Samsung Nexus 3 doesn’t exist after all, a lot of questions remain unanswered

by: AdrianOctober 29, 2012

The Nexus program is definitely the number one topic of discussion in today’s Android world, and, with Google’s special event cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, we’re still left commenting the endless string of rumors, speculations and leaks that came our way lately.

One of the most bizarre rumors in a while was started by a Google Switzerland employee less than 24 hours ago and spread like wildfire around the web. John Mueller uploaded a couple of unsuspecting photos to Picasa that, after a closer look, seemed to hide a dark secret.

The pics were snapped by a mysterious Samsung Nexus 3, according to EXIF info, which got us thinking. Could Samsung’s close relationship with Google give birth to another Nexus device besides the just about confirmed 10-inch tablet?

But if that was the case, what in the heck was with that Nexus 3 name? It all seemed too X-files-like to be trusted, and now we know why – it wasn’t true.

Or at least that’s what John Mueller himself claims. The author of the photos got to Google Plus and shattered speculations with a short, but clear message: “Just to be clear, the EXIF data here is modified. Sorry for the confusion.”

End of story, right? Well, not exactly, because even more questions seem to arise after this “clarification”. First of all, what was or is Mueller trying to hide? We’re not saying the EXIF data wasn’t or can’t be tampered with, but why would anyone do that? What could be the real device that snapped the photos?

Secondly, if he in fact wanted to hide something, why not cover your tracks smarter? Why invent a bogus name when you can easily use one that can’t give birth to any speculations? Unless the EXIF data wasn’t after all modified, which brings us to the next question.

Has Google forced the company employee to deny the whole thing in order to keep future plans secret? Well, that is definitely one thing that only time can tell. For the moment, we should probably keep an even closer eye on what will the Nexus program actually bring in the next days or so and then maybe we can figure out how a “Nexus 3” could fit in there.

What do you guys think? Could our “conspiracy theories” have any truth behind them? Or have we just seen too many sci-fi movies? Last, but not least, what the fudge will the Samsung Nexus 3 be if it’ll be?

  • Elias Lugo

    Red herring ? Trolling ? Glass ?

  • what about an ipod touch competitor? if this nexus 3 is the real deal, that is the only thing i could see. basically the nexus 4 without cell radios and a super slim body would be pretty appealing to some.

  • splattt

    That seems like a 3 MP photo. Which would be rather less for a rear facing camera. Sounds more like a phablet device???

  • Diegos Fontana

    I’m pretty shure a Nexus 3 is one of their prototype devices. If you know Google you know they experiment alot with different Manufacturers, and why not experiment with Samsung at this point, seeing that they are involved with the Nexus 10 again and they don’t limit themselves to 1 phone as of this year.

    Could be it never reaches “release” status as “Nexus 3”, but i fully expect Samsung and other Manufacturers to take the opportunity to produce pure Android devices under the new licence.

  • Twisted247

    He probably altered it intentionally to start a storm of rumors right before the event knowing it was going to be cancelled. Why would Google release a Nexus 4 then WAIT to release a Nexus 3…think about it.. At the LEAST it wouldn’t bare that name..