Galaxy S4 is the fastest-selling Samsung smartphone ever: 5 million units sold in two weeks

May 15, 2013

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    Do you want to know how well Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, is currently selling? It is selling exceptionally well. It’s selling so well, in fact, that according to an unnamed Samsung executive who recently spoke with the English-language Chosunilbo of Korea, the Galaxy S4 is on track to hit the 10 million unit sales point by the end of this month. This is big news, and it makes the Galaxy S4 Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone ever.

    The Samsung exec, who remained unnamed throughout the Chosunilbo report, reportedly said that in less than five days after the official launch of the Galaxy S4 last month, they had already shipped out four million units to telecom operators all over the world. And not only that, but that at the current rate of unit shipments and sales, Samsung is set to sell 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 by the end of May, beating its own record for unit sales with previous handsets such as the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3.

    As of this time’s writing, Samsung is already well over the 6 million unit sales mark. And with new shipments that are sure to arrive later this month, it just might hit its 10 million sales target on time indeed. Samsung is also expected to launch a modified version of the Galaxy S4 at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, this time running a “pure” or stock version of Android, a la Galaxy Nexus.

    Do you think the iPhone can still fend the Galaxy S4 off in this situation? Share your thoughts below by posting a comment.


    • Abdulrahman Al-jassar

      Where are Samsung haters ??

      • No One

        Hater still hate no matter what and hater has nothing to do with sell. That is life. For me without 32GB variant, I won’t buy GS4.

      • barondebxl

        They are crying like little bitches.

    • Downtoearth2

      it seems a lot of people like the ”cheap” plastic of Samsung.

      • Trent Richards

        Phones have been made of plastic my entire 31 years of life. I don’t think there is any reason to change that now. Metal phones are a waste of money. The glass is the first to break on a smartphone and wasting money on making the casing out of metal is simply overkill.

        • vampyren

          metal or rather aluminum is garbage, it gets scratches easier than plastic, i got iphone5 and even in case the dust and stuff that get it scratch the phone, pretty crazy. So i prefer Samsung S4, also i get SD+changable battery. Some people are obsesses with aluminum.

      • new

        very down to earth!!

      • anywherehome

        better than real crap=iPhone:

        “iPhones most vulnerable among smartphones”
        “Quarter of iPhones have a broken screen, poll says.”
        “Foxconn’s iPhone 5 devices fall below agreed standards”
        “Class action lawsuit claims iPhone 4 has defective power button nearly three years after its launch.”

    • TY

      “Shipped”≠”Bought by costumers”.

      Samsung had records of claiming a huge “shipping number”, which can be quite larger than the actual sales. So the number here is actually quite pointless.


      • Jokesy

        Captain obvious, we all know that. Apple iPad 1 and 2 are still available in stores in my country.

        Except for minor cases, shipped by the manufacturer = sold by the manufacturer.

        Higher demands will lead to a higher shipment rate.

      • loonz123

        All the information they have is the shipment numbers. They’re not going to go to each store and ask them how many units were sold. In any case, when a vendor orders a shipment that’s a sale for phone manufacturer. And logic would tell you if Samsung keeps getting orders then stock of the device by vendors is running low.

        And that article you posted is really poor reporting by the Guardian. They took a claim by a rival of Samsung in the tablet department and ran with it. They offered no evidence whatsoever to back up the guy’s claim.

        • Trent Richards

          “And that article you posted is really poor reporting by the Guardian. They took a claim by a rival of Samsung in the tablet department and ran with it. They offered no evidence whatsoever to back up the guy’s claim.”

          Agreed. That article was incredibly irresponsible reporting.

    • Jason

      i’ve had s2 skyrocket, s3, and s4. when the s2 was out i would hardly see anyone purchasing them at the store, s3 maybe 1 or 2. went to best buy the other day. saw sbout 5 people leaving with s4s. i’m not saying that has to do with the numbers they’ve “shipped” but these phones seem like they are selling at a much faster rate now. that’s helping android as a whole take over.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      What is this I hear about a Galaxy Nexus?

    • oli72

      Its on.

    • Miguel Bleau

      Sammy ftw always

    • James Lee

      Great products will naturally draw customers. S4 is a great product by Samsung.

      However, do fix the battery and lowlight cam shot issues… either via updates or in S5.

      • barondebxl

        Battery life on the S4 is incredible, what are you talking about?

        • vampyren

          i think so too, much better than S3 anyway. I got i9505 so maybe i9500 is worse as i read on other sites…..anyway i love mine :D

    • Soonershooter

      I bought the 16 gb, moved from an atrix 4g (junk) to the regrets. i still have 6.8 Gb left (I dont game) after installing my 30 or so apps and its runs so smooth and fast. Use nova launcher premium + a 32gb sd card.

      • Pat

        Same here. My atrix 4g was a piece of sh*t; the fingerprint scanner, wifi n bluetooth all stopped working a year into my contract. Finally got my hands on the s4 n there is no turning back

    • pagaopi dfhsgdh

    • tademao

    • Marky

      With the 32gb now out its tempting to get for sure!

    • Marky

      By what others said, good for the whole android platform!!!

    • Jaun Lombard

      Give me an Arctic Blue S4 NOW!!!

    • darthsanzo

      5 of my friends who are super ifans just switched to android (s4), told me theyre still getting the hang of it, but still they all said… way better than the iphone5 they had… really surprised me coz these guys iStuff all the way but now have S4s as their fones…. =D

    • edcgar53

      I love samsung phones!

    • Ronnie

      The S4 is such an ugly phone with lousy sound. I love my HTC ONE!