Samsung releases IFA 2013 teaser video, reveals true inspiration behind its products

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 2, 2013


IFA 2013 is almost here! Samsung’s press event will take place on Wednesday, September 4th, where we expect the company to officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Gear and hopefully a few other surprises. In the meantime, the company has now posted up an official IFA teaser to keep us entertained as we wait.

Instead of teasing about the Note 3 or Gear in the footage, Samsung wants to give us a deeper look at what goes on in the Samsung labs. As we learn in the video, the true inspiration behind Sammy’s technology is none other than aliens.

While the video obviously isn’t serious and tells us virtually nothing about what to expect from Samsung at IFA, it is still a fun little teaser. I know I’m excited to see what Samsung has up its sleeves, particularly when it comes to the Galaxy Gear. The Note 3 is shaping up to be pretty amazing as well.

What about you, on the edge of your seat waiting for Samsung’s press event? Either way, we’ll be covering IFA 2013 live with our very own Bogdan Petrovan and Joshua Vergara on the scene, so stay tuned.

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    the true inspiration for Samsung is *insert apple logo here*

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    Coming this Fall… Samsung vs Predator

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    that awkward moment when the secret is Alien and the phone is “Designed for Human”