Leaked Samsung list reveals when older devices will see Android 4.4 Kitkat

by: Andrew GrushMay 7, 2014

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If you’re rocking an older Samsung device and are ready to make the jump to KitKat, the wait can certainly seem to take forever. If you find yourself longing for more details about when your handset will finally see the update, we might just have what you are looking for.

SamMobile has gotten its hands on what appears to be an internal Samsung document that the site says they have confirmed as legit. As you can see in the chart below, at least three devices will see KitKat this month: the Note II LTE, Galaxy Note 3 Neo and the Galaxy S3 LTE. In fact, the latter of these devices has already seen an update on Sprint’s network.


The list also includes devices like the Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 Mini LTE, Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 — all of which are expected to receive updates sometime in June. Now obviously the dates on this list are subject to change, so don’t be too shocked if your device gets an update before or after these estimated dates. Also, just because your device isn’t on the list doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never see KitKat.

As for owners of the non-LTE version of the Galaxy S3? Reportedly the device has ran into troubles with “unresolved problems”, so it’s very likely going to be left out of the dark, at least for now.

  • Giovonni Fareed

    yeah well they need to add the Verizon Note 3 to that list because we still waitin smh

  • wezi427

    I’m with Verizon so I guess my Note 2 will get it sometime in September, of next year(sarcasm).

  • Mystery Man

    Do these kit kat updates involve the S5 UI? or is it like note 3 where it still looks same?

    • Mr Mop

      Chances are the UI will remain the same. My sister’s S4 has KitKat but aside from some minor interface tweaks (icons are grey instead of green, etc.) the UI was largely the same. Why Samsung doesn’t bring the UI to older devices, I am not too sure, but it’s probably to get people to buy the latest flagship phone Samsung has to offer or something like that.

    • tayz

      It’s gonna remain the same.. Just like the s3 didn’t really get that much added functionality fromm the android updates.. I mean the s3 didn’t even get the new lock screen effects from the S4 -.-

      A lot of people don’t think about it, but when HTC names their Sense versions by a version number(like sense 5, sense 6) it actually means that older devices will get a lot of the new look and fucntionality of the new Sense versions when they get the updates..

      I think this should be highlighted more so that companies such as Samsung start to mark versions of touchwiz.. Cuz right now, even though you get android updates on your sammy device, you barely get any of the new look or functionality that are introduces in flagship devices.. You’re almost stuck with what came when you bought it.. And they get away with it too, becuase media really only reports on android version numbers..

  • Bellamente

    My galaxy note 10.1 still has 4.1 on it. Ugghhh

    • Flip Jumpman

      It’s been reported to get updated to KitKat but when I don’t know?

  • M.Farjad

    Wth why samsung why?
    not updating i9300.Majority s3 owners have this model.Its unfair and stop making fool excuses by sayin it has only1gb ram that’s bullshit

    • thartist

      Released 2012, May. It’s beyond the 18 months of support… But nonetheless, for some reason i still fell like it should get KitKat.

      • M.Farjad

        So its funeral time for i9300
        The first Flagship Smartphone for samsung

        • aasdf

          the first was the s2 technically

      • Mike Reid

        IMO it should, similar to updates seen for GS2 GT-I9100.

        Circuitry is almost exactly the same as Note2 GT-N7100.

        So I think “unsolved problems” is a lie, or at least an exaggeration that means “we haven’t spent the porting time needed to solve the normal problems”.

        • Jaime

          On sammobile there is a document that says the system apps weren’t installing properly and other problems. I’m not defending Samsung and I hope they release the update (there is even a rumour that Google is pressing them to release it) I’m just stating that they might be actually some problems with the update.

      • Bjajjull

        KitKat was released 31 October 2013, so we can say it was November 2013. That is 18 months from May 2012, which means it should get KitKat if they want to follow the 18 months of support.

  • Turtle

    That’s bs! S4 mini gets an update, but not S3 mini. Come on Samsung. You’re starting to leave a bad taste.

  • Arronsammy

    I don’t think that list is complete. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets are less then year old, don’t have major updates. They have to be updated to kitkat due 18 months policy. Maybe phase 5 because Tab 4 with kitkat didn’t come to markets see here goo.gl/3YwOVQ

    • Igor Antolović

      You copy/paste me from sammobile. Nice.

  • Mj Kyut

    RIP i9300

  • Jeff

    Im over Samsung. Thats why i have a Nexus 5 now.

    • Jayfeather787

      Smart move.

    • cdlq456

      Yeah, Nexus devices get a really long support. Just look at all those Galaxy Nexus owners, they must be really happy

    • crackinthewall

      The S3 practically got the same amount of support as the Galaxy Nexus: ICS to JB 4.3. Do we really expect a manufacturer to support their phones longer than Google is willing to support their own Nexus line?

    • Jeff

      Galaxy Nexus was made by Samsung and awaits Samsung releasing the updates. Hence my original comment.

      • Jaime

        Updates for the Galaxy Nexus were released by Google. Don’t spread lies please.

  • Tsadok Salomon

    Why not the galaxy s2 in the UK it’s more than capable :-(

  • Flip Jumpman

    18 month update policy should be updated to at least 24-30 months. Most people by subsidized phones w/ 2 year plans, especially with high-end devices.

  • Roger Fabian Román

    What about the note 8.0 (n5110)

  • Tejas Jain

    I don’t really understand what Samsung is upto. First they release 50 variants of a single device across the globe. Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, S3 Micro Mini, S3 Ultra, S3 cookie, S3 bullshit, S3 crap. And when it comes to updating these devices to newer versions of android, samsung takes forever. Why can’t they release one single device throughout the globe without any modifications? In my opinion, if they had used the same qualcomm chip in the international version of S3, it would take them half the time to work on the update and would have reduced costs to. Idiot samsung.

    • crackinthewall

      The One X/S was released around the same time as the S3 and those devices never even got the 4.3 update. The One S, which uses the same chip as the American variants of the S3 is stuck on 4.1 so it’s no guarantee that it would have helped. The Note II also used a higher-clocked Exynos so it’s definitely not just a matter of SoC support given that the Note II got the Kitkat update.

  • Samsung is BULLSHIT.
    I flashed custom kitkat rom on my friend’s i9300 and its smooth fast, no bugs.
    In-fact, the 4.3 update is worst ever. Eats all the ram.

  • Ben Edwards

    By “unresolved problems” I assume that Samsung means “the device is 2 years old, let’s not support it any more and try and force people into buying a newer one”.

  • Igor Antolović

    I don’t think that list is complete. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets are less then year old, don’t have major updates. They have to be updated to kitkat due 18 months policy. Maybe phase 5 because Tab 4 with kitkat didn’t come to markets.

  • epa

    So what about s4+?!? Gt-i9506

  • ST

    This is just bullshit from Samsung, not updating the S3 i9300. I currently run a smooth custom run, so it is possible and not any problems with the KitKat software, this is all because samsung have to put their own stupid TouchWiz crapware on the phone. Besides KitKat doesn’t need as much hardware specs as previous Android versions. I am done buying Samsung phones from now on.

    • Jaime

      I totally understand your anger. But why you need Samsung to release an official update if you are already enjoying kit Kat? You don’t seem to enjoy Samsung apps or TouchWiz…

  • R.Gamal

    It is very disappointing decision
    I will not be proud of Samsung any more

  • Jorge Morales Soto

    Where is the galaxy s4 active? FU Samsung, promoting a phone being this and that and “how great it is” and then don’t support it. This phone was released in summer 2013 so it’s not even a year ago, so where’s the effing promise of supporting at least 18 months. Maybe it didn’t sell enough because it was exclusive but why the hell do you want an excuse phone if that means you don’t get everyone gets just because and handful of people have have the phone. Samsung and AT&T you both suck, that’s why I’m changing to a nexus device if it still exist or a whatever Android silver is.