Sources: Samsung will launch multiple Gear devices at MWC, and one of them could run Tizen

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 19, 2014

samsung galaxy gear aa 5

New reports based on insider information suggest Samsung will show off more than one new version of the Gear next week at MWC, and at least one of them could run Tizen, not Android.

The reports come from The Verge and USA Today and both cite anonymous people with knowledge of the matter. According to The Verge, “multiple Gear wearables” are coming next week from Samsung. The usage of the term wearables instead of smartwatches leaves open the possibility that the Korean giant will introduce an entire new range of wearable devices at MWC, though that’s just speculation for now.

USA Today reports that the new Gear (no mention of multiple versions) will run Tizen, the Linux-based operating system that Samsung is developing together with Intel and many of the world’s largest carriers, including Japan’s SoftBank and its US subsidiary Sprint.

Samsung has confirmed through one of its top executives that it’s planning to release a second generation of the Gear smartwatch alongside the flagship Galaxy S5, after the original device was received with predominantly negative reviews and unclear sales popularity. But this is the first time we hear of a Tizen version of the device. Samsung has scheduled a Tizen event on Sunday evening where the first commercial devices running the new OS will be introduced. Much like Android, Tizen can power a wide range of devices, from wearables, to smartphones, to smart TVs. Many have questioned its chances of success, especially since Samsung has presumably become more closed to Google following a massive cross-licensing patent deal signed last month.

Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S5 and the successor(s) to the Gear 2 on Monday evening at its Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona. Stay tuned for more.

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Hmm I’m loving my gear, let’s see what they got.

    • Jack Swag

      Yep, I enjoy mine too! I am sure the next generation will be much better. I just hope that Samsung learns how to offer their products for a fair price. Maybe offer some type of discounts for repeat customers!

  • Maxim∑

    Maybe a samsung only variant and a general one

  • Kassim

    Will Samsung ever have a product line that doesn’t stretch from here to the Moon? It actually seems to be getting worse by the week!

    I mean, you’d hope that at some point, they’ll finally figure out which are their best/most profitable products and get rid of the other 90% of variations…

    • Anon

      They only keep the models that make SOME profit. Say each cheap device is adding 0.1% to the overall profit. With thousands of variants, the .1%s add up. They would obviously scrap the variants that are losing money.

  • Anon

    Second last line:

    “Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S5 and the successor(s) to the Gear 2”

    Successor to the Gear 2???

  • IronLiver

    Pebble has greater feature and stylish than this gear thing.

  • xd feng

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  • cee

    Hit and hope design. Samsung copy everyones existing and rumoured products, and hope they get one right.