Samsung adds multi-display patent to its trove, shows off concept

by: Bams SadewoJune 19, 2012

Patent Bolt

If the current crop of smartphone has failed to get your tech juices flowing, you will want to see what Samsung might have in store soon. The company has updated is previous display patent from 2011, which makes that multi-display device inching ever closer to reality.

Answering the need that many have for a bigger screens on mobile devices, while keeping size as compact as possible, Samsung believes that a multi-display solution is what the tech masses crave and desire. We just don’t know it yet.

The patent, as described by Patent Bolt, is for a portable communication device which has two display units that can rotate stepwise, thanks to the use of a multi-axis hinge. Samsung’s patent covers foldable smartphones, Portable Multimedia Players, MP3 players, digital broadcasting players, and other devices. For services, Samsung has listed television watching, on-line game service, on-demand video, voice communication, short message service, and mobile banking.

Patent Bolt

The foldable-nature of the device also removes the need for a docking station or a kickstand. The hinge will be strong enough for users to partially unfold the device and place it on the desk to use.

Future foldable devices from Samsung migth use the Youm flexible display. Check out the video below to see how Samsung might solve the problem of the gap that currently exists between the displays of dual-screen devices. Video courtesy of Reg Hardware.

We already have some rather unappealing dual display gizmos in the market. There’s the clamshell design of the Sony Tablet P and its two foldable displays, and then there’s the poorly received LG Doubleplay with its two screens. Granted, they are not completely similar to what Samsung will be offering. Furthermore, if there’s anything that Samsung is good at is introducing a seemingly niche product and turn it into a mainstream success – case in point, the Galaxy Note.

It’s still too early to say whether the multi-display patent will step outside of the patents office and into the real world. What do you think of the multi-display solution that future Samsung device might be sporting?

  • I’m loving Samsung rite now, pushing the barrier with cool innovative products. I don’t think I personally would like such a device, but then again who knows maybe it would be really cool!

  • Throw something like that in the middle of a galaxy note and make it as close to edge to edge as you can and i’d buy. Or a phone with a 5in screen that folds out into a 8-10in tablet would be sweet as hell. Or even a tablet that folds in half to improve portability would be interesting to see a 9×12 tablet that folds into a 4.5×6 while your traveling to prevent damage or with a miniature screen to allow for notifications to be displayed. The options are endless.

  • damn

    sony P tablet :/

  • Jacob

    i use iphones and thats it but if this comes out with a tablet that folds into a phone im getting it.