Samsung might release black version of S3

by: Bams SadewoAugust 9, 2012

A pictures series of the Galaxy S3 was recently posted on Samsung’s Facebook page. While they were uploaded to show off the phone’s features and how they can enhance the Olympics experience, we’re more interested in the color of the device(s) shown. It appears there’s a black variant Galaxy S3 out there that Samsung has forgotten to share with the rest of the world. Is the company readying a new black variant of the world’s top-selling smartphone?

We can’t be too sure if it’s really a black Galaxy S3 or if it’s just the lighting affecting the phone’s color. For all we know, it could simply be the Pebble Blue model. On the other hand, perhaps Samsung is trying to drum up some interest first before making it official.

Releasing phones in different colors is one way to keep sales momentum going after the initial hype and excitement die down.  We’ve seen AT&T getting a Garnet Red Galaxy S3 model, so it’s still within the realm of possibility that we’ll see more color options. Besides, the two previous Galaxy S series phones also came in black. Samsung may want to keep the tradition alive.

What do you think? Is it a black or pebble blue Galaxy S3? Would you get the black model if it’s available? How about a pink version of Galaxy S3 a la the Galaxy Note? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Daniel

    The home button looks blue, but i hope there is a black S2 ! it looks so good

    • Daniel

      I mean s3 * ><

      • jaffere

        I think samsung today geat the beast
        but ipple the bigist

  • nah that’s what the blue one looks like in the shade..or indoors when there isn’t any sun. They should’ve released it in black however.. it’s a no-brainer

    • intrimazz

      I agree with the first part but tbh I rather like that it wasn’t black right out of the gate – pebble blue is a very nice color and a good change from the proliferation of standard black plus, I do like that there are red, white & blue versions (USA flag comes to mind). There are so many interchangeable back covers and cases that the small footprint of color in the front really doesn’t matter that much only to say that darker faceplates make for a more vivid and appealing video screen.

      • I think more people would’ve bought f it also cable in black.. the screen would been blend in nicely with those perfect blacks that samoled gives.

  • phathom

    It’s the Blue one, seriously?

  • Faiz

    Wow it looks even more amazing in black.

  • If Galaxy Note pink one was well received, Samsung should go for pink Galaxy S3 also.

  • Dave

    US Cellular customer here – I want the S3 but only if I can get it in black. Waiting to see and if it does I’m buying!

  • RALS

    I would love the galaxy s3 in black and i am waiting for the one…………

  • Mike

    I recently purchased the Sprint GS3 in the Twin Cities, USA [July] and while checking my receipt it was listed as Pebble Blue! It most certainly is Black, in any kind of lighting! I haven’t called the store yet for an answer [ I thought I’d visit here first ], but my guess is that this is so new, the store hadn’t changed the codes in the computer. It doesn’t really matter as long as it looks Black to me!

  • Megan

    I am patiently waiting for T-Mobile to sell this phone in black!