Samsung and LG apparently fighting over the use of the “Unpack” word

by: Chris SmithJuly 12, 2013
LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 aa 600px 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs LG Optimus G Pro

A South Korean publication revealed that Samsung and LG have apparently been fighting over the use of a particular word combination, “Unpack Event,” that’s of particular importance to at least one of them.

We’ve seen our fair of silly mind games between such large corporations – more often than not they lead to patent-based trials – but this one has to simply take the cake.

ETNews says that Samsung is not happy at all that LG is using the “Unpack Event” phrase in its invitation for a future media event – the August 7 New York based event where the (Optimus) G2 should be unveiled.

Apparently Samsung feels that the “Unpack” term should only be used by the maker of Galaxy devices and not by any other companies.

We will say that Samsung has been hosting for a few years now “Unpacked” mobile events to announce new devices, specifically high-end Galaxy models, but that certainly doesn’t give it the right to own the word.

However, the company apparently filed an objection with the Intellectual Property Office (of South Korea?) against LG trying to prevent the latter from using “Unpack Event” in its marketing materials. Smsung was not successful in its quest, the publication says, as the office unsurprisingly ruled that “Unpack” is a common verb and can’t be registered as a trademark.

On its part, LG said that the word has been used by others before and that it didn’t plan to use it in the name of its media event, only in the invite.

The two rival companies have clashed in the recent past, and the fact they’re arguing over the use of a word or phrase only goes to show how important the mobile business is for both players.

  • Benjamin Pavel

    Oh Samsung…you are getting greedy like Apple day by day. =/

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Sadly, yes.

    • Ahh the power of money… Samsung better watch out, look what’s happening to Apple.

    • MasterMuffin

      You mean Smsung (typo in the article :D)?

    • simpleas

      I personally think this has far more ramifications than what apple is doing. And please don’t compare crapple to innovation mega house in Samsung lol


        finally, someone that knows what they are talking abt.

  • RarestName

    Samsung is becoming like Apple. Having a company release a phone that looks similar to theirs, and even attempting to prevent someone from using an English word. Sigh…

    • hohopig

      :P becoming more like iFruity? No they are quite a way off from iCrowd and Stevie’s arrogance. The one that is aping iFruity product though is HTC :( with their non customer friendly decision to have NO removable batteries and NO SD card and their attempt to restrict user option.

      And really? You think S2, S3 and S4 looks like iPhone? :P have you even touched one?

      • RarestName

        I’m talking about their actions, not products.


        iphones haven’t changed since the original ibrick. i own a galaxy s4 and have used an iphone 5 and there are no similarities apart from the fact that they are both smartphones. Samsung devices continue to evolve. with apple devices only the price tag evloves

        • EDDIMUNDO

          What an idiot.

          8GB iPhone 2G (2007) = $599

          8GB iPhone 3G (2008) = $199
          16GB iPhone 3G (2008) = $299

          16GB iPhone 3GS (2008) = 199
          32GB iPhone 3GS (2009) = $299

          16GB iPhone 4 (2010) = $199
          32GB iPhone 4 (2010) = $299

          16GB iPhone 4S (2011) = $199
          32GB iPhone 4S (2011) = $299

          16GB iPhone 5 (2012) = $199
          32GB iPhone 5 (2012) = $299

          • EDDIMUNDO

            copying my username and making up prices for the devices, make you look like the idiot.

      • Jillxz

        Samsung is jealous of LG . Afraid of the competition.

    • zeth006

      Not even remotely close. It’s one thing to have a trademark on the phrase “unpack event.” But to trademark and try to sue someone over something as common as an Apple symbol, even when that someone used the symbol before you?

      As we often say, it’s apples to oranges. If you’re going to make a comparison, make sure it’s fair and valid.

      • RarestName

        Actually, they did sue a small company over the use of the words 삼성 despite having different hanja origins. Look it up.

        • zeth006

          First off, that’s irrelevant. That doesn’t answer my post at all whatsoever. All you did was pull an example out of the air for a proposition you didn’t even state.

          And how is that the same as Apple chasing after a company for using a picture of an Apple? You’re equating a ubiquitously and universally recognized FRUIT of all things to a unique-sounding NAME. The pronunciation behind “Samsung” or its variants is unique to Samsung’s. Using different symbols could be read by a court as an attempt to get around a valid trademark claim. There’s a reason lawsuits are formed over this–we don’t want consumers getting confused by brand names that have billions invested into their value.

          Imagine if some copycat company in China were to start their own retail company and call it “Wallmart.” Don’t you think Walmart should have the right to exercise a claim against them if Wallmart enters America under this very name?

          I understand that it’s easy and popular to bash a well-known company, but make sure you have something solid to stand on other than misplaced examples and shoddy comparisons. Again–apples to oranges. Don’t throw crap at the wall and hope something sticks.

          • RarestName

            I can’t believe that you still think that I was being serious :/

          • EDDIMUNDO

            thanks you for correcting this knowledge less child. preeeach

  • Christopher Vanwinkle


  • hohopig

    this is ridiculous and glad it is shot down. Perhaps the ones in the company that came up with this will get sack and removed to prevent even more hubris.

  • Fadil Karim

    Will lg ever stop copying Samsung? First they try and copy the note 2 and now they’re coincidentally using the same “unpacked event”. I have a feeling they’re just trolling Samsung on purpose

    • simpleas

      Anyone can see that. And this I a didderent natured lawsuit than what apple sues for.


      Samsung, have to stop then because if lg products revealed under that name turn out to be awful from a consumer perspective. then people might start to think Samsung products are awful purely due to the use of that name.

    • Jillxz

      You’re funny. LG doesn’t copy Samsung. Even if it should , what does it matter. They all look the same any way. Truth is , all have copied from somewhere .

      • Fadil Karim

        Your kidding me right? Have you seen the optimus G pro? You think its a coincidence that the g pro looks exactly like the note 2?

        • Jillxz

          Kid you not. The GPro looks nothing like the Note 2

          • Fadil Karim

            Now you’re just trolling me-_-

          • Jillxz

            Trolling you no. You have on Samsung colored glasses.

  • Laurent Maulin

    Yeh sounds like Apple hehehe it’s Sasung who usually does such copying things well done LG :) I still like the Galaxy Note 3 though.


      you dont know hat you are talking about, please leave this dicussion and tell someone to teach how to spell

      • Laurent Maulin

        you’re funny are’nt you ? reading your english i thought to my self this must be another Indian school boy haa

        • EDDIMUNDO

          i firstly read what i said again you stupid twat and secondly i ain’t Indian or Asian for that matter. so stop trying to be a racist cunt. go lick someones vagina you lesbian piece of shit. no lesbians allowed. ass licker

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    If you aim for a monopoly you should know your enemies. Samsung AS Apple are trying to set apart from other companies. On your way being “ruler of the earth(‘s smartphone market)” you have to crush those being in your way, trying to steal, copy and harm you. That’s why I don’t support neither apple nor samsung. They make brilliant phones, which do control the market ever since. WHY do they need to put that much pressure on competitors, who people say, don’t even stand a chance on the market, even with copying?

    For me: Samsung is afraid. They are in a position apple was in before Samsung came copying the iphone (talking bout the first iphone and first Galaxy S here). Now Samsung got the followers apple lost…it doesnt make their strategy to down force other companies feel better imho. In this greedy fight for #1 business (they are not getting YOU a better life, but getting themselves money, think of that while defending big companies) I’m willing to jump from the ship and give others a chance. I, a customer, is not standing this war of tech-companies, say bye to them and welcome every company not joining them. “what is flying high falls deep”…so I personally stick to companies not reaching for the stars.
    Just ignore this comment if you must. I’m just an fed up customer.

  • YoungHermit

    But if LG uses the word Unpacked, it’s like using the word ‘Galaxy’ for their devices. Maybe Samsung thinks that LG is trying to attract Samsung’s customers with their ‘word combination’. I’m not saying that Samsung should fight over it or patent it but imagine if Samsung created a Samsung Optimus to attract the Optimus user.

  • kkk

    I think that this is beyond the Unpack word.. Hey i myself will think Samsung when i hear the word Unpack.. LG shouldve used other words out there.. after copying the design of the galaxies, the look of Touchwiz and many more, they seemed to be a stupid follower

  • Micro Shaquer

    Upon reading the first sentence of this article I find it really silly and somewhat funny but to the extent that Samsung has been using this verb “unpack” in the many past events Unpack Event, I may say that this is unique and only IF Samsung coined the term originally then it is entitled to use only for their own event.

    However, having I enjoyed the use of Samsung devices for the last three years then so true that I have always associated the word “unpack” to all Samsung mobile devices events.

    LG has better to come up with different unique verb to use in their mobile events.

  • Jillxz

    I hope to see LG rise above Samsung at some point. It is my favorite tech company. Have had LG phones and they have been great.

  • nishantsirohi123

    why unpack
    just unveil or unwrap

  • Goldstars

    Samsung ALWAYS loser in the court.

  • Jaun Lombard

    Samsung figures that they need to copy Apple to get big… now LG is copying almost everything from Samsung…just look at the design! The new G2 design will have buttons at the back…WOW!!! INNOVATION! Sadly the design is still a Note lookalike (if you can go by the images leaked on the net!) Plus LG is now copying the S-cover!!!

    Can someone also tell me which LG is the S4 competitor and which one is the Note competitor…plz.

    Plus I know the G Pro came out before the S4, but after the S4 was launched LG made a “value package” available to the G Pro owners, which includes all the eye stuff from Samsung and even their Multiwindow! (I know LG patented an eye motion thing, but that does not mean they have invented it!)