Samsung at the Oscars – two commercials and a new Twitter record [video]

by: Jonathan FeistMarch 3, 2014

The night is finally over, and Samsung has scored three major award night achievements, thus dominating the Oscars in their own way.

Samsung at the oscars started with a 30 second teaser for the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was announced this past week at MWC and will hit the market in April. The commercial includes glamour shot after shiny glamour shot of the highly anticipated device. We took the Galaxy S5 for a little test spin at MWC, check out our thoughts here.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera and heart rate sensor

Runner up is Ellen Degeneres using a Note 3 to break some Twitter records by live posting a selfie whilst standing amongst other celebrities. The numbers are still rolling, but the photo has already beaten out Obama for top spot in the re-tweet category. Too bad Samsung didn’t give her a new Galaxy S5, the photo could have been so much better with their new ISOCELL 16MP camera.

Ellen celebrity selfie at Oscars 2014

Finally, an honorable mention goes to a 90 second long Samsung commercial highlighting a slew of their products. “You gotta see this!” The commercial does surprisingly well at capturing the innocence of people experiencing modern (Samsung) technology for the first time, and a little memory-making too. Check it out for yourself.

What was your favorite technology commercial from the Oscars – one of these Samsung offerings, or maybe Google’s storytelling commercial with Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, inspiring young videographers to follow their dreams?

  • Rick jaan

    its front cam what you aspect ……

  • Mike Bastable

    Ellen used her iPhone backstage: make up your mind woman!!!!!

    • Dynamite

      She was payed to use the note onstage, why she would bother to use such brick backstage ? This always happen, samsung pays to cellebrity and then he/she will tweet how great the samsung is… from their iPhone.

      • Mike Bastable


      • Groud Frank

        That “brick” is one of the most capable, versatile and future-proof smartphone to date that is making Samsung that much richer. Keep hating “Dynamite”, let’s see how far it gets you. :)

  • asdf

    Best Samsung Commercial EVER!!!

  • madmills92

    To me this is too much, smacks of try hard and sell outs