Samsung isn’t able to mass produce 441ppi smartphone displays yet – could delay Galaxy S4

by: Gary SimsNovember 21, 2012

Long gone are the days of tiny 3 inch or 3.5 inch displays, even Apple have moved to bigger displays after years of trying to convince everyone that they aren’t needed. Samsung are leading this push to bigger, brighter and higher resolution panels and it looks like it has something special planned for the future. Somewhere in its product mix (probably the Galaxy S4 or maybe the Note 3) Samsung are trying to use a 4.99 inch display with a huge 441 pixel per inch density.  According to my calculations that means an almost 5 inch display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Impressive! Well it would be if Samsung could actually mass produce them!

Rumors are continuing to emerge that Samsung is having a hard time perfecting a mass production process for these panels. Samsung Display (SD), another arm of the electronic giant, is responsible for supplying the panels to the smartphone division and it is having some production hiccups. According to industry sources, Samsung Display does not have the technology to mass produce the parts due to issues with its evaporation process technology.

It has already been rumored that Samsung will switch away from AMOLED displays to LCD panels due to production problems. Current speculation is that Samsung is working with 3M to use its LITI technology which will enable OLED materials to be printed more smoothly on glass. But according to insider sources, that process still has problems too!

But clearly the technology exists and I am sure it won’t be long before Samsung work out all the kinks. What do you think about the prospect of a 5 inch full HD display in your next smartphone (when they can be mass produced correctly)?


  • john

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    • MasterMuffin


  • Abdullah Qaraeen

    i am happy to hear that it will be delayed, i really hope it would be introduced after june, and they are SAMSUNG, they will solve the problems soon, and 441 PPI on my next phone ! ^_^

    • Why after June is that when your contract expires for your current phone???

  • If Samsung is smart they won’t start rushing out new high-end phones just for the sake of it. That short-sighted thinking to just grab onto easy profits is always what kills companies.

    Delay the S4 announcement. Let the tens of millions of S3 and Note 2 buyers keep and love their phones longer. Update those phones to the newest versions of Android quicker than Samsung traditionally has. Announce the S4 in May (or even later) and release it in June (or even later).

    • blowntoaster

      Agreed. Do the S4 right….

      • Tyrel ting

        I also agree I don’t really see the point of releasing a new device early if the current 1 is still doing great hopefully the may rumors are true and not the Feb 1s

  • It’s South Korea it’s full of geniuses :D

    • john

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  • MasterMuffin

    FULL HD Super AMOLED plus screen? Me gusta

  • kiwidemon

    galaxy s3 is big enough.i love this phone but cant keep it in my pocket.making the screen bigger takes the phone away from being personal.i have to leave the s3 in my tool box,in my van or somewhere it wont break while im working.i think making it too big could be the wrong move.if i want a bigger screen i would get the note.

    • I totally agree, I recently got a HTC One S rather than a Galaxy S3 because it has a SMALLER screen!!!

  • Jogn


  • This delay can be godsend to Samsung. Why? Samsung Galaxy S IV should use the big.LITTLE cores they are developing and showing at ISSCC. Samsung Galaxy S IV’s main competitor is a laptop and not a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S V should use arm 64 bit big.Little cores. They should urge Google come up with in Ram architecture for their L and later series desert oasis.

  • Tony Hedges

    You can already get a 440 ppi display super phone, from HTC. It uses an LCD3 screen. Of course you probably know this. Is the trouble that it is not Samsung?

    • Tyrel ting

      Are you a fucking troll the droid dna has a 1.5 ghz processor it is a phone of this generation were talking about next gen phones with 2.0 ghz processors and 8core gpus not to mention there is obviously interest in the galaxy s line also if you search you’ll find many other articles about 1080p screens (though none being Amoled) there the new it thing so I don’t see your point

  • IncCo

    I was really hoping that screens would stop growing for flagship devices at this point..

  • I don’t understand why would you need 1080 full hd on a mobile phone, my PC display is only 1600×900

    • Tyrel ting

      Does your pc run android no then shut the fuck up

      • Tyrel,

        I think the point Alex was making is that many people use PCs that have less resoltion that the proposed AMOLED HD screen. That is ironic, don’t you think.

        Thanks Gary.
        PS. Please keep using the bad language, it makes you seem so cool.

        • Tyrel ting

          Gary though I was a bit abrasive my point was they are completely different devices so comparing isn’t fair a smartphone has a 1920x1080p screen (droid DNA) because it’s A SMARTPHONE you don’t hear people talking about how crisp their pc’s screen is and am sure you don’t carry it around in your back pocket there completely different and should be compared if we tried we’d be here all day

          Thanks tyrel
          P.S FUCK am I cool now?

  • matticitt

    If they are going to release new Note 3 with 5.5-5.7″ 1920×1080 screen… oh man. I’m the first buyer !