Here’s how Samsung explains ISOCELL in a video

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 12, 2014

Samsung touts ISOCELL, the new camera sensor technology debuting on the Galaxy S5, as an evolutionary leap over the BSI sensors found in most mobile devices these days.

We’ve explained ISOCELL in detail here, touching on the technical features that should enable an ISOCELL-equipped camera to take shots with less noise and bloom even in unfavorable lighting conditions. In a nutshell, Samsung insulated each pixel to prevent crosstalk, which is light from neighboring pixels leaking and causing image artifacts such as noise. Reduced crosstalk is just one advantage; thanks to Samsung’s technical wizardry, ISOCELL sensors can also capture light at wider angles, can take in more light before bloom occurs, and are smaller than conventional BSI sensors.

Here’s a gallery of shots we took with the S5 at MWC. Due to the limitations of testing the device in Samsung’s booth, we admittedly couldn’t really put the ISOCELL sensor through its paces, but be sure that the camera experience will be a big part of our review.

For more info on the Galaxy S5 camera, including its new software features, check out our feature focus post and video.

  • MasterMuffin

    One of the only good things about S5, with removable battery. Not a hater, Samsung makes good products, but S5 was just baaad/way worse than what they could do :/

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      I agree and the “band aid” effect people speak of is a better then LG self healing tech as it is more effective scratch mitigator. Nice to see they have gone water proof aswell good job Samsung can’t wait to see Note 4.

      • MasterMuffin

        And that, water resistance is a good addition. Have to disagree with the band aid, it’s just horrible :D

        • Brian Shieh

          Hey, at least they tried to make a departure from the glossy poly-back, though the Note III personally has the best design

          • MasterMuffin

            I can’t understand why they didn’t use the design they just started using for everything else (the faux leather)

        • Ivan Budiutama

          I know this is not popular but I think the band aid back is not really that bad, I agree that the leather back case would be a much better choice. Anyway, at least in my case, I always use case. So the back case design is really nothing to be worry about. There are skins and cases with a horde of choice, I think the Spigen’s Neo Hybrid for S5 is nice. I use one myself on my N5.

          • MasterMuffin

            “In my case, I always use case” Intentional or not, that’s punny :D.

            Our opinions differ, I shall call you names! You, you… Stinky-Ivan!

          • Ivan Budiutama

            Just realized that after re-reading and feel bad about it. oh well, the textured wood skins or leather skins can also solve the problem easily. I am more worry about the free storage and Touchwiz performance more than any of back case. Aside of them, I think it’s quite positive, the camera is promising, on paper and finally my country got the Exynos-free version (I heard it comes with Snapdragon version only, and still hope that is the case).

          • MasterMuffin

            If you want ROM support, Snapdragon is a must! Custom ROM also solves all your problems, but you loose some of the cool stuff (like for example the great camera software)

      • iKrontologist

        That dude has been drinking from the Applewellian Well of FUD and Misinformation over at Apple Insider. As has other lame reviewers, that are so easily influenced by drinking their anticompetitive Kool Aid!

        Band Aid? lol… the reality is Band Aid are a Good Thing and actually a Good Thing. Expect Samsung to take this and run with it. Because that’s precisely what the Band Aid Effect does by hiding scratches and providing better grip and protection for the the internals.

        Samsung Cheil Chemical and Industries has Won Awards for the Infino Brand Engineered Polycarbonate used in their own removable smartphone covers. It simply can’t be carved out of the crappy die cast recycled beer can aluminum going into Apple’s iPhone 5s, iPad Mini and iPad Air right now…. and retain it’s removability.

        This same Infino Brand PC is use in most Luxury Automobiles as well as Samsung’s own Environmentally manufactured eMX Concept Car and the Bugatti Veyron Convertible’s own lightweight, durable, flame retardant, clear, and most of all Removable Roof! ….which isn’t exactly cheap either! lol….

        But I don’t think the Deluded Applewellian fools talking Band Aid like it’s a cheap dirty word realize that or the back that it’s the grip and removability Samsung wants to keep for it’s customer’s ease of use, safety and convenience over the misinformed iDiot’s notions of aluminum (especially Apple cheap crap) being superior in the first place.

        Now just one final diss of Apple’s dystopian Elitist Applewellian Inner Party Anti-Samsung Propaganda; this semi leather like look n feel back cover, is at least better than the $80 Pleatherette Vinyl Covers… Apple sells to protect their clunky iScratchGate, iBendOverEasy to Crack a Smile at Apple fans Cheap Case iPhone 5s!!! ;-P …..and those are worse quality and looking than Band Aids! lol….

        • Gilles LeBlanc


          • MasterMuffin


    • patrik

      You wanna explain why the Z2 is better than the S5 in any aspect? Because objectively, the S5 is way above the Z2.

      • MasterMuffin

        You want to explain your “objective” opinion?

  • lol

    Note 3 is better in both design and prestation.

    • iKrontologist

      That may be true, but hardly comparable, when Galaxy Note costs more along with having many more features. This isn’t for replacing Galaxy Note anyway. That won’t come until summer or fall and it is already said to have the 20mp ISOCELL version in it, that will also have Samsung new OIS that is twice as effective as any mobile competitor out today (includes Nokia).

      But back to the Galaxy S5, because that’s what this is about; with this ISOCELL technology (which we only seen a preview of without fully baked firmware or software) is set to blow Sony’s BSI….. out of the water alone!

      Nevermind the fact that Samsung is already the #1 CMOS semiconductor fabricator on the planet, but now they will no longer be buying from Sony. Who is #2 behind them. Meaning Samsung is set to trouce…. smash…. obliterate…. Sony right out of another business, like they’ve done TV’s and computers!

      Smartphones? Hey last year…. Samsung with 315 Million in Smartphone sales…. outsold Apple, Sony, HTC, Nokia and LG combined! ….and it ain’t going to get any easier for them this year… either. Because Samsung is again projected to sell more than 400 Million this year!!!

  • Apollo

    does the camera on the S5 have OIS?

    • Brian Shieh

      No, it does not have OIS.

  • in line

    Water and dust resistant.
    Amazing camera.
    Beautiful display.
    Long lasting and removable battery.

    This is what a smartphone should be. It’s not revolutionary (who is?), but it looks like Samsung made one of the most compelling, complete-package device. kudos.

    • in line

      Although I have to say that the S5 will have to share the crown with the Galaxy Note 3. Can’t say enough amazing things about the Note.

      • Jesus

        Galaxy Note 1?

        • iKrontologist

          He’s talking Note Series in general. Because remember Note 1 was supposed to be a bomb, but still sold over 10 million it’s first year. Note 2 was far better and in fact is still selling like crazy along with Note 3. Samsung has now sold over 70 Million Galaxy Note series smartphones total!

          To go with what Samsung said was 200 million Galaxy S series smartphones since 2010. Of which 100 million of the 215 million Samsung smartphones sold last year were Galaxy S series smartphones!

          In fact….. Samsung did in fact sell more high end smartphone models last year than Apple sold iPhones by about 5 to 10 million! Total Notes and S series last year = 164 Million! ;-P …..vs 153 million iPhones all models! … this harsh reality should be setting in to the condemned Applewellian Elitist Mindset; I’d rather be the #1 Selling Automobile Maker vs Elitist Ferrari no matter what their profit margins are they still don’t come even close Android or even Samsung alone!!! Profits and Elitist = Niche!!! Volume and Revenue = MASS Market Appeal = WINNER TAKES ALL!!!

    • Shark Bait

      Do you not think some one with the resources of Samsung could have taken it to 11? I think its a solid phone, but not an awesome one. Mostly let down by design

      • Moo

        Yea, true. I’m sure Samsung could have done more, but no company is going to release the best things all at once, or else they’re going to go out of business soon.

        The funny thing is, the s5 IS an awesome phone on its own, but because of people’s expectations, they THINK it’s not. Whereas phones that ARE worse SEEM better than the s5 only because they weren’t let down.

  • Be Cool

    FTW Samsung. Greatest phone camera.

    Next we wanna see article about the best Wi-Fi tech on S5

    Then about the 2 nits up to 500 nits brightness(WOW) on AMOLED , and the real colors