Samsung Multimedia Desktop Dock costs a mere $16 USD on Amazon, compatible with the Galaxy S4

by: Brad WardMay 5, 2013


Samsung retails a universal dock for Galaxy phones on its own website for $49.99. It’s quite pricey, but it is of the utmost quality. If you’re not interested in spending that much money, a variation of the dock, the Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Desktop Charging Dock, sells on Amazon through a vendor for a mere $16 USD.

The $49.99 dock from Samsung’s own website supports a wide variety of Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S4, S3, Note and Note 2. With the cheaper dock being a variation of it, we’d expect it to support the same devices. In fact, one person who reviewed the dock on Amazon says the Galaxy S4 and S3 work with it “amazingly.”

According to the technical details on the Amazon listing, this dock will work with or without a Flip Cover or Protective Case attached to your device, but a second person reviewing the device said it did not work with a Galaxy Note 2 with a 1.5mm case on top.

Being a cheap dock, you’re not going to find all of the bells and whistles like you would on others. There are no HDMI or USB ports to be found like on the Galaxy Note 2’s Smart Docking Station. You get the bare essentials on this one: charging and a 3.5mm jack for audio output.

It doesn’t seem like this particular dock comes with a microUSB cord either, so you’ll have to provide your own. Regardless, it’s really does not seem like a bad docking solution. As we mentioned earlier, it’ll cost you $16, but you’ll also get free shipping with it.

Does a cheap dock like this Multimedia Charging Dock interest you at all? Would you rather purchase one for your Galaxy device from somewhere more official like Samsung’s own website? Sound off in the comments!

  • Fred


    • Antdog

      First one to buy this dock? I don’t think so.

  • After spending $40 on Samsung’s official Protective Flip Cover for the Note 2 and discovering that it didn’t even include cut-outs for the volume rocker and notification LED, I’m of the opinion that you’re taking a gamble even when it’s an OEM accessory. But $16 is cheap enough and micro-USB common enough that you could probably find something to use with it even if your encased phone doesn’t fit, or maybe re-gift it to someone who can get some use out of it.

    • Sorry to say Allan but that is all your fault.. you should have a look at a product prior to actually purchasing it. I also have a Note 2, and i didn’t spend 2 min looking at that flip cover because i saw that flaw very quick, and went for the Protective Cover + in stead, which, i admit, is not the most beautiful cover in the world, but the cut-outs are perfect, and the volume and power buttons are in their turn, completely covered by the sillicone edge of the cover. The quality of the cover is very good, no complaints what so ever after 3 months of use. (that is if you can live with the design factor of the cover.. which again.. is a matter of taste). I don’t like the design of the cover, but it does protect my phone perfectly. Also i would recommend a Momax clear screen protector film, which again, does the job very very good in my case. All the best !

    • The big flaw of that cover is taking photos. You can’t just snap photos with the rear camera unless you hold apart the flip-cover. The flip-cover is fail IMHO.

      • harrold

        The New S-View Cover probably solves that problem

        • Guest

          No it actually does NOT solve this problem. Unless you want really crappy pictures.

        • No it actually does not…. Unless you want crappy pictures taken with your phone!

  • Gibscreen

    How is this a “multi” media dock when it can only do audio. That’s 1 medium.

  • Motorola has been making their own accessories, including Webtop docking and a keyboard with slide out touch pad. They also have a mouse for the full experience. I hope Google keeps the Moto line of accessories going, because it really creates a variety of end-user options.