Check out the video Samsung posted for the Note 8.0

by: Nate SwannerJune 5, 2013
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Samsung Note 8.0

Samsung posted a cool video to their YouTube channel this morning, showing off the new Note 8.0. In the video, our tablet toting friend wins at daily life by using his Note 8.0 for just about everything. Reading on the morning train, collaborating with friends on a project at a bar, even navigating his way through the city to spend time with a lady friend at a park.

For me, the best part is that he lives in a city where WiFi is everywhere! This guy is connected all the time! His 5MP camera also took some pretty amazing video of a butterfly, though he has to be “that guy”, taking pics and video with a tablet. Also, the battery lasts forever. He was never plugged in!

A camera that outperforms, a battery that never dies, and a stylus?! I’m on board. Also, like our video star, I’ll never put mine down. Check it out for yourself below.

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    Come on, the N8 is not THAAAAT ugly

  • Cl3v3rName

    N8 has 2 main problems: screen & price
    if those where good it’d actually sell well

  • I actually just bought myself the Note 8.0. I did get it for its portability and S Pen for note taking & handwriting.
    In Malaysia (and generally in Asia), we have the HSPA+WiFi version. So yes, the guy CAN be connected at all times. I don’t take pictures with the tablet or use it as a giant phone, but the HSPA keeps me connected. Also, his battery didn’t last all day, he was going through weekday (work) and weekend (groceries, dating).
    It’s not the most compelling product video, but I think it showcases the key features well.

  • Bill

    Will you be able to make calls on the Verizon version if there is one?

  • K

    Did you guy notice that the wi-fi fuction of the Galaxy Note 8.0 never turns on in the video, and it is using HSPA+. This is obviously the 3G/4G+Wi-fi version, not the US wi-fi version. So Nate, please check the video once more time and don’t just sum up somethings without thinking or looking with your eyes.