Samsung promises to open up its Exynos chipset some more

by: Bams SadewoOctober 22, 2012
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Many developers are shying away from working their magic on Exynos-based devices due to Samsung’s reluctance to share proper documentation and source code for its chipset. Following its promise to come up with a solution, it seems Samsung is ready to open its Exynos playground – albeit partially.

During the Big Android BBQ event yesterday, where Samsung’s Exynos division was around to hold a Q&A session, the company faced quite a grilling from the developer community. As reported by XDA-developers, here’s the outcome of the discussion.

  • Samsung has set up an Exynos Developer Board (origenboard) to support the devs community
  • The division is working with Insignal, Inc. to provide proprietary binaries that allows full system development on Exynos devices
  • Open source for the Kernel and Platform (HAL, OMX, Framework patches)
  • The source code will be made available under GPLv2 and Apache 2.0
  • Mali GPU dev support will be provided


The spree of possible good news doesn’t end there, because Samsung apparently will also provide Git server access starting next month, as well as launch a dedicated website for the origenboard.

While it’s not exactly the breakthrough that some developers were hoping for, it’s a good starting point. The community is now waiting for Samsung to turn its words into actions. Do you believe that Samsung will bring the goods?