Samsung opens a stand-alone retail store in Vancouver, a first for North America

by: Bams SadewoJuly 12, 2012

Instead of fighting it out with other brands for the most strategic in-store placement in generic retail channels, one way that a company can go to make sure that its products stand out the most is by opening an independent retail store. This is one of the avenues Samsung is exploring to improve its retail presence in North America. After months of hunting, the South Korean company has chosen Vancouver as the location for its first branded store.

Located in Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown, the store opened its doors for customers for the first time on Wednesday. A throng of Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, notebooks, digital cameras, and other consumer products are showcased beautifully inside the 140 square-meter store. There are also designated areas where customers can ask for a one-to-one demonstration.  Check out the video below for a preview of the store.

Samsung Canada president James Politeski has this to say about the store:

It’s a beautiful environment in which to experience a multitude of different Samsung products not only how they work themselves but also how they work together.

With the recently released Samsung Galaxy S3 proven to be such a monster hit amongst Canadian customers, the opening of the store in Vancouver couldn’t have been timed better.

Any Canadian folks planning to pay the Samsung store a visit? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

  • False. Last month in Mexico (Merida) they opened the first stand-alone Samsung store in North America. Sorry Canadiands and Americans

    • Ramil Langit


  • Barry Travis

    There has been a store at the Lincoln Center at Columbus Circle in Manhattan for a long time

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Samsung taking their Apple Imitation to yet another level….lol

    • Steve

      Only an idiot would say that this is copying an Apple store.

      Not because it doesn’t look similar.

      But because people think Apple created this retail look.

      Well known does not equal first to do.

      • They didn’t invent it, but Samsung did copy with these blue shirts for the workers, a phone with a tablet to instruct you on the side..
        I hate Apple, and I much prefer Android (and I just brought my first Samsung device – Galaxy Note II), but on this they did copy… or if you want them to be still kinda clean, you can say: “inspired by Apple” ;)

  • they even have people with blue shirts, i might as well go there and ask iphone questions or ask if i can buy one, and if they try redirecting me i’ll say- well this looks like an apple store so i expected apple stuff adn you might as well as sell me one of your apple ripoff products

  • Yay!!! I love Samsung! I’m gonna visit ASAP.