Score another one for Samsung as Judge rules their patent infringements against Apple were unintentional

by: Joe HindyJanuary 30, 2013


In the great Apple vs Samsung court battle, it seems as though Samsung is bent on making a comeback. As we all remember, Samsung lost a little more than $1 billion in a patent infringement case. The jury had found that the Korean company had infringed on seven patents. In a court ruling today, Judge Lucy Koh declared that Samsung’s infringement amounted to one big oopsie.

According to The Verge’s Ben Bishop, Samsung believed that the patents were invalid. Thus, they didn’t believe they were doing anything wrong. Really, who can blame them? When your patents include such innovative masterpieces like page turning animations and rounded rectangles, companies just don’t take you very seriously.

As the ruling implies, Judge Koh agrees. Samsung was apparently able to show legitimate proof that they thought they were doing okay by the rule book. This won’t have any bearings on current cases between Apple and Samsung, but it should have an impact on that all important first one.

What does this mean for Samsung and Apple?

Oh it could mean a lot of things. One thing that is for certain is that Apple won’t be getting a dime more than they’ve already won for damages. So the $1 billion isn’t going to be getting any higher. In fact, it has been theorized that Samsung can now begin work on lowering the damages to a more reasonable number. Of course, that’s just a popular theory and anything could happen next.

This continues the trend of the Korean smartphone giant winning over Apple. Since the initial $1 billion case came to an end, Samsung has been on a winning streak in countries around the world. This includes a crucial ruling in the Netherlands that allowed Samsung tablets to continue shipping around Europe.

Once again this dead horse took another beating, but yet again Samsung came out on top. Could this ruling lead to a reduction in the legendary $1 billion case? Let us know your reaction.

  • William

    I thought is was rounded rectangles, not triangles. But anyway, Thanks to Judge Koh for using his brain on this matter.

    • HellG

      Judge Koh is a She not a He

      • JosephHindy

        Yes, Judge Koh has been excellent at keeping things fair and logical. Perhaps the best patent judge out there.

      • William

        Sorry for that mistake.

  • hail to the “King”

  • Antony

    It was dumb how they ruled in favor of Apple in the first place. And it continues bullying on Samsung since. The juries were fairly biased. But of course that apparently indicates that Samsung and Android are a threat to Apple’s empire!!