Samsung rumored to launch an entry-level fitness tracker

by: Jimmy WestenbergNovember 9, 2015


Samsung is no stranger to the wearable market. Starting off with it’s first wearable, the Galaxy Gear, back in 2013, Samsung’s smartwatch/fitness tracker portfolio has grown immensely over the years. By now it’s pretty clear that the company is committed to bringing wearables of all shapes and sizes to market, especially if this new rumor proves to be true.

According to the folks at SamMobile, Samsung has an entry-level fitness tracker in the works that could cost much less than you’d think.

The wearable that’s currently in development sports the model number SM-R150, and is known internally as the Triathlon. While the report doesn’t state too many details about the new wearable, the internal codename does point to an activity or fitness tracking wearable. The Triathlon could come with a similar feature set to that of Xiaomi’s Mi Band, an entry-level fitness band that costs just $15. The report also notes that considering the model number is even lower than the Gear Fit’s (SM-R350), the Triathlon probably won’t come with a heart rate monitor or any other more premium features.

Considering the fact that Samsung just recently made its S Health application available to all, it wouldn’t be surprising if this new wearable was compatible with all Android devices at launch. Samsung wearables have always been pretty pricey at least at the start, so this could definitely be a way for the Korean technology giant to get its devices on more users’ wrists.

What are your thoughts? If Samsung launched a fitness tracker similar to the Xiaomi Mi Band in specs and price, would you buy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • This watch is in Best Buy’s Black Friday ad. It’s on sale for $99.99, marked down from $149.99 during the Black Friday sale. The fact that it links with the Galaxy phones is pretty cool.

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  • Wellable

    How entry level will it be? It will be hard to get much cheaper and better (from a feature perspective) than the Xiaomi MiBand Plus that was just released. It is competitive with the flagship Fitbit models (it tracks heart rate), but retails for $15.