Although we’re only two short weeks away from Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s supposed unveiling in Berlin, there are still a lot of things to be untold about the “phablet”. We’ve heard quite a lot about the gadget’s spec sheet, so we’re guessing not much can surprise us at this point, but in terms of design we basically know nothing.

There have been a couple of mockups circulating around the web, but none of those looked even remotely trustworthy for Note 2’s commercial design. There have also been different speculations, some saying that it could very much resemble the first-edition Note while others expected a GS3-similar exterior, but nobody managed to produce the smallest shred of evidence to support their claims.

Now GSMArena has come forward with an “alleged photo” of the upcoming beast, which the online publication says it obtained courtesy of an anonymous tipster. While usually we would trust the website’s claims, this particular pic looks no more legit than earlier mockups, which makes us almost certain that it is in fact… another mockup.

The “photo” just shows off a massive Galaxy S3, with a slightly darker shade of white, but with the same rounded edges and “curves”. While this particular design is surely not out of the question for the Note 2, there’s simply something that doesn’t look and feel right.

Early mockup by UbuntuLife

We won’t be betting our life that this is a legit photo of the real Galaxy Note 2, but we would surely like to know what you guys think about this design. Would you be bothered if Samsung will make the new Note very similar to the hugely successful Galaxy S3? Is the rounded look really the future for Android?

Before wrapping up this post, we have to quickly mention a couple of other things that this supposed tipster brought to GSMArena’s attention. According to the mystery guy, the phablet’s Super AMOLED screen will measure 5.5-inches in diagonal, feature a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and use a regular RGB matrix (unlike the Galaxy S3, which uses PenTile).

The Note 2 won’t be running Jelly Bean upon launch, as expected, but it might get an upgrade very soon after, according to the same source. Finally, the Galaxy S3 might be getting an official Android 4.1 port at the same August 29 press conference where the new Note will be unveiled.

I don’t know about you, but I highly doubt someone with so much inside information would spill the beans so randomly on so many fronts. But hey, anything’s possible, so we should wait and see, right?


  • Alex13809

    These mock-ups looks horrendous. The design kinda works for the S3 just because it has a narrower screen, but not for the note.

  • sdesign

    not a big fan of extreme rounded corner. it makes thing look outdated, trying to be modern but it’s not. i like original Galaxy note design.

  • Arturo Carter

    I definitely don’t want that horrendous physical home button.
    1 – No physical home button, soft buttons please.
    2 – removable battery
    3 – microSD card up 64GB or better.
    4 – A full featured suite for the S-Pen
    5 – White and Blue housing along with the standard black. Maybe a silver one also
    6 – Quality front camera
    7 – Jelly Bean
    8 – S-Pen housing like the first Note
    9 – A quality sound processor with good volume
    10 – Quality headsets, even if its third party. This first note was a multimedia monster. The packaged headsets didn’t do the original Note justice.
    11 – Be original as possible, us loyal Android and Samsung fans are sick of Apple getting easy shots on our favorite gadgets and them risking getting banned. Come on Sammy!

    • Cole Raney

      I think the physical home button is a must.

      • Fluke

        home btn isnt bad just a bit too long in this photoshop image.

  • Quryous

    1. Too rounded, too much wasted space on ends.

    2. Needs a much smaller radius.

    3. Needs a dark, metallic ruby red version with non-pentile, unbreakable screen.

    4. Needs a larger, easier to hold and use stylus.

    5. MUCH better sound.

    6. Agree that it needs at least microSD of 64GB or better, and MORE than 2GB RAM.

    7. NEEDS TWO LED flash, spaced a good distance apart, to help soften shadows.

    8. Needs automatic video-phone by simply dialing a phone that has video capability. No drag of a setup for video-phone use.

    9. CLEAN Jelly Bean. NO Crapplets.

    10. More reasonable price than the original.

    11. Stereo speakers on opposite ends of the FRONT for use in Landscape mode.

  • rlx

    I feel that the capacitive buttons and the power button should be moved to the top of the phone. This change may make it difficult to position the internet camera though, but I feel those buttons are much more important than the camera in the day to day operation of the phone.

    Two problems I have: 1) I too often press the power button by accident and loose the screen (for example when taking a picture), and 2) I often loose the current program when I take the pen and the palm of my hand barely touches the bottom right of the phone.

  • T-Mobile

    Love the design.

  • No! Wont buy any more samsung shits until i get Jelly Bean, Full HD screen, great loudspeaker and last but not least Gorilla Glass 2 + no more plastic cover! Offcourse a better quality camera, better than Samsung Galaxy S 3 with High resolution

  • iiiiii

    use on screen buttons, and make the screen a little longer, that will make the screen look bigger,
    and Samsung should stick with Galaxy S3’s design with the Galaxy S and the Galaxy note’s design with the note’s. Because I find the GS3 beautiful, just gorgeous, but the GN2 in the picture an absolute shit, just shit.

  • jkwalker

    It’s going to be perfict! I was an iPhone dummy for a long time till I switch to Android. Android is constantly being upgraded, getting better and better all the time! And on the same phone! And yes the Note 2 is the phone of phones. I recently got the Galaxy S3 I love it, it’s incredible! So much so I know the Note 2 will be that and more so I can’t wait for the Note 2. The camera in the S3 is beyond incredible! Can’t wait, going through withdrawals waiting for the Note 2! :)

  • MasterMuffin

    Note 2 can’t have thah much stuff around the screen, it should be all about the screen, few buttons and camera

  • anon

    Dunno what I would want or anyone would want will make any difference at this point.
    Though as for my opinion I find that image acceptable. With all the butthurt whining and pissing about a physical home button I have found it neither annoying or a end all be all have to have thing on my S3. All the camera and sensor gunge is part of life, if you do not have those those features will not be on the phone. I would rather have them than not. Looks department would probably be nicer if those 2 sensors instead of 2 spheres stuck together they just made them a capsule shape. Image is a digital manip in the end.

    For those whiners about the plastic cover, either that or a heavier material that will make the device thicker. The plastic cover is the only way to do a slim device with a replaceable battery. Think a bit before you piss whine and complain.

  • Perfect phablet: 16:9 HD aspect measuring 4″x7″ (8 1/8 diagonal) fits nicely in shirt pocket. Talk via blue tooth and voice dialing that actually work.
    Top and Bottom speakers for horizontal watching stereo sound.
    Run excel and word native.