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The Next Big Thing is here! The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was officially announced yesterday, and it’s one impressive looking device.

At first glance, it might just seem like a minor update to the Note 2, but there are tons of improvements and changes here. Not only does the Note 3 ditch Samsung’s traditional glossy plastic in favor of faux leather, but we also have the latest Snapdragon 800 processor and a massive 3GB of RAM onboard! There’s also a totally re-designed S-Pen and tons of new software features.

In order to help you wrap your head around all the new improvements found with the Note 3, Samsung has now introduced a 6 1/2-minute video that takes us through everything from the new design to all the unique software features like Air Command.

Now that you’ve watched Sammy’s new video, are you finding yourself itching for more Galaxy Note 3 news and vids? Don’t worry! From hands-on coverage, to device comparisons and spec/feature lists – we have you covered.

Stay tuned to Android Authority for even more IFA 2013 coverage!


Andrew Grush
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  • mumusen

    I have to agree, this device is a freakin BEAST.

  • Jaun Lombard

    Samsung really is just teasing me now…I can only get a phone on my contract next year this time…but I want the Note 3 NOW!!

    I though the Note would have been a disappointment, but Samsung actually won themselves back some customers which they lost with the S4!

  • K.

    I will probably go with the Z1 because the Note 3 is a bit too big for me but this phone has some nice specs and features. And it is nice to see that finally someone is using a USB 3.0 port instead of the old USB 2.0. Beyond the file transfer that is faster, the phone will also charge faster (900mA instead of 500mA).

  • Valtheus

    To me Note 3 seems like a useful tool. Its for people that have actual use of their smartphone and not just for showing it off. A very nice device from Samsung. Kudos!

  • Quryous


    WHERE IS THE WIRELESS CHARGING? Did somebody forget something?

    And, they took out the FM Radio?

    I REALLY don’t like that lump for the camera housing or that phony seam rim on the edges of the back cover. UGLY! UGLY! That housing actually makes the whole thing thicker than it should be. The effect is that they make the whole back just plain UGLY! And FAKE LEATHER? Com’on guys. How tacky. Probably has fake stitching, too.

    Thank goodness it will be covered by a nice case. With real leather and real stitching.

    Now, that so called “Smart” watch is just plain DUMB. At 1/6 the price I wouldn’t want it, as I consider that there are others that actually look NICE, have more functionally, and actually cost about 1/2 as much. Not a chance, Samsung, it is as if you actually WANTED that pig to fail.

    Where is the Note 12? That is what I was REALLY hoping for. With wireless charging, of course!

    • Asylum

      Lol. Your 1 out of 10 million who don’t like it. I don’t think Samsung cares. Lol

    • mobilemann

      spare us your faux outrage. If you don’t like it, buy a Z1, or iPhone, or whatever floats your boat.

      • Quryous

        What’s faux about it?


        • mobilemann

          it packs a ton of tech, and you’re complaining completely subjective topics; about wireless charging, as if someone can’t sort a 3rd party battery cover that does that; if you are that desperate for incredibly in-efficient charging, that costs you more in energy and purchase price, i’m sure someone will offer it to you. There are probably more of us that would prefer the device not cost more.

          basically, you’re opinion is not the worlds, you have all the choice in the world and you’ll whine at anything.

          You should have to be 21+ to post in any forum online.

          • Rhino”

            so nobodys allowed in here to express an opinion excpet samsung fanboyz?


          • olbp

            You really need to get back on your meds, madam.

            He is just as entitled to express his opinion as you, and possibly more so, judging from the tenor of your response.

          • mobilemann

            it’s cool, i know you must have reading problems if you think i’m the one off my meds after reading quryous’s original posting. He took a shit on it, so i flamed him. One day you’ll get over that, kid.

  • hasan

    good posts.Thanks

  • Seemon M A Rahman

    How much data space does the Samsung software & Android Software takes?