15 Samsung phones and tablets to get Jelly Bean at some point, Galaxy Tab 10.1 will miss out

by: AdrianSeptember 24, 2012

Despite getting to as slow of a start as pretty much anyone else, Samsung seems to at least want to speed up its Jelly Bean updating process. The latest and greatest Android version is being rolled out to the international Galaxy S3 as we speak, but an additional 15 Sammy phones and tablets will be getting the same update at some point.

This is the first time we’re hearing something official on the exact number and models of Samsung gadgets to take the software leap to Android 4.1. And while no exact dates have been announced, we have reasons to be optimistic.

The list starts off with a few not very surprising names, a couple of which we are guessing will get Jelly Bean by the end of the year. In fact, several earlier reports pointed towards the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 to soon follow the GS3 in the upgrading process, although it now seems more likely for the S2 to get Jelly Bean sometime in November.

The Galaxy S2 LTE is another phone that should have Jelly Bean goodness in time for the holidays, while on the tablet front the Galaxy Note 10.1 will surely be the first to taste Android 4.1. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 are other high-end-ish slates ready for an upgrade, although, seeing as they’ve only just gotten Ice Cream Sandwich, they’ll most likely be left pining until 2013.

(Un)surprisingly, the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not on the updating list, so it is now confirmed as stuck forever with Ice Cream Sandwich. The 10-incher got ICS at around the same time as the Tab 2 10.1 and Tab 7.0 Plus, but it is a one and a half year old gadget, so we should probably understand why Sammy is not keen on investing extra time and money in it.

Then again, there are several mid-range phones on Samsung’s update list, including a couple of aging ones, so the Tab 10.1’s missing support might not be taken in too kindly by some. But if that’s the case, you should not sweat it too much, as the unofficial JB-based ROMs have already started flowing.

Here is the full list of Samsung phones and tablets to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates:

  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galaxy S2
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  • Galaxy S Advance
  • Galaxy S2 LTE
  • Galaxy Music
  • Galaxy Chat
  • Galaxy Ace 2
  • Galaxy Beam
  • Galaxy Ace Plus
  • Galaxy Mini 2
  • Galaxy S DUOS
Who’s happy about the list and who’s not? Any major device left out besides the Galaxy Tab 10.1? Would you have preferred Samsung to have come out with some dates instead of such a vague schedule?
  • Bill Connor

    My Galaxy Tab 7 plus has improved so much since it got ICS; ill be amazed to see JB on this device!

  • suvasco

    Hold on one minute, the galaxy tab 10.1 will miss out but not the Galaxy Mini 2?! Doesn’t the Galaxy Mini 2 have like, 600-800mHz or something?

    • MasterMuffin

      And it’s the worst smartphone in the history of mankind! :O

      • suvasco

        Yeah, I know… I can’t even believe it is getting Jellybean! It’s amazing that Samsung can actually put Jellybean on this device! If Jellybean is on it, it will lag like s***. Well, they said it should be less laggier so I don’t know.

        I might grab a Mini 2 for my daughter…

    • Faiz Fantastic

      I agree with you

  • allen

    Oh no!!! Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not in the list! :(

  • yoss

    +100000000 for that update to the tab 7 plus !!

  • It’s a shame that the Original Galaxy Tab 10.1 is left out of Jelly Bean. It took forever to get ICS, but it has everything in its guts to run JB. I am starting to look elsewhere to find a build that will run JB. However, I will not get the goodies from Samsung, that’s too bad. But I have JB on another tablet and I love it. Anyone knows whether CM10 will run on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 ?

  • KoffForAll

    7.7 Tab

  • Arsenio Erguiza

    I’ve been waiting for my gt 7.0 plus to have ICS, haven’t got it yet. What’s happening here?

  • s2 skyrocket is missing :-(

    • mags

      Skyrocket is the S2 LTE

    • johnnyrocket

      It’s there. They need to make this a better upgrade than from gb to ICS. ICS has been a horrible upgrade on my s2 LTE. This fast phone turned into a laggy crashing pos. JB needs to be alot better

  • Awesome!!

  • Lucky pic for galaxy tab 2 7.0 :)

  • Sandeep Mittal

    Already running jelly bean 4.1 on tab 2.

  • TeddyG

    Galaxy Tab 8.9??? still havent got official ICS…. :'(

  • Asif Raza

    When its being updated on galaxy s3

  • Amazing, some of those don’t even have ICS yet. My Galaxy Tab 8.9 is still waiting on an official ICS update. Thankfully someone at XDA hacked together a pretty nice JB build, but it really needs some ICS or newer drivers to be great.

  • mel897

    It’s a shame they are not continuing to support the Tab10.1. I broke mine, bought a replacement Tab 10.2 V2 and it was such a shoddy POS that I returned it and bought a used original 10.1 for the same money. If they develop the code for the Tab 2 the job is 98% done for the original hardware.That’s the tablet that made their reputation… they should support it.

  • Ron Lamb

    WOW.. Samsung made the GT 10.1 user wait all that time for ICS and JB is not a huge leep. I really think they should have thrown the 10.1 users a bone. Is there some place to let Samsung now as a 10.1 user that I am not happy with this decision. There is no reason 10.1 could not have JB on it and personally I think a responsible company would provide it. Not cool Samsung… Not cool.

    • Whitney

      I didn’t get my 10.1 until December, so this decision REALLY pisses me off. Especially since the Tab 2 is an inferior tablet.

      • Ron Lamb

        That is when I got mine. Got it for Christmas and they dropped support before my first anniversary. To add salt on the wounds, I sent an email to Samsung’s support and the reply referenced the “2” indicating the person did not even read it carefully. I then replied and was given a number to call at the electronics group. I have not had time to call yet because I have been down this road before. Wait 45 minutes to talk to someone who is clueless how to get your dissatisfaction to the right person in the company.

  • Norman Kang

    oh come on, tab 2 10.1 is same spec as tab 10.1.how come no jelly bean T.T

  • slushee

    Yeah the gal s2 hd lte was left off that list.


  • Rishabh

    REALLY!!!!!! Its unbelievable that GALAXY CHAT B5330 will get jelly bean update!!
    I am so excited!! :D

    Is it official announcement by samsung?

  • oujisan

    What i want to know is what all will JB do for my 5100? Serously no news online this BOOO.

  • Adel

    Where is Galaxy tab 10.1 ???????????????????????
    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???????

  • Park

    I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (
    SHV-E120S). Can i update my phone to Jelly Bean? Jelly Bean Update will be available available for this model? Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

  • SamsungPride

    I am also disappointed that Samsung has not currently scheduled the GT 10.1 for the Jelly Bean update. The tablet was banned in the US and no doubt will win the appeal and no longer be banned. Its a great tablet and rivaled /outclassed the iPad2. It is only fitting to see this one through the update to demonstrate Samsung’s resilience and resolve to provide and support its great products. This was once your flagship tablet, and is actually superior to the GT 2 10.1..as you know. Please show pride and UPDATE to JELLY BEAN. Remember, why settle for an “apple”, when Samsung gives you a “GALAXY”.

    • mel897

      It’s also a better tablet than the version 2. They really cut corners including no 5GHz WiFi.

  • alex

    Really! No jb for tab 10.1. That is a joke!

  • I have a galaxy 10.1 & an so upset with the lack of updates Samsung has put out for this model. I can’t believe they way they treat they’re customers. I left apple for the first Samsung galaxy A phone & fell in love with it that when the tablet came out I just had to have it. Had huge problems with it before the I’ve update & repeated calls to customer service were a joke. The fact that the tablet is 1& 1/2 year old should have nothing to do with it. I can’t afford a new tablet every year but I can tell you the next tablet I get WILL NOT be a Samsung!

  • mel897

    “but it is a one and a half year old gadget”
    I can understand if they had been out of production for a year and half… but some of use bought these tablets recently. In fact I had to return a Tab 2 and pay more for a 10.1 “Classic” because Samsung has very quietly dropped 5 GHz WiFi coverage in the newer model and cheapend it overall.

  • bluelurker

    Is this an official list from Samsung ?

  • scguy

    I don’t see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 listed as one that will/can be upgraded for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has not been that long since I purchased the Tab 10.1 and only recently was updated to ICS android 4.0.4. I know they came out with a Galaxy 2 but fir software changes, I would have expected a longer turnaround before obsolescence. They aren’t going to force me to upgrade my tablet because it works well enough for what I need it for. Instead, they are just going to make me sour on Samsung products because of built in limited life and lack of foresight and adequate product planning to give the customer his moneys worth. I have enjoyed using the Tab 10.1 and hope Samsung will reconsider making Android 4.1 available to users of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • hblud

    Wrong information. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Tab 2 7.0 come stock with Ice Cream Sandwich. They didn’t just get it, they always have. The Tabs that aren’t 2s just got it! Bad information!

  • JohnR

    This is very short sided of Samsung to leave off the Tablet 10.1 from the Jelly Bean update list. This tablet supports ICS and Jelly Bean is basically a maintenance release. Hopefully they will reconsider to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Guest


  • RickZ65

    After trying to decide between a Galaxy S3 and an Iphone 5 this confirms one of the reasons why I switched from Android – had HTC EVO for 2.5 years. It took forever to get ICS on my Galaxy 10.1 Tab. Prior to ICS it had horrid lag and numerous issues. After dealing with Samsung support and wiping it numerous times I received an Ipad as a gift. It was night and day. The 10.1 a year and a half old won’t get Jellybean but Apple still has support many older devices. Samsung screwed me on updates before for a TV and outright lied about Netflix on early TV’s with Yahoo widgets but thats another story. I purchased my first Iphone today and while Android has a lot of customization I realized a lot of things. Widgets kill the battery, All those bells and whistles are mostly smoke and mirror features. A couple examples would be sending files by putting your S3 back to back. How often are you going to do that and need to do that let alone be around someone who happens to have the file your sending with an S3. NFC- how many people even know what it is? Where is it being used? It is still a few years off and by then Apple will probably implement it. I look forward to having decent updates for the life of my phone which my contract lets me to update every two years as opposed to getting stuck with issues on older Android OS and B.S. about future updates. The S3 looks like a great phone but wait until Samsung starts rolling out a bunch of other models you will quickly be forgotten and kicked to the curb.

  • cybaspace

    And that’s the reason why I never ever ever ever buy a samsung tablet anymore… no upgrade support. Shame!

  • I kept the 10.1 because of the tegra optimized games. The tab 2 seems like a side step at best. The 10.1 really shouldnt be left out. Bright side, you can always flash jelly bean. Also, not a big fan of the note. Its a nice machine but its awfully expensive. Next generation it around the corner.

  • azeil M

    i have a gt 10.1 and i want the update of jelly bean samsung put the GT10.1 on the list

  • brayden.pissed.com

    Maybe if we get enough complaints to Samsung they will actually consider reading one about the 10.1 not getting Jellybean… Posted from my Galaxy Tab 10.1 D=<

  • ToMaHaKeR

    To those of you who ask how Jelly Bean will perform on slower devices, there’s a single word – OPTIMIZATION. Jelly Bean is configured and optimized for each model individually, so there should be no problems.

  • Bernie

    Very disappointed that my Galaxy Tab 10.1 will not receive the Jelly Bean upgrade. Why Samsung? All the 10.1 people paid a pretty good price for our tabs, and what do we get, short support period.

  • Faiz Fantastic

    Its not fair. I purchased my tab 10.1 6months before. If it would have been that there was no jelly bean vesion of tab and i need to stuck with ICS. Then i would have never bought samsung tablet. Besides tab 2 is not the best

  • arman

    Does it have for tab 7.7

  • ak

    wy no samsng galaxy r gt- i9103???

  • Sam Sebastian

    excluding original 10.1 samsung tablets for JB updatesnot a good policy, I bought a samsung tab then to encourage samsung to stand against ipad’s monopoly, i regret samsung aint any different.

  • hoho

    I dont know when my tab plus can be updated into jelly bean?

  • akku

    when will m S duos get official jellybean update?? plz rply!!