July 16, 2014


If you happen to be an audiophile and a fan of Samsung products, you’ll want to turn your attention towards Samsung’s new Level line of audio devices, which are on sale in the United States through Gilt starting tomorrow, and through Amazon and Best Buy later this month.

So what does Samsung bring to the table with the new series? For those looking for headphones, there’s the Level Over, Level On and Level In. The first of these options is a premium Bluetooth headphone with active noise cancellation and a price tag of $349.99. Next up we have the on-ear headphones for $179.99 and in-ear earbuds for $149.99. Looking for a Bluetooth speaker instead? The Level Box has you covered, starting at $169.99.

While none of these products are exactly cheap, if you are looking for the best sound-quality options and happen to enjoy the Samsung brand, the Level line could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Andrew Grush
Andrew is dedicated to reporting on the latest developments in the world of Android, and is very passionate about mobile technology and technological innovation in general. While he appreciates Android in all of its forms, he prefers a clean stock experience when possible and currently rocks a Nexus 5. Andrew also loves to engage with his readers, and welcomes well-thought-out conversations and responses in the comments section!
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