Samsung Level headphones and speakers on their way to the U.S.

by: Andrew GrushJuly 16, 2014


If you happen to be an audiophile and a fan of Samsung products, you’ll want to turn your attention towards Samsung’s new Level line of audio devices, which are on sale in the United States through Gilt starting tomorrow, and through Amazon and Best Buy later this month.

So what does Samsung bring to the table with the new series? For those looking for headphones, there’s the Level Over, Level On and Level In. The first of these options is a premium Bluetooth headphone with active noise cancellation and a price tag of $349.99. Next up we have the on-ear headphones for $179.99 and in-ear earbuds for $149.99. Looking for a Bluetooth speaker instead? The Level Box has you covered, starting at $169.99.

While none of these products are exactly cheap, if you are looking for the best sound-quality options and happen to enjoy the Samsung brand, the Level line could be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Jayfeather787

    Hope Soundguys has a review on this soon.

    • Petar Kočić

      As far as sound quality goes. expect something like Beats by Apple :D

      • Bryant

        Samesung’s latest I wanna be like Apple/Google product. Laughable, especially after Smart Things acquisition.

        • matteo

          Samsung** and when have google made headphones?

      • Brian Dong Min Kim

        I expect something much more superior.

        • Petar Kočić

          Honestly, I would love that your comment turns out to be true because these Level over headphones are beautiful

  • Jayfeather787

    Tad pricey though.

  • Joel Phua

    I wonder, if there are Level In, Over and On, will they make a Level Up (pun intended)?

  • iANDROID8.1

    meh I’ll just buy from SoundMagic rather than CrapSung earphones -.-

    • jesus

      It’s Samsung, idiot.

      • iANDROID8.1

        SoundMagic is better than your Samesung and Beats idiot

    • ThunderCrackR

      I think that, because (let’s take the LEVELOver here) the LEVEL has active noise cancellation, very clear sound with powerful bass (so the bass do not destroy the music – source:… ), volume monitor (which alerts you when the duration during which you listened at high volume was too long), SoundAlive (which I tried and used on their phones and equalizes the sound very, very well. It is also customatizable), Text-to-speech (announce you when you get a message, call etc. and tell you the name of the caller etc., so no more checking the phone from the pocket to see who is calling), useful right and left touchpads which you could use to change the song, pause/stop/play, adjust the volume, launch Voice Assistants and also the really cool design is enough to make this pair of headphones a good competitor (from my point of view, even a winner here) over other headphones.

  • Mahmood Sadik

    I wonder how did you get these pricings, on Amazon its much more expensive. I don’t know much about premium headphones but I’ve been wanting to buy one for sometime. I listen to lots of lectures (more than 7 hours each day) on my computer so I need comfortable and crystal clear headphones. last year I wanted to buy the Logitech UE 9000 but there weren’t much reliable reviews about them (+ one reviewer had a problem with the noise cancelling and Logitech had it replaced for him). I wish A.A. reviews these headphones, Samsung’s Level over, Logitech’s UE 9000 and the Premium Sony headphone MDR10RDC. Thanks

  • Magnetic1

    headfi is the one place to go for opinions on headphones. They don’t like beats headphones, but the ones I tried at the local Target sounded pretty good to me; so each his own. I can not really know for sure what headfi would think about these, but in order for headphones to be considered audiophile you really need to be in the sennheiser hd800 community. UE9000, MDR1, Yamaha Pro 500, Denon D600, etc.. are considered mid tier according to headfi.

  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    If they sound decent and if the reviews turn out to be nice, I’m definitely getting myself a pair.