Samsung Link replaces AllShare Play brings new interface and features

by: Bogdan BeleMay 24, 2013

samsung link

Samsung Link is the new name of AllShare Play and, apart from the new name, the app also brings a new interface and some new features.

If you’re looking to share and play content across your new Samsung Galaxy S4 and all your other Samsung devices, Samsung Link is certainly useful. You can, for example, watch content from your phone on the Smart TV, manage files on your PC from your phone, listen to music stored on your home PC virtually anywhere and many other things.

You can even upload images taken with your smartphone automatically to your home PC (but you can do that with Google+, too), as well as access content from services like Dropbox or SugarSync. You can also access content online, through the service’s website.

The Samsung press announcement also mentions that you needn’t worry about content you were storing on AllShare Play, or devices you were using with it, for that matter, as you can still use them in Samsung Link (you’ll need your Samsung account, of course). The company even provides a short video presentation of Samsung Link, which you can watch below.

Not just the name has been changed. You’ll notice that the service now has a new interface (which is “brighter” than the old one, says the company), and it also comes with some handy new features, like the possibility to search for content on all devices registered on your account. It also makes browsing images and using them with third-party apps much easier.

Have you tried Samsung Link? How do you find it, compared to the old AllShare Play?

  • The service has potential, but needs to be offered as a standalone app so the user can share between all their devices, Samsung or not…

  • Jim Williams

    Everyone assumes that ALL Samsung TVs can use Samsung Link but this is not true. Not all Samsung TVs are Smart TVs. Some Smart TVs do not have the App Samsung Link. They do have the OLD All Share, which is not compatible with Samsung Link. They will not communicate…so with this upgrade people with Samsung TV That are C-class and below (2010-11) cannot upgrade to Samsung Link..and you cannot downgrade back to All share for Galaxy Tab2 10.1 and any PC that uses Samsung Link