LG QHD Display in hand

Mobile displays continue their path to a better future as the industry awes us with more unbelievable screens. Smartphone resolutions have reached levels that match 50-inch televisions, sometimes even surpassing them. And with both LCD and AMOLED displays available, there is room for everyone’s taste. We even have flexible screens now! What is the next step in display technology?

When considering smartphone and tablet displays, we must worry about multiple factors, more so than with TVs. Power efficiency, color accuracy, brightness and refresh rate are among the most important. Imagine if you could mix the vibrant colors AMOLED offers with the color accuracy and energy efficiency LCD displays tout?

In comes Quantum Dot, the next step (and the future) in display technology. Quantum Dot is said to drop our jaws in a world where it has become very hard to impress users. It will bring LCD displays the amazing color range only AMOLED displays have seen so far.


How is Quantum Dot different?

Quantum Dot’s semiconductor nanocrystals offer a solution to a problem LCD panels have always had. These screens are known for color accuracy, but the images don’t “pop”. This is because color reproduction in LCD displays highly depends on the quality of the color being emitted by the LCD backlight.


The main difference in Quantum Dot screens is that light is emitted on demand, and customized to serve specific areas and colors at certain times, instead of LCD lights, which are continuously on. This is how Quantum Dot displays can reach wider color ranges. Likewise, color gamut improves by 40%-50%, and energy efficiency rises by 15%-20%.

We can currently see Quantum Dot displays in very few Android devices, including the Amazon Kindle HDX and other Sony Xperia devices. Now that we have perfected other screen technologies, it’s time to get Quantum Dot out there.

These displays are said to be the best in the market, so long as they are properly calibrated. If they are not, the blue colors could be less saturated than expected.

When will we see Quantum Dot displays coming to mobile devices?

New reports state Samsung and LG, two of the biggest leaders in smartphone/tablet display technology, will pioneer the Quantum Dot movement. The Korean giants are said to start mass producing mobile Quantum Dot LCD screens during the second half of this year, with the first devices sporting these panels as soon as 2015.

Can Quantum Dot finally take AMOLED’s crown? It seems so. The industry knows it, manufacturers know it and you know it. Much like megapixels in a camera sensor, screen definitions mean nothing without good quality panels. Let’s stop focusing so much on the pixels and get to the root of good viewing experiences.

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    OLED and Quantum Dots both have their advantages and disadvantages, but with flexible OLED displays in the margin, I think OLED will ultimately take over LCD in the future.

  • someone

    AndroidAuthority: Amazon Kindle HDX is NOT the first & only Android device with QD display,in the market, currently! Sony Xperia mobile devices (And Bravia TVs as well) already using it under Triluminos brand for the last few years! So, please correct your article accordingly. Otherwise, it’s misleading!

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thank you so much for the heads up!

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Sony is always forgotten.

    • Brian Dong Min Kim

      Sony’s dead.

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy
        • Brian Dong Min Kim

          Compare Sony’s marketshare to Apple or Samsung. Sony now stays with the Chinese manufacturers.

          • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

            I hope you’re trolling. Samsung and Apple have high marketshare because of marketing. Their market share is not an indication of the quality of their products.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            You think only marketing is the reason why Samsung climbed their way to the top? If I’m trolling, your delusional. Yes, Samsung has spent billions on advertising. Even though you have the best product in the world, no one will even give a glimpse at it if they haven’t heard of it. The Galaxy S3 for example was eye-catching when it first came out on the market. It came with loads of smart features and a massive screen. It did what a “normal” phone can’t do, like S Beam, Smart Stay, and many more features. Samsung then had a bad image on the market, die to the Apple vs Samsung Patent trials. It was important for Samsung to tell consumers that they’re not only copying Apple, they can innovate themselves. They met that criteria and succesfully sent the message to their consumers telling that the iPhone is their parent’s phone, and the “Next Big Thing” is now here with them.
            Marketing is power, but you also need good products for them to sell.
            Samsung successfully expressed innovative behavior.

          • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

            Okay then. So are you saying that Sony, HTC, and LG have great products too but can’t market themselves like Samsung does?

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            From what I see, Sony makes ugly products. They don’t have a chance to break in the market, it’s too late. They only have an advantage at Japan, but not in the global market. HTC will live among the enthusiasts with their industrial design if they turn out to make a profit, and LG is recently receiving attention with the G3 and the Nexus 4/5. What does Sony have to offer? Their tri-luminous display technology? VAIO Laptops? Waterproofing flagships and Tablets? Samsung took over the TV market in the US, and Sony sold their VAIO brand of laptops. Water/Dust-proofing flagships is not a “main” feature that would attract customers either. All their products have a big form factor with their huge useless bezels, which I find disgusting.
            Unless Sony marks their price down significantly like the Motorola or the Oppo, I really don’t see a reason to switch or even be devoted to Sony as of now. They have a weak ecosystem.

          • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

            Okay, I understand where you’re coming from. I actually like Sony’s designs and the HTC One has bigger bezels than the Z2. Sony can try to capture the PlayStation enthusiast with their phones and TVs. They’re already doing it with their phones but they can put more work into it and PlayStation Now is coming to some PlayStation TVs.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            It seems like Sony’s coming back on track, but Sony has to be able to find a new CEO, who can lead the company properly.The Japanese are the race that follows the rules andiftheCEO is able to “repave the road”, they might be able to make their way to the top. But Since Samsung and Apple is dominating the Smartphone business, they should look at the next hype; wearables.

          • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

            Don’t they already do the Sony SmartWatch 2 and the SmartBand? They were one of the first companies to do wearables.

          • Brian Dong Min Kim

            It doesn’t match the level of the Google Glass or the Galaxy Gear. I myself being a Samsung fan think the gear is useless as of now, but I see it getting better. We can all say that we want the Google Glass.

          • xoj_21

            if sony stops locking bootloaders and releases a OLED version , with better DAC/AMP i will consider them

          • xoj_21

            they also had best hardware on market.
            sony sensor, wolfson sound and AMOLED screen.

          • MoogleStiltzkin

            actually it could be argued that apple was the one who got the bad image due to the lawsuit against Samsung, which many people found to be anti competitive, and an abuse of the patent system to clamp down on the competition. Some of the patents and claims were found by the public to be outrageous, apple going as far as to almost outright claim, anything almost resembling a smartphone, including the rectangular shape with rounded corners to be off limits to the competitors. That is not to say that Samsung was totally innocent in the matter of infringement, but it did seem that Apple went too far with their claims, and it damaged their reputation that such a big company may have run out of ideas, so to compete it started to resort to such cheap tactics to stemmy the competition.

            Ironic because it was Steve Job’s who once said that imitation is a form of flattery.

  • namesib

    Pure black of AMOLED FTW.

    • RebekkahBooseyesu

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      • The Breaker

        Will people please stop spamming!!!!

  • Airoid

    Soon Apple will patent quantum dot technology.

    • dwz

      and then sue LG and Samsung for using it haha

    • natjsb

      @airoid:disqus and @dwz You both don’t have any idea. Apple already have patented Quantum Dot related technology for years already. You have to look beyond stuff you like. There are a lot of things happening outside your comfort zone.

      • A_Ware

        @natjsbelza:disqus : http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2014/02/quantum-dots-could-take-the-retina-display-to-the-next-level.html

        Years? I think you are confused. Maybe look beyond stuff you think you know? There are a apparently a lot of things you think you know but you actually don’t.

      • chaki-

        Our comfort zone is the world without US, so no….thanks….we are fine here where crazy apple lobby can’t do much harm ;)

        • bob

          well then stop buying american products, im sure you can find those old symbian nokias somewhere ;) fucking nationalists…

          • chaki-

            Hahaha one time was enough, never again.
            You always yell that you are free, well free to bloat the comment section how great you are ;)
            Worldnationalist is the word, because we respect every other country unlike you. So don’t bother :D

      • mwwhughes

        When Jobs previously left Apple, it almost imploded on its own arrogance. History does often repeat. Arrogance and ignorance, of which you are also guilty, never leads to long term success.

  • wat

    Will never usurp OLED power advantages and ability to use part of the screen only

    • shortb

      with smart local dimming, i think it will.

  • paul marx siena

    i’m still waiting for the FOLED phones made by samsung (:

  • s2weden2000

    That’s right!

  • they could make a better battery instead

  • Jayfeather787

    If this is better than AMOLED, which it seems like it is, then bring it on!!!

  • Roberto Tomás

    “Imagine if you could mix the vibrant colors AMOLED offers with the color accuracy and energy efficiency LCD displays tout?” — you mean, lower color accuracy and energy efficiency? Because that is the state of things today.
    No , of course you don’t :)
    “Can Quantum Dot finally take AMOLED’s crown? It seems so. ” — Well definitely not, because QD is also being used with OLED right now, to even greater color accuracy and vibrancy (but at a slightly higher energy budget in the case of OLED). But still, QD on a thin-film LCD might not have (nearly) any visual angle disadvantage. So it makes AMOLED mostly about the flexibility :)

  • tdurden64111

    Not being a dick, I promise, you should look in to a new video production company.

  • xoj_21

    not really if anythign liek sony triluminos screens they look pale and horrible compared to the amoled display.
    now if amoled were not pentile

  • mzso

    It would help if the author knew what he was talking about. They plan to release plain LCDs with quantum dot backlights. Precisely as the Kindle HDX works: Blue edge LEDs plus red and green QDs excitated by the blue light. I results in a somewhat better quality backlight, which doesn’t degrade as white leds. It most certainly won’t beat any decent OLED displays…

    It’s elaborated on here: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/10/the-kindle-fire-hdx-display-bleeds-blue-and-thats-ok/

  • Quantum-dot-backlit LCD will share all the flaws of LCD displays – poor viewing angles (because light passes through a filter), poor contrast, because the backlight will still bleed around the pixels, and lastly, but most importantly, poor response time of the LCD crystals.

    OLED > QD-lit LCD.