

    wow fancy that Samsung is ripping off another product i wouldn’t have believed it.not.

    • Flip Jumpman

      Get over it.

      • The Wasp

        suck my big hairy

        • Owen Lednor

          Is it weird that I found it funny that Google could not find ??? ;)

          • Martin Jastram

            you´re totally ok, i can assure you!


          • I think women can’t find his either ;)

        • Flip Jumpman

          Why would you ask another man you do that to you… No thanks!
          You also admit to having a unhygienic little pecker too.

    • This patent application was filed last August, that’s roughly six months before Moto 360 was announced. It may not be fair to claim Samsung is copying. What do you think of the round-faced smartwatch design?

    • Jaime

      This past Thursday, the U.S. Patent office published the particulars of a Samsung patent application, FILED LAST AUGUST.
      did you even read the article?

    • aladdin

      round-faced watches are original???

  • I guess I’m the only one who actually *likes* this watch…

    • Martin Jastram

      nobody says anything against that watch.
      we´re only making fun of samsung.
      and even if they didn´t do anything wrong, when in doubt, they deserve it anyways ;-)

      • jake

        deserve what? making fun of them will not make them less successful

  • Fer

    A lag watch?

    • Martin Jastram


  • _X_

    haha to all the people complaining Samsung copied Motorola…
    Just because Motorola was first with a round “watch” does not make them the inovators.
    Samsung could have worked on this for a long time, plus Google made it clear that Android wear works on round screens…thus more and more companies will make round watches…not because they want to copy motorola, but because Android allows them to.
    Plus…every Android fan said that there is no problem in copying, just as long as you improve on the original idea! Hense if I look at the patents, Samsung took the 360 and made it better!

    • Without a doubt, this patent application was filed well before Moto 360 was announced, so it would be unfair to claim that Samsung is copying Motorola on this device. But the similarities are certainly there.

      • Martin Jastram

        so if everybody knows, that motorola is building a round watch and smasung files their aplication, before that watch is actually released to the market, they still don´t copy, because technically there is nothing to copy..`?
        i strongly doubt that point of view.

        • jake

          wow how many shapes for watches can you really make? so they have a round watch and this hasnt been done before? like he said, they filed it in August last year, get over it

          • Paul

            Agreed! No one complained about the Gear shape coming out after the Pebble?!?

        • This patent dates August 2013. Have you read anything about the motorola360 around that time?

    • Martin Jastram

      youre right:
      great artists steal and improve. (nobody could do that better, than steve jobs himself – the guy, who´s company sued pretty much everybody over anything – including round corners).

      but samsung doesn´t make things better. they just multiply them and cram them all together in one device ( look at all those google apps, they needlessly copied).

      and as a sided note:
      manufacturers file their patent, as soon, as possible, which means, that samsung started thinking about that watch in august and very probably not much earlier.
      at that time it was long rumored, that motorola was already building one and google still hadn´t talked much about wear.

      • Please show me a link showing the rumors of a moto360 around that time, because I haven’t heard anything about it since February this year. Also the statement that Samsung doesnt make things better is your opinion, but hardly a fact.

  • Adude

    Rip off

    • Jaime

      Of who? Of what? This patent was filled 6 months before the Moto360 was announced.
      Please get yourself informed before posting things, otherwise you look like a fool.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    If they put all that stuff in it would be awesome!

  • Martin Jastram

    i´m sorry guys – troll ahead (can´t help it):

    this is all so either uninspired or dumb.
    a camera on a smartwatch is in my eyes a very questsionable device.
    aiming with it over your hand will result in a lot fo pictures of the back of said hand.
    if they happen to show anything else, you never know what, because you can´t really see, whats on the display, while you´re shooting.
    a camera is eating up big parts of the battery.
    there may be a point in time, where it doesn´t really matter, if you have a camera on your smartwatch.
    for now, i would be happy with an unobtrusive device, that perormes basic functions well, instead of doing it all, as samsung seems to strive for.
    please! not another heart rate monitor!

    the only thing they got right in my eyes, is going for the round design.
    if done well, this may be the future of the smartwatch after all.

  • Sophia Patel

    Samsung is fantastic